10 Coastal Doormats for Your Beach Home

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Decorating our homes is a fascinating activity that most of us do with passion. Like everything else, our homes also need a change in look from time to time. One great way to plan and change your home décor is by using themes. Planning a décor with a theme makes it easier to decide on the kind of decorations and furnishings required. A theme also creates an ambience that can make the house exciting or relaxing. A dash of glamour can be added to a house party or a get-together by making it theme based. Under such circumstances, it is required to create a theme based ambience at home to lift the mood of the party. In such cases however, the decorations of the house need to be changed temporarily to match the theme.

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One of the best themes to opt for your house is the beach theme. It is an ever-green theme that will never go out of trends. Everybody loves the beaches for one reason or the other. Some like their sunny side while some others love the soothing waves. The beach theme is also very easy to achieve without too many alterations to the existing furnishings of the house. This makes it an ideal theme for parties where the beach look can be given to your house without having to splurge on every furnishing.

Choosing a Doormat

Making small changes to your home can help you achieve a beach theme décor. One of the most easy decoration idea is changing the doormats. A doormat at the entrance of your house with waves, sand or sea-shells can instantly set the mood of a beach. Similarly, doormats with rocky prints can create an adventurous beach theme. Beach doormats add color and freshness to your house. Some more ideas for beach doormats are having sea creatures made on them. Such doormats are adorable and can get both kids and adults super excited. Be it fishes, starfish, crabs, turtles, snails or any other sea creatures, the presence of these prints can make your doormat look very stylish.

Other kind of doormats could include sailing objects like ships and boats made on them. It could be an entire ship or parts of ship like the steering wheel, the helm, the anchor of a ship or even pirate face. Such designs make the doormats stand out and grab everyone’s attention. For those who love sophistication, doormats with kinds of sea-shell patterns can be a great choice. In fact, there are also doormats that are shaped as a large sea-shell available in the market that can be used at the other doors like outside the bathroom. Placing them inside the house will add them to the furnishings of the house and make their beautiful designs not go unnoticed.



Doormats with writing on them are also great beach theme decors. Some lines can also have a touch of humour making them a topic of discussion amongst your guests. A simple “Welcome” can also look very inviting when written over the sands of a beach. Customized doormats are the new trend where you can have your name or a family name mentioned on the doormat. It is one of the best ideas for a beach theme party where a doormat makes the guest smile right at the entrance and sets the expectations of the party inside.

Beach theme doormats do not have to be used only to create a beach theme. They can be added to any casual furnishings of your house to add freshness and brightness. But if you are trying to achieve a beach theme, then using light blue shades for curtains with sea-shell patterned motifs and hanging mirrors with shell frames can do the job. If available some blue and white cushions can be added to the sofa to strengthen the look further. Placing show-pieces that have elements of sand or hanging up decorative pieces in the form of a star-fish can complete the look.

In Conclusion

It does not take too much effort to bring the beach to your house. With little planning and careful selection, you can make your home look cosy and comfortable like a beach. Most importantly, be open to experimentation and you will be surprised how much value something as small as a beach theme doormat can add to your house.


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