11 Fun Ideas for Beach Kitchen Accents

beach kitchen accent ideas

Beach themed rooms are a perfect way to decorate rooms in your house! Bathrooms and porches can be great areas to adorn with beach accessories and themes, but did you ever think about decorating your kitchen in beach accents? With just a few touches, you can brighten up your kitchen and make it more lively and fun. Check out these ideas for beach kitchen accents for inspiration.

11 Ideas for Beach Kitchen Accents

1. Ship in a Bottle/Sailboat Model

While a ship in a bottle won’t necessarily be enough to create a beach feel in your kitchen, it can be a nice touch when paired with other nautical and beach themed elements. They’re inexpensive and add a decorative flair to your counter. Be sure you have enough spare counter space to place it comfortably– under the cabinets where you can’t fit appliances is a great spot. For extra brownie points, buy a kit and assemble it yourself! A sailboat model will also do nicely.

2. Lamps Hung with Nautical Rope

Bring that beach feel into your kitchen by installing lamps that are hung with nautical rope! Incorporating the beach theme into your lighting will provide that marine feeling and recreate classic beach fencing of posts with weathered ropes connecting them. It’s a small accent that will add ambiance to the room and inspire countless compliments.



3. Nautical Drawer Pulls

They may not seem like it, but drawer pulls are one of the most fun and unexpected ways to decorate your kitchen! These nautical-themed pulls can be used for drawers or cabinets and inject fresh marine life into the room! Plus, they’re so much more enjoyable to have as accents than traditional drawer pulls. They can come in buttons or shaped like objects such as a starfish, fish, nautilus shells, or seahorses. Pulls can also be round nautical rope or buttons that feature crabs, sea shells, anchors, sand dollars, whales, and more. You’ll love picking these accents out, and they really can pull a beach-themed kitchen together.

4. Starfish

Whether large or small, a simple starfish that is leaned up against the wall can be a fabulous accent for your kitchen. It’s so easy and takes no effort at all. Simply unpack starfish and lean against wall in most favored position. Placing it against the windows over your sink or space above your cabinets with other accents imparts an instant beach feel to your kitchen.

5. Photos or Paintings

Photos and paintings of beach scenes or beach-related items are great decorative accents to add to your kitchen! Get creative by placing three photos or paintings on the wall at a time, or just hang one that you really like. The images instantly transport you to the beach and bring the theme home.

6. Coastal Canisters

Coastal canisters are such a fantastic way to accent your kitchen because they are functional in addition to being decorative. You can hold your flour, sugar and more in these canisters while also setting the beach tone. Choose marine colors like teal or blue or select canisters that have shells, seahorses, and other beach imagery on them and set them right on the counter, where they’ll serve a purpose and tie in the room as well.

7. Beach Sign

Remember going to the beach and there would be a sign inevitably that pointed you to the beach? Sometimes, just a simple blue sign that says “beach” on it with an arrow can be a cute accent for your kitchen. Hang anywhere on the wall and you’ll have that “this way to the beach” feel.

8. Driftwood

Clear containers or cylinder-style vases filled with one large piece of driftwood provides the perfect beach-inspired accent for any kitchen! Just place on your kitchen table or a place you like on the counter and you’ve got instant beach decor.

9. Crab/Seafood Signs

Vintage and beach-weathered signs can be a great way to add beach flair to your kitchen. Doesn’t it just remind you of going to those beach front shacks and ordering some French fries or clam strips? Now you can recreate that same feeling in your kitchen. Maybe you’ll be inspired to cook up your own beach food!

10. Sea Glass in a Tray

Sea glass is so pretty. Many avid beach goers love to collect the smooth pieces of colored glass, and they make the perfect beach accent for any kitchen. Simply scatter a few in a tray (or even in a vase with flowers or driftwood), and you’re in simple beach decor heaven.

11. Blue and White Striped Cloth High Chairs

If you have an island in your kitchen, adding cheerful white-and-blue striped cloth high chairs will not only update your kitchen’s look but make it more beach-like too!


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