15 Beautiful Nautical Lighting Design Examples

nautical lamp designs

If you move to a home near the sea or the coast, nautical design themes are extremely popular. There’s nothing like rustic nautical decor in a home that overlooks a beautiful body of water. Everything from your accents to your bathroom decor to bedroom decor, there are a ton of options related to lighthouses, anchors, compasses, ship wheels, ships, and more.

We decided to put together 15 examples a beautiful nautical themed lighting designs. We included rope lamps, nautical lighting, pendant lights, built-in lights, and more. If you are stuck and trying to decorate your home, this will definitely help give you new ideas. We absolutely love nautical homes so we couldn’t be happier that you are using those themes.

15 Nautical Lighting Designs



Check out some great ideas below for your nautical house. There aren’t a ton of lamps and lighting that are strictly nautical elements but different styles of lights can go great in a home by the sea.

1. Penn Valley

Penn Valley


2. Sconset



3. Large Rope Lamp

New Construction


4. Hanging Ropes in Miami

Oscar Ono | Miami Beach Villa | Private Residence


5. 2015 Julio

2015 Julio


6. Ocean Avenue – Geoff Bowley

Ocean Avenue - Geoff Bowley


7. Basement Playroom

Basement Playroom


8. Stonehouse



9. Nautical Arnold Office

Nautical Arnold Office


10. Ferndale



11. Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth


12. Concord Poolhouse

Concord Poolhouse


13. Coronado



14. Powder Room

Powder Room


15. Weekapaug


Things To Consider

Theme – Do you want to use an anchor in your design? A thick brown rope? A lighthouse? Well with nautical design themes, you have so many options like anchors, compasses, lighthouses, shipwheels, rope, ships, portholes, and more.

Color – Nautical designs are usually navy blue, dark red, white, and dark rustic colors. However, you can find a variety of colors with lamps. The most popular colors are darker and rustic.

Type – Do you need a new lamp or hanging pendant lights? Are you looking for something that is built-in to your ceiling or walls? You want to make sure you know what type of nautical lighting you want for your home. There are different ways to light up your home so look at all of your options.

Room – Do you need lighting for your bathroom, bedroom, hallway, or living room? Understanding what is popular in each room is very helpful because you find that bathrooms have a lot of built-in nautical wall lights.

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