15 Designs With Wicker Conversation Sets

wicker conversation sets inspirations

Decorating your outdoor patio with wicker furniture is a difficult yet fun task. One of the most popular options for your outdoor space is a wicker conversation set, which is great for entertaining your friends and family. Not only is wicker a comfortable and durable furniture option, it’s also luxurious and beautiful.

We decided to put together 15 different outdoor designs, ideas, and inspirations from Houzz featuring wicker conversation sets. They should help you get some ideas about decorating your own backyard, porch, or deck. I would recommend looking at some of the decor that surrounds the wicker furniture in the images below.

15 Wicker Conversation Set Inspirations




1. Harpswell



2. Duxbury Wicker Conversation Set

Duxbury 6 Piece Outdoor Wicker Conversation Set in Espresso Brown Wicker


3. New Canaan Renovation

New Canaan Renovation


4. Vomo Wicker Conversation Set

Vomo 4 Pieces Outdoor Wicker Conversation Set


5. Cane Garden Wicker Set

Cane Garden 5 Pieces Outdoor Wicker Conversation Set - Rustic Dark Brown


6. Bahia Poolside Wicker Set

Bahia 4 Pieces Outdoor Wicker Conversation Set


7. Sea Captain’s Home

Sea Captain


8. Santa Barbara Dutch Colonial

Santa Barbara Dutch Colonial


9. Coastal Chic

Coastal Chic


10. Old Florida River House

Old Florida River House


11. Traditional Porch

Traditional Porch


12. Woolloowin Residence

Woolloowin Residence


13. Maureen Residence

Maureen Residence


14. Porches and Verandas

Porches & Verandas


15. Beachfront White Wicker Conversation Set



Choosing Your Wicker Furniture

The main thing you want to remember is picking a style, size, color, and theme that works and flows with your outdoor space. A dark outside grey deck would be complemented by a white wicker set while a light brown deck would look great with an espresso wicker conversation set. All in all, find the right size wicker furniture set with the right number of seats so you can relax and entertain guests at your beach home.

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