15 Perfect Things to Bring to the Beach

beach towel

Before you go to the beach you definitely want to be prepared. You can show up with just your bathing suit or you can bring a beach chair, umbrella, blanket, games, and lotion to have a great long day at the beach without any sunburn later.

This article wasn’t centered around odd things to the beach but more the things you MUST bring if you want a fun day with no limitations. If you are spending a week on the coast for your beach vacation, these are things you can bring with you everyday for a relaxing getaway.

1. Beach Chair

You are going to want this durable Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chair with storage pouch and towel bar. It is a comfortable and durable beach chair that comes in a variety of colors.

bring a beach chair to the beach
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2. Beach Umbrella

Don’t opt for a small beach umbrella that barely covers you this year, instead opt for this Tommy Bahama 7 Foot Beach Umbrella.

beach umbrella perfect to bring
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3. Beach Towel

You’ll want this lightweight and quick dry towel on the beach. A microfiber beach towel is perfect after a swim in the ocean.

beach towel
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4. Sun Tan Lotion

You can protect your skin on the sunny beach with Banana Boat Sport Performance Lotion Sunscreens with PowerStay Technology SPF 30.

bring to beach sun tan lotion
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5. Beach Blanket

Keep the whole family comfortable and away from the sand with the Sand Repel Compact Outdoor Beach Camping Picnic blanket.

bring a blanket to beach
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6. Beach Bag

You need something to bring you sun tan lotion, towels, blankets, books, and more to the beach. A beach bag is the best thing to throw over your shoulder and carry everything.

perfect beach bag
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7. Beach Toys

You want a bucket, shovel, and other great beach toys, especially if you are going to the beach with kids. Beach toys are a fun option for your home.

toys for the sandy beach
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8. Rolling Cooler

You can find our complete list of our top 10 outdoor coolers.

rolling cooler for the beach
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9. Sand Coozies

Sand coozies are a fun option that allows you to keep sand off the top and bottom of your whatever you are drinking.

coozies that go in the sand
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10. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses before you venture to the sunny beach this summer.

sunglasses bring to beach
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11. Flip Flops

You need a pair of flip flops to protect your feet from the sand so make sure you have a durable and comfortable pair before going to the beach.

flip flops for the beach
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12. Magazine or Book

There’s nothing like reading a magazine or a book at the beach while you relax under your umbrella in your beach chair on a sunny day.

read on the beach
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13. Writing Notebook

For someone who likes to write, going to the beach and writing is a great way to relax and be creative.

bring book to a beach
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14. Beach Games

Beach games like spike ball, paddles, sand hole, smashball, or even uno are very fun to play at the beach, especially with kids or large groups.

games for the beach
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15. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a nice soothing lotion after a long day spent in the sun and it can help your skin recover quicker.

Aloe Vera Gel for Sunburn
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In Conclusion

You can always just go to the beach with some sun tan lotion and a towel, but I prefer to spend long days at the beach. When you’re there for a while, it’s a better trip with the basics like a chair, umbrella, lotion, a cooler with drinks and food, and some entertainment like beach games.

Each of the items on this list should be helpful, whether they protect you from the sun or just help you enjoy your day in a sand a little more!

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