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16 Fun Crab Beach Accents For Your House

Crab beach accents are really popular in coastal homes because there are so many different colors, styles, and sizes. You can find metal crabs that hang on the wall, crab plates, doormats, artwork, pillows, wood signs, coasters, and more. There are red crab, blue crab, and brown crab colored accents so you can always find something to fit in your beach home. I know a lot of people in the Northeastern United States like to use blue crabs as decorations because they are so popular along the coast.

I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite accents and decorations related to crabs. If you have a crab theme throughout your house, you’re sure to find something new to add to your collection.

Hopefully you find this list helpful and hopefully it makes decorating your house with crab décor a lot easier for you.


16 Crab Beach Accents

1 – White and Teal Crab Tile

If you have a teal or turquoise color scheme and you’re looking for crab accents, this is absolutely perfect. It won’t fit in every beach home, but it is a really nice tile for most.

1 sea ocean crab teal tile
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2 – Welcome to Paradise Wood Crab

This Welcome to Paradise Wood Crab Beach Accent would go great indoors or outdoors. I could see it as an accent right in the kitchen or you could put it on an outside wall or fence.

2 Rough-Wood-Crab-Welcome-to-Paradise-95-X-9-Tropical-Beach-Decor-0
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3 – Life’s a Crab Beach Wood Sign

A sign that could not be more true! I like signs related to the Beach Life and this one has a little humor – It would also go great as a decoration almost anywhere.

3 Tropical-Tiki-Lifes-A-Beach-Crab-Wood-Sign-Plaque-0
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4 – Quit Your Crabbin’ Accent Pillow

If you’re looking for a fun red beach accent pillow, this one is perfect. It says ‘Quit Your Crabbin!’ on it with a cute red crab in the center.

4 10-Embroidery-LINEN-Pillow-CRABBIN-0
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5 – Blue Crab Beach Pillow

Instead of a red crab accent pillow, why not go for the blue crab accent pillow? This pillow is really simple but it can be a nice pop of blue color in a beach home.

5 Blue-Crab-Beach-Pillow-with-White-Solid-Back-0
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6 – Blue Crab Coaster Set

For a crabby beach home, this coaster set is perfect. It includes a blue crab and sand filled with a variety of seashells like starfish.

6 Thirstystone-Occasions-Coaster-Blue-Crab-II-Multicolor-0
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7 – Watch Out For Crabs

For a hanging beach sign, get this one that says ‘Life is a Beach, Watch out for Crabs.’ It’s a long vertical sign that would hang nice on your wall.

7 Life-is-a-beach-Watch-out-for-crabs-crab-image-beach-primitive-wood-plaques-signs-measure-5-x-15-size-0
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8 – I’m Feeling a Little Crabby

Are you feeling a little crabby today? This hanging crab beach accent sign would be perfect for you. It has a very crabby looking blue crab to tie it all together.

 8 New-Funny-Feeling-Crabby-Sign-Wall-Plaque-Nautical-Decor-Coastal-Picture-Crab-0
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9 – Blue Crab Decorator Pillow

For a simple accent pillow, look no further than this Blue Crab Decorator pillow. It shows a crab that is deep in the ocean surrounded by seaweed and the sand.

9 Blue-Crab-Decorator-Pillow-Indoor-Outdoor-Use-0
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10 – Sandy Regal Crab Accent

This crab is unique because it looks like it washed up ashore filled with sand. If you want a really beach accent that bring that beachy feel indoors, this is the perfect product.

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11 – Wooden Blue Crab Sign

This wooden Crab Beach Sign is perfect because it is a soft brown color with a blue crab in the center. It is the perfect wall sign for your home on the coast.

11 Blue-Crab-Beach-House-Wooden-Wall-Art-Sign-Bathroom-Art-0
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12 – Crab Trivet Kitchen Hot Pad

Hot pads are a simple way to add more of that beach feel to your home. Instead of the standard circle or round hot pad, opt for one shaped like a crab.

12 Crab-Trivet-Coastal-Beach-Kitchen-Hot-Pad-Textured-Aluminum-8-0-0
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13 – Set of 3 Maryland Blue Crabs

Looking to just scatter some crabs around the home as decorations? These would be perfect for you because it’s a set of 3 Maryland Blue Crab accents.

14 6-inch-Maryland-Blue-Crab-Set-of-3-Beach-Tiki-Bar-Wall-Decor-0
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14 -Maryland Blue Crab 6″

This is a 6 inch maryland blue crab accent that you can hang on your wall. It would go perfect in your kitchen, living room, or even your bathroom.

13 6-inch-Maryland-Blue-Crab-Set-of-3-Beach-Tiki-Bar-Wall-Decor-0-0
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15 – Crab Novelty Rectangular Rug

This rectangular rug is great because it includes blue colors and crab themes. It would go great in a beach home where there are a lot of blue crabs in the ocean.

15 Homefires-Accents-Blue-Crab-Beach-Indoor-Rug-22-Inch-by-34-Inch-0Learn More


16 – Maryland Crab Accent Pillow

This would be the perfect beach accent for Ocean City, Maryland. I could see this fitting perfectly in your Maryland beach home, especially if you have a crab theme.

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In Conclusion:

There are so many options when it comes to crab decorations so you are sure to find something here that fits your needs. Now it’s time to get that new sign or accent for your wall, or a pillow for your couch. A slight change is good every now and then in your home!

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