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16 Incredible Beach Themed Bathroom Designs

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next beach bathroom design, we have 16 incredible beach themed bathrooms that will give you plenty of ideas. Make sure you note the small accents and decor that are used in each design because that’s what helps take some of these bathrooms to the next level.

1 – Bathtub Paradise

Take the step up into paradise! The design below features nice flooring and steps up to a beautiful tub. The towels add a nice dash of color to the room and the whale makes me focus on the bathtub.

Design by:
Milford Tile, Stone & Countertops Connecticut Stone

2 – Wood Features

I love the wood floors and wood cabinets in this bathroom. It creates a contrast against the white colors and there is a nice balance between the white and the brown wood.

Design by:
Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Evens Architects

3 – Oceanfront Dream

I don’t know how anyone could complain about this bathroom. What an incredible view from the tub and I really like the starfish and sand dollars on the ledge.

Design by:
Middlebury Interior Designers & Decorators Connor Homes

4 – Cottage Feel

The bathroom design below has a cottage feel, with the wood floors and the white wood walls. My favorite aspect is the bathtub, which is not only huge but it is very unique from what you would usually find.

Design by:
Boston Home Builders Jonathan Raith Inc.

5 – Zen Bathroom

The bathroom below is a little different, but it would be very relaxing to walk into every morning. I love the dark brown wood and the sound of the water overflowing from the bathtub into the rocks would put me to sleep.

5- Zen Beach Bathroom
Design by:
Naples General Contractors Michael McKelvie Homes, LLC

6 – Accent Wall

The accent wall really adds a nice touch to this bathroom and the freestanding bathtub. Also, if you look in the mirror you can see this bathroom has a great waterfront view.

Design by:
New York Architects & Building Designers David Howell Design

7 – Small and Cozy

The bathroom below is very small, but it makes a great use of space. The hardwood is a really nice touch along with the white walls, stone floors in the shower, and stone cutouts in the shower.

Design by:
Belmont Kitchen & Bath Designers Gaia Kitchen & Bath

8 – Children’s Bathroom

How about something a little more colorful? This bathroom would be great for children and it would work with boys and girls. The green cabinets might be a bit much but it was definitely a bathroom worth showing.

Design by:
Portland Architects & Building Designers Kaplan Thompson Architects

9 – Small Features

This bathroom has a lot of nice little features, from the tile in the floor, the backsplash around the tub, and the shelves in the wall, it is very nice looking without being over the top.

Design by:
Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Creative Touch Interiors

10 – Copper Oceanview

I think everyone would be envious of this view. How about an oceanfront copper tub where you have a direct view at the water? Yeah, I think your friends will be envious.

Design by:
Santa Barbara Building Designers and Drafters Santa Barbara Home Design

11 – Double Vanity

What I really loved about this double vanity was the wall color along with the tiles above the counter. Also, the dark cabinets make a great use of a space when you have a large mirror.

Design by:
San Francisco General Contractors Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

12 – Modern White

How about a modern white bathroom with a huge shower? Look no further. The bathroom below could use a few more accents and details but overall it is very nice.

Design by:
New Canaan Home Builders Karp Associates Inc.

13 – Simply Elegant

What a beautiful, elegant bathroom. The design on the marble flooring really works with the sand colors on the counter top and around the bathtub. My favorite part of this room is the brick wall.

Design by:
Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Interior Archaeology

14 – Unique Wall

I don’t even know how to describe this unique wall, but I really love it. The shower is large and it looks like there a bathtub in the back. I wish I could see more of this bathroom but the walls were so nice I had to include it.

Design by:
Salem Home Builders Cypress Homes

15 – Cobblestone

My favorite part of this beach bathroom is the cobblestone flooring. I really love the paint color as well along with the white tile counter tops.

Design by:
Stamford General Contractors Executive Craftsman

16 – Sleek yet Subtle

The bathroom below is very modern with subtle tones of white. The shower is huge and the bathtub fits well. I really like the architecture, with nice sleek wall elements.

Design by:
Princeton Interior Designers & Decorators Shannon Connor Interiors


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