20 Beautiful Beach Themed Kitchen Designs


We have 20 beautiful beach themed kitchen designs below that would be great to copy. There are a variety of kitchens, with some coming in different styles, others with different colors, and some that can be recreated in any space. We absolutely love bright coastal kitchens and we hope you like the ones we chose as well!

You will find the gallery below that you can slide through like a slideshow. If you scroll further down, we have all 20 full sized images along with who designed it. All of the images are pulled from Houzz.




Hopefully you enjoyed the beach themed kitchen inspirations we chose. As people who have created beach decor kitchens, we understand how difficult it can be to do it properly. Many times you set everything up, pick a theme, pick counters, pick flooring, pick appliances, and more, and once everything is done you want to make a change. The 20 different beach themed kitchen designs below should give you everything you need to help create the cooking space of your dreams.


Beach Kitchen Designs


1. California Coastal


2. Seashore


3. Historic Cottage Makeover


4. Kitchen Island & Breakfast Nook


5. Vermillion 3


6. Shoreline Kitchen


7. Rhode Island Beach House


8. Private Residence Talis Park


9. Coastal Casual


10. A Family Kitchen Rye


11. 1512 Dolphin Terrace


12. Ames Kitchen


13. Whidbey Island Beach House


14. Huge Island Kitchen


15. Ponte Vedra Residence


16. Intracoastal Beach Home Kitchen


17. La Salle Model Kitchen


18. Nantucket Beach House


19. Compact Rehoboth Beach Kitchen


20. Shingle Style



We all want to live in a beautiful home and many of us would love to live right on the beach or the water. I love a home on the coast with big windows and plenty of natural light that brighten up the kitchen. If you can get a lot of natural sunlight through the windows, you can have a light colored kitchen with an accent color of your choice. Not only would it look luxurious but it would also be relaxing.

If you need any beach kitchen decor tips you can find our blog category. We try to give plenty of ideas and inspirations.


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