24 Lovely Beach Themed Hand Towels

beach themed hand towels

We have hand towels in the kitchens and the bathrooms of our home. If you have 2-3 bathrooms in your home, you might need 6 different sets of towels. If you live near the coast or if you want coastal décor in your house, putting beach, nautical, or tropical themed hand towels in your kitchens and bathrooms can make you feel like your toes are always in the sand.

Two of the most important considerations are color and beach themed elements. Are you looking for hand towels with starfish, palm trees, anchors, seashells, or lighthouses? Are you looking for accent colors like light blue, light green, yellow, or beige? These are two things you should try to know before buying your next set of towels.

Beach Themed Hand Towels

Beach themes include seashells like starfish, oysters, crabs, sand dollars, clams, and more. Most of the time the colors include light blues, greens, and yellows. Basically anything you find when you get to the beach, walk on the sand, or swim in the ocean is considered a beach theme. Whereas nautical has to do with being on a ship at sea and tropical tends to be more of a luxury resort-vibe, the beach options are related to your experience at Miami Beach or the Jersey Shore.

It might be difficult to make a decision but the best recommendation I can give you is to keep color scheme in mind. If you get the Starfish and coral option above, it features a brighter color so you might not want to use that where you have soft blues and greens. Instead, opt for the Salty Kisses and Starfish Wishes towel above. Either way, you can complete your kitchen or bathroom with a wonderful set of beach hand towels today.

Nautical Themed Hand Towels

Nautical themes include elements like anchors, lighthouses, compasses, shipwheels and sailboats are really popular for homes on the water. You generally find colors like navy blue, white, or dark red that go along with nautical décor. Do you have a nautical themed home? You can find more wonderful options for your house including nautical mirrors and bedding sets. Don’t just use hand towels, make the whole house feel like you are on a ship out to sea!

As you can tell, there are some different options here with classic nautical themed colors and some with more neutral and others with eccentric, bright colors. My personal favorite is the entire set, which comes with different hand towels along with glove potholders to complete your entire kitchen. Anchors tend to be the most popular design but we also included cape cod lighthouse themes as well. So if you have a maritime home, get some hand towels to complete everything.

Tropical Themed Hand Towels

Tropical themes include palm trees, hibiscus flowers, Hawaii themes, and more related to the paradise of clear-water beaches and white sand. The main colors of tropical themes include bright oranges, yellows, and greens along with dark green that you see with palm leaves.

Tropical towels don’t have as much variety as they usually include Palm Trees, which you find all over the Caribbean and in warm parts of the United States like Florida. Since Palm Trees are green and brown in color, you find those two colors the most often as you are browsing for hand towels for your kitchen or bathroom. Luckily, they are pretty neutral overall so you shouldn’t have a problem matching them with your color scheme.

Important Considerations

We’ve gone over colors and styles but I wanted to cover a few other things you should consider before purchasing your next set of hand towels.

Patterns – You’ll find styles that look embroidered, solid colors with one single element, plaid designs, or colorful striped designs. All in all, if you have a neutral design or a cottage design you might want to go with white and a single accent color with one beach themed element.

Material – If you are looking for hand towels only used for décor, look for thinner material like polyester. If you want hand towels that you will use around the kitchen to clean up messes, try something like 100% cotton. Last but not least, if you want something luxurious and soft in your bathroom, try to find Egyptian cotton hand towels.

Price – You really do get what you pay for, so try to find something stylish and of a high enough quality to last over the long-term.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you can find the best beach themed hand towel for your coastal home! We tried to create the best guide we could for you here with some different options. There are so many hand towels so make sure you do your research and find the best color and style for your beach house.

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