27 Beautiful Beach-Inspired Patio Designs

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Check out a bunch of our favorite beach-inspired patio designs from Houzz. We have linked every image to the designer so you can either look at more of their work or hire them yourself!

We absolutely love outdoor areas at the beach, particularly patios. A beautiful patio design is relaxing and a touch of paradise, and in a beach area you don’t need a ton of space to create your dream outdoors.

27 Beach Patio Designs



You will absolutely love the backyard inspirations we have below and the only thing we hope is that even just one of the 27 helps you. Hopefully you can upgrade your outdoor coastal patio this year!

1. Nautica


2. Carman Bay Cottage


3. Hunting For Perfection


4. Cape Cod Style Patio


5. Rehoboth Beach Custom Home


6. Jacksonville Beach Residence


7. Santa Barbara, California


8. Coronado


9. Outdoor Courtyard Teak Furniture


10. Peregian Beach House


11. Huge Outdoor Beach Themed Patio


12. Beach Style Colorful Patio


13. Basalt Slab Shower


14. Adirondack Chair Water’s Edge


15. Compact Patio


16. Picnic Table String Lights Beach Summer


17. Chic Boho Style


18. Rustic Coastal Themed Patio Design


19. Florida Coastal Cottage Outdoor Living


20. Nautical Style Patio


21. Bayshores Drive Coastal Patio


22. Outdoor Kitchen


23. Outdoor Fireplace


24. Natural Pavers Coastal Patio


25. Classic Nantucket Dream Home


26. Lanai – Coastal Hawaiian Themed Patio


27. Greystone Collection


Choosing Your Patio Design

Choosing a beach themed coastal patio design can be very difficult because there are so many paver, furniture, gardening, and style options that can be utilized. In addition, your overall space and budget will help guide the final idea.

The three tips we’ll give you is first to do it right the first time. That means to hire the best contractor you can find, buy the best furniture, and don’t go for a cheap option that might need replacing in five years. Outdoor Wicker furniture and Teak furniture is very durable and can last for years, so look into those options rather than something cheap.

The second tip is to focus first on family and second on entertainment. What I mean is that you should get a dining set for outdoor family dinners before you get a seating sofa set. In addition, focus on how you can bring your own family closer together. Maybe you can put in an outdoor fire pit and surround it with chairs.

The third and final tip is to design for your location. A beach patio in Nantucket will experience much different winters than a beach patio in Miami. Therefore, you should understand how the weather might hurt or help your design in the long run and use that to guide your decision.

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