5 Ocean-Inspired Outdoor Beach Decor Ideas


There is nothing quite like sitting on your comfortable back patio, soaking up the sun, and smelling the salty ocean air. Most people aren’t fortunate enough to live at the beach, but luckily you can still recreate the feeling of living by the ocean in your outdoor space. Whether you are hours from the ocean or you are a few steps from the sand, the relaxing feeling of outdoor beach decor is perfect.

I decided to put together an article of ocean-inspired outdoor themes to help you feel the coastal vibes. You might want to follow one of the themes below or use them as an inspiration, so let’s take a look at some ideas now.

Outdoor Beach Decor Themes

1 – Go Bold Or Go Home

When it comes to color you need to go bold, so it’s time to replace those dark shades with bright pastel colors like blue and green. Orange and yellow heightens the beach experience with their rich tones. When it comes to going bold you can’t just rely on painting your porch walls, so you’ll have to incorporate the colors into your furniture too.

You want to focus on a few soft colors and one color that stands out. Many people opt for white outdoor cushioned sofas with bright accent pillows with a beach theme.

2 – Add A Tropical Touch

The best types of beaches are the one’s that really takes your breathe away. That’s why you want to create a hidden tropical paradise right in your backyard. The beaches where you are surrounded by plant life everywhere you turn, and if it’s not shooting up from the ground it’s hanging down from coconut trees. Large palm trees in a variety of styles can not only provide privacy, but also elegance. You want as much plant life as possible in your outdoor living area, so when you’re relaxing outside you can have your own tropical escape.

The other thing you want to do is use rope hammocks or hammock chairs so you have a spot to really relax outside. You can also look for a padded chaise lounge chair with end tables so you can bring a margarita while you spend time on your patio.


3 – A Gorgeous Outdoor Fire Pit

Imagine you’re sitting on the beach as the stars light up the night sky, and everyone is huddled around a log fire sharing stories. You can easily create your own version of this thanks to the gorgeous fire pits available these days.

One popular option for beach home owners is to put a fire pit in sand and surround it with beach chairs. While the ocean might be in the distance, the sand is between your toes as you sit by the fire.

You can also hang lighting if you have an outdoor ceiling so they look like stars, or use rope lights, which can really enhance the look of your outdoor decor at night.

4 – Teak Patio Furniture

A lot of people don’t know where to begin when it comes to outdoor furniture. You have options ranging from plastic to wicker. One popular variety is outdoor teak patio furniture, which is not only beautiful but it is very durable. In addition, wood can fit naturally in your beach themed backyard, especially if you use coastal accents.

Look for everything from a large, 11-piece teak dining set to a teak rocking chair, both of which can add appealing comfort.

5 – Traditional Beach Decking

Although not as glitzy as some of the other outdoor beach decor ideas we’ve mentioned, traditional beach decking will always be in style. You’ll have a wooden deck painted brown or white, and wooden sun chairs will be positioned perfectly to let you soak up as much sun as possible. To add the finishing touch you’ll need a wooden table and chairs for when it’s time to enjoy a nice meal outside.

Which Style Resonates With You?

As you can see, there are a few styles to choose from and even adding one special feature could make you feel like you’re at the beach when you step outside. If you want to do something even more daring you could start to play around with water features, but pick something we’ve talked about today to get started. You can always add in more outdoor beach decor ideas over time until you’re left with exactly what you’re looking for.

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