6 Kitchen Beach Decor Ideas and Themes

kitchen beach decor ideas

Whether you live beside the sea or you’re simply in love with the ocean, a beach themed kitchen is a wonderful way to design a kitchen. It will create a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. As soon as you step into your kitchen, you will experience tranquility. A beach decor theme has a very simplistic feel which will make your guests envy your aesthetic. Best of all, it will take your mind off of your worries and you’ll end up being stress free.

Today, let’s take a look into 6 Kitchen Beach Decor Ideas and Themes which are easy and affordable.

1. White Cottage and Natural Wood

Sometimes all you need is white wood paneling with natural brown wood to create an elegant cottage kitchen. If you paint the walls white and use white cabinets, you can use different brown accent colors and your kitchen will have a classic beach feel.

2. Use Shades of Blue

Blue doesn’t only come in one standard shade. It has a variety of beautiful options to choose from. You can go for the palest powder blue or opt for a deep navy blue. Depending on your personal preference and how you want your kitchen to look like, you can choose which shade suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to discover the entire spectrum since each one will create a different effect.



Keep in mind that a kitchen focused on a beach theme revolves around simplicity. Choose functional and hard wearing furniture to complete the overall beach vibe. The most classic and elegant choice most people enjoy is a combination of blue and white themes.

3. Vintage Surfboards

Nothing screams beach louder than surfboards. It instantly sets the scene with just one look. It will make the thrill of summer last all year long and you can enjoy it right at the comfort of your own home. Choosing a vintage surfboard gives a more laid back feel while a regular surfboard gives a more modern vibe. You will be able to reminisce about the good times you’ve spent on the beach with your family and friends while enjoying your meals.

Surfboards are more popular on the West Coast in California or in a Hawaii kitchen, where surfing is much more popular than it is on the East Coast. However, nothing says your Palm Beach home can’t include a surfboard!

4. Beach Inspired Accents

Adding a coastal inspiration to your kitchen decor will make it come alive. Just by simply adding certain furniture which are inspired by the ocean you’ll get to experience the beach inside your home. Some great options to look for are seashells, corals, starfish, sand, driftwood, and ropes. They look very natural and give off an authentic beach vibe. It will look effortless and beautiful. You’ll certainly enjoy getting your creative juices flowing while thinking about how to decorate your kitchen.



You can look for an accent plate with a crab, beach themed placemats, sand jars filled with shells, candle jars surrounded by sand and shells, ropes to hang artwork, starfish accents for your windowsill, or large pieces of driftwood.

5. Sailboats or Lighthouses

Sailboats are a great addition to your beach inspired kitchen decor. Whether you’re a collector and you have multiple sizes or you want to purchase a single sailboat, it will effortlessly represent the ocean. It can sit on top of your kitchen shelves or you can place it on top of your cabinet. It goes hand in hand with the simplistic and relaxed look you’re trying to achieve.

6. Wicker Baskets

These multi-functional and handy storage baskets will help you perfect a coastal themed kitchen. It is essential to have multiple wicker baskets to store your kitchen tools in. You can also put your wine selection in them. Most people also use it as storage for cooking or baking related magazines. It’s best incorporated in kitchens which have white open shelving. It’s the perfect contrast to a plain white palette. You can also add some rustic gold accents like mirrors to complete the look.

In Conclusion

Your kitchen can be turned into a beach theme very quickly and easily with accents or color. Whether you want a large vintage surfboard on the wall or starfish themed accents, there are so many options for your kitchen.

Don’t forget color because you can create a bright beach themed kitchen using blues, greens, and yellows, or you can go with a white cottage beach kitchen.

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