6 Simple And Affordable Bathroom Beach Décor Ideas

simple bathroom beach decor ideas

Beach design and décor elements like seashells, nautical, or tropical themes are very common in bathrooms along the coasts. However, homeowners (regardless of their geography) are increasingly choosing ocean-inspired themes for their bathrooms because of the wide appeal of this softly elegant and soothing style. You can also use these beach-inspired décor ideas to help you bring the tranquil feeling of the ocean into your bath space.

1 – Paint Walls Beachy Blue

Transform your standard bathroom into a coastal retreat by painting the walls with a relaxing shade of maritime blue color. However, let the tub, floors and towels to have a white hue to create some contrast against the blue accents. If you have some seashells, consider framing and hanging them on the walls, to add extra coastal charm to your bath space. This finished look will give your bath a beach theme any day irrespective of where you live.



A popular option for decorating also includes looking for shelves that you can stand up starfish and sand dollars. Sometimes you might have a shelf on your mirror or a shelf above a bathtub where you can strategically place shells as beautiful decorations.

2 – Charming Beach Accent Display’s

Install attractive storage shelves on the walls to help reduce clutter in your bathroom. Apart from arranging your accessories like toiletries, bath products and more there, you can use them to display transparent jars of coastal decorative items like seashells, starfish, or sand dollars to add a coastal theme to your bathroom.

3 – Fill Candle Holders With Sand

Lighting candles at night while taking a warm bath creates a soothing feeling that prepares you the sleeping hours ahead. But, how do you contain the mess from the candles? Try adding sand into your candle holders, and you won’t have to worry about scrapping off the burnt candles again. This is a very simple beach-themed bathroom décor idea that anyone can do. And the best part is that sand is completely free or very inexpensive at your local home improvement store. You can easily refresh the sand whenever you need to.



4 – Glue Shells & Starfish To Your Mirror Frame

You’ve probably heard that you should add a mirror to your bathroom to help maximize space. That’s right, but what if you changed things a little bit. For instance, instead of adding a plain boring mirror, try gluing a bunch of star fish on the frame to give your mirror an immediate upgrade and add some coastal charm in your bath space.

There are plenty of beach frame DIY projects where you can use super glue or a glue gun to place shells and sand around a frame. Make sure you either keep the mirror in the frame or that you can put it back in at the end. If you have a large mirror on your bathroom wall with no frame, you can create a wood frame and turn it into a coastal theme.

5 – Use Beach Themed Ropes

There are different ways to use ropes to create a beach feeling into your bathroom. For instance, instead of hanging artwork on the walls, try using ropes to spell out beach-themed words. In addition, you can use a dock hook and a rope to create a great holder for your toilet paper. If you do want to hang artwork, get a frame that you can drill holes into so you can hang it with rope. It’s a quick and easy way to create a nautical theme.

As if that’s not enough, you can also use ropes to hang shelves in your bathroom to instantly make them feel beachy. Feel free to use either a thin or thick rope depending on the space you have.

6 – Use Back-splashes or Wallpaper

I like soft colors in a bathroom along with a tile backsplash, which has become very popular recently. Look for tiles with beautiful colors that would look great when you enter the bathroom. Many wall tiles include different shades of blue, light brown, beige, or teal. All of those shades would be a great accent to your bathroom.

For wallpaper, adding a swimming fish wallpaper to your bathroom walls not only makes your bath space more appealing and sophisticated, but also gives it the much needed coastal charm. The good thing with wallpaper is that you can replace it whenever you wish.

Lighthouses can also be popular as a wallpaper choice. You can look for dark nautical colors like blue and red or try to find white lighthouses surrounded by light blue, green, and yellow accent colors.

In Conclusion

Use the above bathroom beach décor ideas and themes to help transform your dull-looking bathroom into an attractive and relaxing space that you’d be proud of. You can browse our bathroom beach accents as well for some great coastal products.

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