7 Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas

beach bathroom decor ideas

Do you want to create an extraordinary beach bathroom that makes your visitors jealous? Every time you enter your bathroom, you should feel a sense of comfort and happiness. Every aspect from the paint color to the floors to the wall accents should flow and feel cohesive.

Hopefully you can discover some ideas and get inspired below to create the coastal bathroom of your dreams.


Most of the time you will find either some form of tile, marble, or hardwood in a bathroom. My favorite flooring is sand-colored marble, which makes it feel like you are walking on the beach. Otherwise, white tile tends to be very popular.

Floors are an area where you can really think outside the box. Some beach homes feature beautiful drift or distressed wood floors while others use unique tiles. Check out the cobblestone or pebble tile floors in the bathroom design below.

beach-bathroom-decor-ideas 7 Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas



Comforting colors like light blue or light green can help create a refreshing atmosphere. You should avoid using dark or bright colors as they don’t give the feeling of comfort. Ultimately, you really want to feel like you are watching the beach, surrounded by the sky or surrounded by water.

Wallpaper has become dated and white walls just won’t help your bathroom pop unless you have other nice colors accented throughout. Finally, you want to make sure you can match accents and artwork with your wall color, which I will get into more below.

Quick Painting Tips: Make sure you take out all of the removable items inside the bathroom before you paint. After that, use painter’s tape to avoid getting paint on the ceiling, floor, crown molding, or even your bathtub. Lastly, look for bathroom paint that is mildew resistant.


There is not much worse from a design perspective than an unframed mirror in the bathroom. Unless your mirror goes from the countertops to the ceiling, put a frame on it.

You have a lot of options when it comes to beach frames.

Cabinets and Countertops

The common color theme is generally using white for the cabinets. You usually want your counter-tops to match the floor color because it creates a nice contrast from floor to cabinets to countertop.

You will find cabinets in other colors and styles. One popular style is using cabinets that look like driftwood.

beach-vanity-bathroom 7 Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas
Source: a href=’http://www.houzz.com/photos/186380/FuezStone-Beach-Vanity-modern-bathroom-boston’ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Houzz.com


Artwork and Accents

One way to add a unique flare to your rooms and walls is to add artwork and accents to your bathroom. Accents can help make an ordinary room look elegant and artwork can help add a nice design touch to your bare walls.

The best thing to do is find beach artwork and coastal accents that will flow perfect with the paint you choose for your bathroom. You do not have to spend a fortune, but you need to find the right pieces for your bathroom.

Shower Curtains

You may have a glass shower so you can skip this section if it doesn’t apply to you. However, the difference between a nice looking beach bathroom and a boring bathroom can be the shower curtain. You want a curtain that will mesh well with the wall colors and the accents you have chosen.

For example, imagine you have a nautical theme throughout your home and into your bathroom. Instead of using a plain shower curtain, find something with nautical themes like a compass, anchor, or lighthouse.

Towel Rack and Bathroom Necessities

At the very least, your bathroom needs a towel rack, toilet paper holder, and a soap dish. These are essential items in every bathroom so I would consider them necessities.

You would be surprised at the options you have when it comes to simply choosing a towel rack for your bathroom. You can choose a set of anchors with hooks, shells with hooks, or just set-up rope circles.

The most important thing is to remember that everything in your bathroom can be customized, from the soap dish to the towel rack.

In Conclusion

Each of the ideas above should hopefully give you inspiration when designing your bathroom. Whether you have a cottage or nautical theme, your options are literally endless.


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