The Best Palm Tree Lamps You Can Buy

palm tree lamps

When you are planning to decorate your tropical home, there are a lot of different elements that you can incorporate within your decor. People associate Hawaiian type themes and other things you find near beautiful beaches with tropical decorations. That’s why you might want to look into Palm Tree lamps.

One of the most popular tropical themes includes palm trees and palm leaves. When people think of a warm beach in Florida, California or other states they always associate palm trees there. You associate them especially in Hawaii where you find some of the most unique palm trees and palm leaves in the entire world.

We decided here at beachfront Decour to put together a complete list of all of the palm tree lamps that we offer with a variety of styles, different colors, and even different heights that you can use in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your beach home.

Palm Tree Lamps




Luckily for you, there are palm tree lamps that range anywhere from $50-$500, so if you want something a little more affordable we have it and if you’re looking for something more luxurious we also have it. You can also find lamps that include a base and a shaft that look exactly like a palm tree while others feature green palm leaves at the base.

We absolutely love everything that has to do with green and beautiful palm trees so when we saw palm tree lamps we knew we had to add them directly to our store. Palm trees are synonymous with the ocean and with the relaxing vibes that everyone feels when they are near the coast and near the open water.

Palm Tree Lamp Options

Below are some of our absolute favorite palm tree lamp options that you can incorporate in your home right away.


For the most part, colors of palm tree lamps feature brown, green, beige, white, and black. The colors you usually associate with a palm tree you would see near the beach are exactly the same colors that most of the lamps are. It’s not as easy to find a colorful option or even something very neutral. Therefore, it’s a little bit more difficult to match with the rest of your decor because there are only really certain color schemes that would fit this type of lamp.


Certain lamps will feature the actual texture that you find on the bark of a palm tree leading up to the very top. Others will feature coconuts at the top and finely crafted palm leaves that have been hand carved and hand painted. Some of the palm tree lamps are a little more simple and don’t feature some of the unique textures and unique details you would find up close and personal while looking at one of the streets.


Since palm trees tend to be very long and thin, many of the lamps are exactly the same. You also find very tall options so if you’re looking for a table lamp that is either short or tall in comparison to the others, then you are certain to find exactly the height you were looking for so that it doesn’t stand out too much but it fits right in perfectly and complements the room.

In conclusion, we hope that you can complete all the decorations you want and lighten and brighten your home with a brand-new palm tree lamp. We have one of the best varieties and selections on the entire internet when it comes to palm tree accents and other decor and lamps are no different. We of course love natural light first but when the sun sets and you need to light up the room using one of these lamps, it will not only be functional but also beautiful in your house for years to come.

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