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Nautical Quilts and Beach Quilts

beach quilts

Quilts have always been popular for your home and they work great in beach homes. They are an affordable option and there is a ton of variety for you to choose from. However, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for when shopping from store to store. Where do you go to find all of the best beach quilts in one place?

When you are looking for a new beach bedding set, the options below are perfect for you. We listed the absolute best coastal, beach themed and nautical quilts that you are sure to love. We have themes like seashells, pirates, surfboards, anchors, starfish, mermaids, and more. Regardless of the style or size you are looking for, one of the beach quilts below should suit your needs.

Beach Quilts

We listed some of our absolute favorite beach quilts and nautical quilts below. We have separated them so you can find the theme you are seeking. Our beach options will feature softer, neutral colors along with seashells and other beach elements. Our nautical quilt options will feature elements of the sea and boating like lighthouses, anchors, compasses, sailboats, and more.


Choosing Beach Home Quilts

We go through all of the different things you need to keep in mind as you upgrade your bedroom. Whether you are purchasing a coastal quilt set for your guest bedroom or your master bedroom, the information below will help guide your purchasing decision.

Quilt Size

Quilts come in all the same sizes as comforters and duvet covers including twin, double, full, queen, and king. Many of the options above come in all sizes so you don’t have to worry about the size of your bed. The most popular size in terms of option are twin beach quilts.

Quilt Quality

Depending on your budget, a higher prices quilt will always get you a better quality quilt. And considering you spend hours on end sleeping in your beach home, you want something comfortable you can relax in. Some of the different quilt materials that are popular include 100% cotton, cotton blends, polyester, acrylic, linen, and Egyptian-quality cotton.


When you are looking for nautical quilts for sale, the price can range from $45 all the way above $500 for a quilt set. For the most part, you will find beach quilt sets that around around $75 on average depending on size, theme, style, and overall quality. I always stress that you get what you pay for and that is absolutely true when it comes to bedding.

Quilt Themes

Some of the tropical quilts and other themes you can find include anchors, seashells, starfish, sand dollars, lighthouses, ship wheels, stripes, sailboats, oars, coral, fish, palm trees, and more. If you love the ocean or if you love the open sea, the quilts above can match your home and personality at the same time!

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. There are tons of options above for quilts that you will love for your beach home. All of the beach, nautical, coastal, and tropical quilts above can help you find the perfect bedding set.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, make sure you contact us at Beachfront Decor. We can try to help you find the right quilt to complete your bedroom.

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Beach Doormats and Coastal Doormats

Beach Doormats

If you want to give the beach or nautical vibe from the time your guests get to your front door, look at these beach doormats. All of them are a perfect welcome into a beautiful coastal home. Instead of having a bare porch or deck, add one of these doormats. You can also use them as an accent, if you have a light blue theme outdoors, pick a color and a beach theme that will help everything flow together.

Buying Beach Doormats: The three most important things are the quality of the material, quality of the design, and durability. You want a durable doormat because you don’t want to have to replace it all the time. You want a design that matches with your front or back door and works with the rest of your overall color scheme. Lastly, the material of the doormat is important.

Beach Doormats

You can see the gallery of our doormats below but if you want a complete list with descriptions, scroll down even further. You can buy any of the styles you see at this page by clicking ‘Learn More’ below any of the products.


More Beach Doormats

Since this article is popular, we have a complete listing of our beach themed doormats below. You will find some duplicates to the ones above but this is an exhaustive list of every coastal doormat offered here at Beachfront Decor.


How to Choose Beach Doormats

Doormat Color

You want to find a color that matches your overall design. If you are using a beach doormat outside of your front door, you might want one that includes colors similar to your home with an accent color similar to the color of your door. Otherwise, you can go with a brown coir doormat, which can be neutral regardless of color scheme. All in all, you want a doormat that looks like it belongs and not a bright yellow doormat where there might be more neutral coloring.

Doormat Design

Do you want an intricate beach themed design on your doormat? Are you looking for something more nautical like a large anchor? Do you want something playful like a beach themed jellybean doormat? We have everything you might be looking for, whether you like seashells, starfish, sand dollars, crabs, anchors, compasses, ship wheels, sand, ocean, flip flops, sandals, or palm tree themed doormat designs.

Doormat Price

Doormats can range anywhere from about $10 to $125. More expensive doormats tend to be more durable and include more appealing overall designs, in addition to being ultra non-slip. Cheaper doormats will slip and wear away over time, meaning you have to replace them quicker. Thicker doormats also tend to be a bit more expensive due to the durability. In the end, you want to find a doormat at a price that works best for you with an understanding of how that doormat will hold up long-term.

Doormat Material

The most popular materials include synthetic plastics, coir, natural fiber, rubber, plastic, metal, and even wood. Different materials work better for different situations, for example natural fiber tends to be better for wiping your shoes and metal doormats tend to be more durable.

Doormat Features

I always recommend a doormat with non-slip backing because you don’t have to worry about it moving around your porch during use or during bad weather. Many doormats are stain-resistant so you can quickly wash them with a hose and they won’t hold onto dirty and mud forever (or sand, in case you live near the beach!). Some doormats are reversible so you can flip them two different ways, although I don’t recommend these options. Lastly, I believe in looking for anti-fatigue doormats, which are more pricey but hold their color and design long-term.

Doormat Words

Finding doormats with writing on them can also help with adding a coastal touch. Some lines can also have a touch of humor, which can make them a fun topic of discussion amongst your guests. A simple “Welcome” can also look very inviting when written over the sands of a beach.

Doormat Personalization

Customized doormats are the new trend where you can have your name or a family name mentioned on the doormat. It is one of the best ideas for a beach theme party where a doormat makes the guest smile right at the entrance and sets the expectations of the party inside.

Nautical Doormats

Other kind of doormats could include sailing objects like ships and boats made on them. It could be an entire ship or parts of ship like the steering wheel, the helm, the anchor of a ship or even pirate face. Such designs make the doormats stand out and grab everyone’s attention. For those who love sophistication, doormats with kinds of sea-shell patterns can be a great choice. In fact, there are also doormats that are shaped as a large sea-shell available in the market that can be used at the other doors like outside the bathroom. Placing them inside the house will add them to the furnishings of the house and make their beautiful designs not go unnoticed.

Coir Doormats

One of the most popular type of doormat is the classic coir doormat. Coir doormats are usually brown and made with woven materials. They are thick and perfect for the outdoors because they are weather-resistant. They will last long especially if you get a high-quality one, and they make beautiful beach printed coir doormats.

Decorating Your Beach Home

One of the best themes to opt for your house is the beach theme. It is an ever-green theme that will never go out of trends. Everybody loves the beaches for one reason or the other. Some like their sunny side while some others love the soothing waves. The beach theme is also very easy to achieve without too many alterations to the existing furnishings of the house. This makes it an ideal theme for parties where the beach look can be given to your house without having to splurge on every furnishing.

Making small changes to your home can help you achieve a beach theme décor. One of the most easy decoration idea is changing the doormats. A doormat at the entrance of your house with waves, sand or sea-shells can instantly set the mood of a beach. Similarly, doormats with rocky prints can create an adventurous beach theme. Beach doormats add color and freshness to your house. Some more ideas for beach doormats are having sea creatures made on them. Such doormats are adorable and can get both kids and adults super excited. Be it fishes, starfish, crabs, turtles, snails or any other sea creatures, the presence of these prints can make your doormat look very stylish.



Finishing Beach Home Decor

Beach doormats do not have to be used only to create a beach theme. They can be added to any casual furnishings of your house to add freshness and brightness. However, if you are trying to achieve a beach theme, then using light blue shades for curtains with sea-shell patterned motifs and hanging mirrors with shell frames can do the job. If available some blue and white cushions can be added to the sofa to strengthen the look further. Placing show-pieces that have elements of sand or hanging up decorative pieces in the form of a star-fish can complete the look.

In Summary

Make sure you get yourself a nice outdoor beach doormat so your visitors clean off their shoes. An indoor doormat would help bring a room together and can almost be used as a decorative accent. If you have nice hardwood floors, getting a blue, green, or sand colored mat can help the room look more impressive. You can also make sure you have something to catch the dust and dirt that you might bring in on your shoes or feet.

There are many overlooked aspects to home decorating, and doormats can fall into that category sometimes. Since they are small and not usually in eye view, homeowners can turn a blind eye to this important home decoration.

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Surf Decor & Surfboard Decorations

surf decor

Surfing is one of the best things to do at the beach. If you live near the coast, especially in California or Hawaii, you probably want to visit the ocean and surf every single day. But on the days you can’t make it to the beach, you probably still wanted to be reminded of surfing at home.

We decided to put together our favorite surfboard decor and surf decorations for your beach home. If you love surfboard decorations on the wall as an accent, as prints on your area rugs, or even as surf decor bedding, the products below are perfect for you. You can feel like you are riding a wave all the time.

Surfboard Decor

We started by listing all sorts of surfboard products that you can add to your walls, kitchen, floors, and more. Regardless of where you need new surf themed home decorations, the products below will suit your needs.


Surf Decor Inspiration

If you want to decorate your home with surfboards and surf themes, we listed some wonderful designs from There are indoor and outdoor interior design ideas that would look great for a tropical home. One of the great things about using surfboards is you can follow so many different color palettes.

Types of Surfboard Decor

We cover some of the different types of Surfing Decorations below that you can buy for your home. There are a variety of options to choose from so you can find the perfect piece of decor.

Old Surfboards

Hanging your old surfboards and even your new surfboards can be an incredible look in a coastal home. In addition, you can use them to create a bench or another type of seating. Last but not least, simply lean them on your wall and use a wooden shelf to hold them in place. Old surfboards can add unique ocean vibes to your home when they are used as a decoration.

Surf Themed Wall Decor

Whether you want a tapestry that features surfers, surfboard wall art, wooden surfboards, or vintage tin surfboard signs, you can find exactly what you are looking for. It is one of the few types of wall decorations where there are so many products to choose from that you might even be overwhelmed.

There are different types of surfboard wall decorations including plaques, wooden signs, figurines, metal sculptures, and more. You can cover your walls with surf themed decor in different colors and styles.

Surf Party Decorations

If you live near the beach and you love to go surfing, you can choose to pick out surf party decorations. We included some products above so you can throw an ocean themed party for people who love to go surfing.

In Conclusion

There are so many options when it comes to surf decorations so you are sure to find something here that fits your needs. Now it’s time to get that new sign or accent for your wall, or a pillow for your couch.

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Best Black Wicker Furniture

black wicker furniture

Black wicker outdoor furniture are made from high-quality woven wicker and rattan material. Black wicker furniture can help you create beautiful outdoor spaces that can help you entertain friends and family.

We decided to put together a list of black wicker furniture sets that will work indoors and outdoors. In addition, we curated individual pieces like black wicker chairs or pieces of furniture. If you are not sure where to get started, look through our wicker furniture ideas and inspiration further down the article.

Black Wicker Furniture

We listed some of our best black wicker and rattan patio furniture and dining sets below for your home. Discover some of our wicker and black vintage rattan chairs and more below.


Black Wicker Dining Sets

We listed some of our favorite black wicker dining sets below including black wicker tables, chairs, and benches. If you put a dining set on your patio, you will be able to entertain friends and family all the time.


Why Choose Black Wicker Furniture?

Black wicker furniture is thoughtfully designed, styled and created, which is why they are so popular. Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of colors from black to white so it is a matter of preference. It’s popular for people to choose one color of wicker furniture and cushions that are a different color. There are black wicker furniture sets that feature white, red, blue, and gray cushions. By utilizing contrasting colors, you can create a simple yet elegant outdoor design.

Wicker Material

Black wicker patio furniture sets are usually made up of some best materials, which has a fibrous core. It is a tropical wood with the hard outer cartridge, giving it good strength. Being fibrous on the inner side is very light and very much portable. After painted black, these wicker sets have a casually classic look. These dining sets can be placed on the patio, anywhere a family can enjoy the good moment, in the mornings or during summer and winter evenings.

Types of Wicker Furniture

Wicker can be used for outdoor use at home, hotels, resorts, spas, and cafes. Each piece of furniture exudes elegance, warmth and adds up to give that inviting, homey and cozy feel in any area they are placed. There is a variety of outdoor wicker furniture to choose from including black wicker outdoor chairs, black wicker patio furniture sets, black wicker outdoor sofa sets, and black wicker outdoor tables. Black wicker furniture can be paired with outdoor area rugs, canopies, coffee tables, end tables, and more.

Caring for Wicker Furniture

Black wicker outdoor chairs are characterized by its soft, clean modernistic lines, sharp angles and can be combined with other materials and created with most careful artisan-ship. Wicker for outdoor use are UV treated and can be left to stay outside all year long sans fading, splitting, or cracking of the materials. You should make use of an outdoor waterproof cover that can protect and help keep your furniture dry and clean when not in use.

Wicker Storage

If you are looking for hidden storage options, wicker baskets can be used for storage. Placing them on the patio is another neat decor idea. You can use wicker style shelves to store your pots, percolators and other garden essentials. In addition, wicker storage seating is the perfect way to store all your outdoor items. Lastly, some black wicker sofa sets come with storage underneath your seat and underneath an outdoor wicker coffee table.

In Summary

There are numerous choices for outdoor wicker furniture perfect for covered patios and decks or an open area like your lawn or garden. Look for that perfect set or piece you want to have and get to see limitless options out there. Aside from the common outdoor furnishings, you can also see an extensive range of beautiful sets and pieces that will complement the beauty and functionality of your outdoor furniture.

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Beach Spoon Rests and Nautical Spoon Rests

beach spoon rests

After your kitchen has a nice coat of paint, a backsplash, new cabinets, new flooring, new countertops and more (At least we all hope!), you want to add all of the accents you need to complete it. You need beach salt and pepper shakers, a coastal napkin holder, dishes, and more. And then when you start cooking, you might have forgotten to get a beach spoon rest so you aren’t putting something dirty on the counters.

Now you can check out all of the best beach kitchen spoon rests you can buy for your own coastal kitchen at Beachfront Decor. When you are cooking and flipping meat on the stove or stirring a large soup, you need somewhere to put your spatula or wooden spoon. That’s why we put together this huge guide that featured anchors, starfish, seashells, sharks, whales, turtles, and more on spoon rests.

Beach and Nautical Spoon Rests

We start by listing our absolute favorite coastal spoon rests for your kitchen. You can keep these themed tropical spoon rests out in your kitchen all the time and they will add to your overall decor.


Beach Spoon Rests

We listed even more beach themed spoon rests below for sale. There is a huge variety including high-quality coastal spoon rests and smaller options for smaller spoons.


How to Choose Beach Spoon Rests

Below are all the things you should keep in mind when you are purchasing your own coastal, nautical, tropical, or beach themed spoon rest. If you can’t find something you are looking for, feel free to leave a comment and we might be able to help.

Spoon Rest Theme

Do you love starfish and seashells? Do you want something nautical like anchors or lighthouses? Depending on the overall beach theme you choose, you can continue that for your spoon rest. We have a crab themed kitchen at our beach home so we got a crab dish to be used as a spoon rest and it works perfectly.

Spoon Rest Color

You should have a color scheme in your kitchen and depending on your stove you might want to get a certain color spoon rest. You can also sit your spoon rest on top of your oven and then put it on the counter when you need to use it. The color really depends on what fits best in your kitchen and creates a nice accent color.

Spoon Rest Size

For the most part, the size of beach spoon rests are very similar but you will find some very large sizes and other that are less than 6 inches.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your kitchen spoon rest. We have a variety of themes, colors, sizes, and styles that will hold your wooden spoon or spatula.

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Beach Wall Hooks and Beach Towel Hooks

beach towel hooks

Beach wall hooks and beach towel hooks are a wonderful option for your ocean-inspired home. We have options below that include coastal wall hooks so you can keep a beach theme throughout your bathroom and your entire home.

We decided to put together a list of our favorite beach hooks that you can buy for your home. The options include starfish hooks, anchor hooks, mermaid hooks, seahorses, flip flops, sand dollars, turtles, pelicans, octopus hooks, and more. We hope you can find some coastal towel hooks to hang your beach towels after a long day near the ocean. Although we advertise some of them as decorative beach towel hooks, they can also be beach themed key hooks as well as you can hang anything from them.


Beach Towel Hooks and Wall Hooks

There are a lot of different beach themed wall hooks because there are so many designs, colors, and styles. You might want surfboard hooks for your California beach home or seashell hooks for your NJ beach home.


Beach Towel Hooks For Sale

If you could not find beach hooks with the coastal theme you wanted, we have even more products listed below.


How to Choose Beach Towel Hooks

You can now hang your bath towels, robes, clothes, coats, and more. Instead of getting a generic set of hooks, why not go for something that resembles the ocean. You can put it right on your bathroom wall, door, or in your bedroom to hang whatever you need. Whether you have a home, cottage, cabin, or condo, it’s a great piece of decor to help you feel like you just walked off the sand.

Most of the towel hooks come with screws and anchors to make them easy to hang from the wall or a door. The hooks will not damage anything you hang from them as they are made to deal with tough or thin material. If you have no use for them, consider buying a gift or a christmas present for your friend who lives near the beach.

Types of Coastal Wall Hooks

Beach wall hooks and towel hooks come in many shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a certain theme, it can be very easy to find what you are looking for. Whether you want a seashell shaped wall hook or something nautical themed like an anchor, there are plenty of options. We included some popular options below that you might see when you are shopping.

Seashell and Starfish Hooks

Two popular options are different types of seashells or starfish wall hooks. They are popular because you can easily use them as end pieces of the hook and have a curve as well. It is very easy to hang your towel from seashell wall hooks.

Anchor Hooks

Another popular choice is an anchor towel hook. Anchors are perfect for nautical homes on the coast and they are great if you want to use them as a wall hook. Since they are known for anchoring your ship at the certain spot at sea, you can find different colors and styles to fit your bathroom or outdoor space.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you can find a beach wall hook that fits your home and suits you. There are a variety of colors and styles above that will help you fit beach themed towel hooks into your coastal home. Whether you want a starfish to hang your towel from or a cast iron anchor, you are sure to find it above!

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Best Rope Hammocks

rope hammocks

Rope Hammocks mostly come in the same long, rectangular shape but the materials can vary. It might include rope, polyester, fabric, or even a durable plastic-type material. Not every hammock needs a specific stand anymore since you can suspend them from trees or you can hang hooks on an outdoor porch or balcony. However, the best way to hang your rope hammock is by purchasing a high-quality stand.

One of the main benefits of rope hammocks is they give you a very deep sleep because your body hangs naturally in the air. If you get a comfortable, high-quality hammock like a Pawleys Island rope hammock, you will notice the difference immediately in your rest and relaxation compared to a normal chair.

Rope Hammocks

We listed some of the best rope hammocks below for sale. Some of the rope hammocks include a stand and others give you the option to purchase the hammock separately. Each hammock has the brand listed and the prices range from about $170 for a high-quality double Pawleys Island rope hammock to about $40 for affordable single hammocks.


Best Outdoor Hammocks

Outdoor Hammocks are not only great for relaxing in your backyard, but they have also become convenient for resting while hiking or backpacking. In the past, people traditionally thought of rope hammocks as the only option but there are a variety to choose from. That’s why we put together this helpful guide to show all of your options when it comes to hammocks for sale.

We are obviously more focused on the beach and rope hammocks but we decided to highlight all of your options here. We even included hammock stands because you will need one of those for most of the options listed below, however, you don’t need them for a lot of the camping hammocks because they are meant to be portable and easy to use.

History of Hammocks

The Mayans were the first to create and use hammocks. They were woven from the Hammack tree, which helped them get their current name.

Hammocks were created hundreds of years ago and they have been used in a variety of cultures. Native Americans were known to use them in order to sleep and rest. They were also used because since the Hammock is suspended, the people in them are less likely to catch disease from bugs, insects, snakes, and animals.

You can find our Mayan Hammocks for sale if you are interested in a something a little different than rope.

DIY Hammocks

If you would prefer to build your own Hammock and do it yourself, there are a few options you can try. It works best if you have two trees or an area where you can hang several hooks. All you need is a combination of rope, fabric, hooks, and an area to hang your new hammock. You can use a durable double-backed sheet and suspend it using thick rope from two trees.

Backpacking, Hiking, and Camping Hammocks

Some of the newer options on the market include backpacking, hiking, and camping hammocks, which many people have started to even use as tents! Many people who have switched say that they sleep better, camping set-up is easier, and you can suspend yourself from the ground, which can be filled with bugs.

Generally, camping hammocks are more lightweight and they are made up of fabric rather than rope. You can even get a mosquito net or a tarp so it’s like you have a tent suspended from the air. You usually use it by tying it to a couple of trees wherever you are backpacking or hiking.

Hatteras Hammocks

One of the top brands that have been selling great products since 1971 is Hatteras Hammocks. They sell everything including swings, pillows, stands, accessories, and more for your comfort. Based out of North Carolina, they have been on the forefront of Hammock innovations over the last 40-plus years. The founder, Walter R. Perkins Jr. wanted to master the overall comfort, quality, and style of Hammocks and he built a tremendous company that produces many of the top options on the market.

If you are looking for quality, comfort, and reliability, Hatteras is a great brand to look for. The pricing might not be as low as competitors but your overall experience will be better.

In Summary

Our goal here at Beachfront Décor is to make sure we provide our website visitors with the highest quality and most relevant products. I hope our Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Rope Hammocks was helpful as we included our favorites and gave you a variety of options to research.

My number one tip is to keep quality in mind when you are browsing for a new rope hammock. I purchased a Pawleys Island Hammock along with a stand and it has been very durable, comfortable, and perfect for all my needs. Make sure to look at user reviews so you can find the best possible rope hammock for your outdoor space.

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Best Tommy Bahama Bedding Sets

tommy bahama bedding

We spend about eight hours every night in our bed sleeping. It’s so important to get a good night of sleep every night. One way to do that is with a Tommy Bahama bedding set. However, it can be difficult to find the collection of Tommy Bahama bedding sets you are seeking.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together a huge list of Tommy Bahama comforters, quilts, duvet covers, and more bedding options below. There are tons of beach themes but we included the top rated bedding sets from the Tommy Bahama brand. Many of the options below come in all bedding sizes like twin, double, full, queen, and king. And the best thing to remember is that Tommy Bahama bedding is luxurious and high-quality as well.

Sort Bedding By Type

Tommy Bahama Bedding Sets

You will find all sorts of top rated bedding sets below for your bedroom. Many of the options come in different sizes and prices range all over. Make sure you keep in mind that you get what you pay for and a more expensive bedding set is worth the money. Tommy Bahama Bedding sets for sale below generally range from $75-$250 in price.

Luxurious Tommy Bahama Pillows

The luxurious goose down pillows from Tommy Bahama are the perfect addition to your new bedding set. Maximize your comfort with Tommy Bahama pillows, which will give you a great sleep at night.


Tommy Bahama Quilts

We listed some of our favorite Tommy Bahama Quilt Sets below. You will find Tommy Bahama collections like birds of paradise, serenity palms, la scala breezer, villa verona, cape verde, turtle cove, tidewater jacobean, island memory, tropical orchid, and more. We love the quilts and coverlets from Tommy Bahama and the options below are perfect.









Tommy Bahama Comforters

We listed several of our favorite Tommy Bahama Comforter sets you can get for your bedroom. You will see a ton of different colors, styles, and sizes and each of the options below is a comforter.







Tommy Bahama Duvet Covers

We listed some Tommy Bahama Duvet Cover sets below that you can buy for your bedroom. You will see some repeats from the comforters and quilts listed above, but these are the duvet cover styles of the same bedding collection.






Tommy Bahama Sheets and Pillowcases

If you are just looking to upgrade your sheets, shams, and pillowcases, we listed a ton of Tommy Bahama sheet sets below. There are twin, double, full, queen, and king Tommy Bahama sheets and shams below that also feature matching pillowcases as well.





Tommy Bahama Throw Pillows

We listed some of our favorite Tommy Bahama throw pillows below with a variety of themes. Since we are Beachfront Decor, we had to put more of a focus on nautical and beach themed throw pillows.




Related Bedding Articles

If you went through all of the Tommy Bahama bedding sets above and still can’t find something for your beach bedroom, we have a couple more articles to look at below. Both of the beach bedding sets and nautical bedding sets links below will open in a new window. If you want to look at some of our absolute favorite coastal bedding sets you can find, you will find them in those articles.


How to Choose Tommy Bahama Bedding

We will go through some strategies below for choosing Tommy Bahama bedding for the bedrooms in your home. You obviously need to know the bedding size you need from twin, double, full, queen, and king options. In addition to that, you need to consider everything else.

Decorating Your Bedroom

Your bedding design you choose really comes down to your overall tastes and preferences. We will go through more ideas below but when it comes to bedroom decor, you need the right furniture, lamps, accents, area rugs, and wall decor. Keep in mind different interior design ideas like color and flooring as well, which can make a huge difference. You want to make sure everything matches and flows when you are decorating your bedroom. One tip is to research different bedroom designs and close your eyes and put something together in your mind.

Bedding Design

One of the major decisions you need to make is the bedding design you choose. Are you looking for something with minimalistic, neutral colors like white, beige, grey, and light yellow? Are you looking for bold patterns and prints with colors like maroon, blue, and green? Your bedding design is a huge factor and it can be daunting because you have so many options to choose from.

Bedding Pieces

You need plenty of pieces and accessories to make up your bedding set. You have everything to choose from like a comforter, sheets, shams, throw pillows, throw blankets, bed skirts, and more. I have seen Tommy Bahama bedding sets that have 3 pieces all the way up to 9 or 10 pieces. I always prefer to find bedding collections and sets with a lot of pieces so everything matches.

Bedding Price

You might be able to find Tommy Bahama quilts for under $100 but for the most part, Tommy Bahama bedding sets for sale are priced above $200. The prices for a new luxurious bedding set is usually around $300 and you will find that most sets above are around that price. Although it might seem like a steep price now, it is a product you use every single day when you are sleeping.

About Tommy Bahama Bedding

Tommy Bahama has many different bedding collections that come in a variety of sizes, styles, and bedding types. The bedding is designed using the finest and softest material and thread for maximum comfort. You can find Tommy Bahama comforters, blankets, throw pillows, mattress pads, feather bedding sets, daybed bedding, sheets, duvet covers, and mattress pads.

In Summary

We have a huge variety of bedding sets listed above that you will love. The Tommy Bahama bedding sets are perfect and wonderful for your home. You can quickly improve your modern, contemporary, or beach themed bedroom. Get yourself a new Tommy Bahama comforter, quilt, or duvet cover set today, you won’t regret your purchase!

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Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets

boho bedding

When you are looking for boho bedding sets for your home, it can be extremely difficult to find the right set. There are so many varieties of colors, sizes, styles, and themes. In addition, you need to search between comforters, duvet covers, and quilts along with throw pillows, shams, and sheets. So where do you go to find the right bohemian bedding set? What local store carries so many varieties that you will certainly find what you need?

Luckily, we here at Beachfront Decor have put together a huge list of boho chic bedding, bohemian comforters, and more. When your bedroom needs an upgrade, you want to spend your money on a dream bedding set. We searched all over the place to find our absolute favorite duvet covers, comforter sets, quilts, and more. If you love bohemian themes in your bedroom, you will absolutely love the ideas below.

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  2. Boho Comforters
  3. Boho Duvet Covers
  4. Boho Quilts
  5. Boho Chic Bedding

Boho Bedding

We have listed some of our absolute favorite boho bedding below. Whether you love colorful, bright styles or more neutral patterns and colors, we have you covered. We have also added varieties with different sizes and prices. We give you different options so you can find the perfect option. Bohemian bedding sets are one of the most popular varieties and you are sure to find some wonderful options for sale.

Boho Bedding Sets





Boho Comforters

Boho comforter sets are very popular and they usually have the highest variety of styles. Boho chic comforters are really unique and they can add unique character to any bedroom.







Boho Duvet Covers

Bohemian duvet covers are generally less expensive than comforters or quilts. We listed some of our favorite boho duvet covers below and boho chic duvet covers with a huge variety of colors and themes.




Boho Quilts

We love bohemian quilt sets and bohemian quilt bedding. You can find some unique boho patterns and bohemian patchwork quilts below that will work perfect in a bedroom. Whether you want new bedding for a child’s bedroom, your bedroom, a dorm room, or a guest bedroom, the options below are beautiful.



Boho Chic Bedding Sets

We listed some of our favorite bohemian chic bedding sets that you will love. They usually feature more neutral colors and boho chic themed on the comforters, quilts, and duvet covers.



Bohemian Style Bedding Inspiration

In case you haven’t found what you are looking for you, we included more boho style bedding ideas below. All of the designs are pulled from Houzz and we gave each designer, architect, and photographer credit for their work. You can also find more boho bedding sets for sale at Houzz under each image.

Southwestern Bedroom

Southwestern-Bedroom-by-Chandler-Prewitt-Interior-Design Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Southwestern Bedroom by Chandler Prewitt Interior Design

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Notting Hill House

Notting-Hill-House-by-Studio-Morton Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Notting Hill House by Studio Morton

Find Similar Bedding Sets For Sale


Boho Chic Bedroom

Boho-Chic-Bedroom-by-Swank-Design Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Boho Chic Bedroom by Swank Design

Find Similar Bedding Sets For Sale


Shabby Boho Chic Style Bedroom

Shabby-Boho-Chic-Style-Bedroom Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Shabby Boho Chic Style Bedroom

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Boho Bedroom

Boho-Bedroom-by-Lisa-Borgnes-Giramonti Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Boho Bedroom by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

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My Houzz Ellie Sawits

My-Houzz-Ellie-Sawits-by-Rikki-Snyder Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
My Houzz Ellie Sawits by Rikki Snyder

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New Boho Beach

New-Boho-Beach-by-Bowerhouse Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
New Boho Beach by Bowerhouse

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My Houzz Layers of Patina and an Artists Touch

My-Houzz-Layers-of-Patina-and-an-Artists-Touch-by-Rikki-Snyder Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
My Houzz Layers of Patina and an Artists Touch by Rikki Snyder

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Loft in Brooklyn Sweater Factory

Loft-in-Brooklyn-Sweater-Factory-by-Ondine-Karady-Design Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Loft in Brooklyn Sweater Factory by Ondine Karady Design

Find Similar Bedding Sets For Sale


In Summary

Finding the right boho bedding set can be difficult because there are so many options, colors, styles, and sizes. Whether you live in Miami Beach or Laguna Beach, you want bedding that flows with the outdoors. Boho bedding and bohemian bedding themes can be popular because they are bright and beautiful with patterns. Our goal with this article was to help find you the perfect boho quilt, comforter, or duvet cover. Sleep is so important and we want to help every step of the way.

Please feel free to reach out if you can’t find what you’re looking for. We have looked through tens of thousands of bedding sets so we can help!

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Pineapple Bedding Sets and Duvet Covers

pineapple bedding

One of the fruits that is synonymous with the tropical beach is a pineapple. It not only has an awesome look but it also features green and yellow colors. Many companies are using pineapples for clothing, decor, and more. But where do you go when you are looking for a pineapple bedding set?

We decided to put together a list of pineapple bedding including comforters, quilts, duvet covers, sheets, shams, pillow cases, throw pillows, and more. You can find pineapple bedding sets in all sizes like twin, double, full, queen, and king. The featured colors are usually different shades of yellow and green but you will find all sorts of neutral and bright tropical options below.

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  3. Pineapple Quilts
  4. Pineapple Crib Bedding
  5. Pineapple Sheets
  6. Pineapple Bedding Set Inspiration
  7. Related Bedding Articles
  8. How to Choose Pineapple Bedding

Pineapple Bedding

We listed some of our absolute favorite pineapple bedding sets below. We have separated them so you can find the style you are seeking. We have everything listed below including pineapple comforters, quilts, duvet covers, and more. If you love tropical bedding sets, the options below are absolutely perfect. You will never need to seek out another buying guide with pineapple bed sets besides this one.

Pineapple Comforter Sets

We start below with different pineapple comforter sets you can find. Surprisingly, pineapple themes are much more popular when it comes to duvet covers and quilts, which we listed below. The three sets at the bottom have are caribbean Jack pineapple embossed comforter sets you will love.




Pineapple Duvet Cover Sets

We have many more pineapple duvet cover sets listed below that are absolutely wonderful. These are some of the highest rated and best priced duvet covers. You will find pineapple duvet covers for sale that are priced between $35-$130. There are different styles and colors but for the most part you will see white, yellow, and green.






Pineapple Quilts

Pineapple quilts are awesome and they can be great for tropical bedding. If you love this delicious fruit and the way it looks, you will love it on quilts.



Pineapple Crib Bedding

If you love pineapples and you want to incorporate them in your nursery, we have a some crib sheets and baby blankets below. There are different options that are comfortable and perfect for a babies room.



Pineapple Sheets

We listed plenty of pineapple bed sheets below for all different sized beds. You can mix and match the pineapple sheets below with larger quilts or just add them to your current bed.



Pineapple Bedding Set Inspiration

We love to give you the inspiration you need to transform your beach bedroom. You might have a tropical seascape near Hawaii where you dwell. Otherwise, you might have a small bungalow near the east coast. Regardless of what you have, we want to give you pineapple bedding ideas and design ideas to steal. It doesn’t matter whether you want a pineapple duvet cover or a simple throw pillow, the designs below will be helpful for you.


Related Bedding Articles

If you went through all of the pineapple bedding sets above and still can’t find something for your beach bedroom, we have a couple more articles to look at below. Both of the beach bedding sets and nautical bedding sets links below will open in a new window. If you want to look at some of our absolute favorite coastal bedding sets you can find, you will find them in those articles. You might not find a lot of pineapple bed sets through the following URLs, but there are plenty of beautiful products for sale.


How to Choose Pineapple Bedding

We have listed a bunch of our tips for choosing pineapple bedding sets below. We go through things like bedding sizes, colors, brands, prices, thread counts, and more. After all of the pineapple bed sets we displayed above, bedroom inspiration, and even more bedroom product guides, we still have some more things for you to keep in mind.

Bedding Color

For the most part, you will find pineapple comforters, duvet covers, and quilts that are colored yellow, white, and green. However, there are also darker options that feature black, grey, and dark green. Two other options you will see are popular include pink or gold pineapple bedding.

Bedding Style

We have pineapple comforter sets, duvet covers, quilts, shams, throw pillows, and more that feature pineapple themes. We even have pineapple sheets for your bed. When it comes to finding your heavy top sheet, It depends on what your personal preference is, some people love comfortable, light quilts while others love heavier comforters.

Bedding Sizes

You will find pineapple bedding sets above in all sizes like twin, double, full, queen, and king. Some of them will come in all of the different sizes while others might only come in twin or queen. Pineapple bedspreads come in all possible bedding sizes so you don’t have to worry about being limited whatsoever.

In Summary

We hope you are able to find the pineapple bedding set you are looking for. There are obviously plenty of options above so you will need to find the color, style, and size you are looking for within your price range. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help. We love tropical themed bedrooms and we imagine you do too!

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Seashell Bedding and Comforter Sets

seashell bedding

You might be looking for seashell bedding sets for your beach home bedrooms. But where do you go to find exactly what you are looking for? There is a huge variety of shells, colors, sizes, styles, themes, and more. You might be looking for seashell comforters or seashell quilts with a specific look to fit your home. In addition, you want throw pillows, shams, and sheets to match. Instead of trying to search your local store, do some shopping below.

We put together a huge list of the best seashell bedding, comforters, quilts, duvet covers, and more. When your beach themed bedroom needs a quick upgrade, you can find a wonderful bedding set. We searched the internet and our own store for some beautiful seashell bedding sets you are sure to love. You can sort by style and also look for some inspiration and ideas as well below.

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  1. Seashell Bedding Sets
  2. Seashell Comforters
  3. Seashell Duvet Covers
  4. Seashell Quilts
  5. Seashell Bedding in a Bag
  6. Related Bedding Articles
  7. Seashell Bedding Inspiration
  8. How to Choose Seashell Bedding Sets

Seashell Bedding

We have listed some of our absolute favorite seashell bedding below. Whether you love colorful, bright styles or more neutral patterns and colors, we have you covered. We have also added varieties with different sizes and prices. We give you different options so you can find the perfect option.

Seashell Bedding Sets


We listed six of our absolute favorite sets that feature shell prints. Some of them are quilts, others are comforters, and you will find duvet covers as well. You might see these repeated below but these are absolute favorite options.



Seashell Comforters

Below we have listed our favorite seashell comforter sets. They are all great options from reputable brands so you can complete your bedroom.






Seashell Duvet Covers

One of the benefits of seashell themed duvet covers is they are usually slightly less expensive and there is a huge variety. You will also find different colors featured like like blue, navy, orange, pink, green, white and brown. We listed all of our favorite coverlets and duvet covers below.





Seashell Quilts

Below are all of our favorite seashell quilts that you can add to your bedroom. Some of the shells featured include starfish, sand dollars, oyster shells, clam shells, conch shells, spiral shells, coral, and more. Quilts are extremely popular for beach homes because they are light and they can feature seashell prints.






Seashell Bedding in a Bag

Below are some of the options above but they are seashell bed in a bag comforters and quilts. Getting a beach bed in a bag is popular because they are easily to transport and you can get everything like sheets, shams, pillow cases, and more.


Related Bedding Articles

If you went through all of the seashell bedding sets above and still can’t find something for your beach bedroom, we have a couple more articles to look at below. Both of the beach bedding sets and nautical bedding sets links below will open in a new window. If you want to look at some of our absolute favorite coastal bedding sets you can find, you will find them in those articles.


Seashell Bedding Inspiration

We started by listing some seashell bedding sets and coastal bedroom designs for your inspiration. We love seashell prints and designs on comforters, duvet covers, and quilts. You can find ideas for your own bedroom.

Choosing a Seashell Bedding Set

There are so many things to consider when you are shopping for new bedding. From size to style to color, there are thousands of options from hundreds of brands at all sorts of price ranges.

The first thing you need to decide on is what type of seashell bedding set you are looking for. Do you want a comforter, quilt, or duvet cover set? What is your price range? What size is your bed?

Seashell Bedding Sizes

You can choose everything from twin seashell bedding sets up to king sizes. All of the options you have include twin, double, full, queen, king, and California king bedding sets.

Bedding Type

You might have come to this article looking for a seashell quilt as your coastal bedding. Otherwise, you might be interested in different types of seashell bedspreads. Luckily for you, we have all sorts of seashell comforters, quilts, duvet covers, sheets, and bedding in a bag.

Bedding Color

The most popular color scheme you find with shell bedding is blue and white. You will also find bolder colors like green, yellow, and pink. No matter what color bedding set you are looking for, you should have an option above that fits your bedroom. There are plenty of nautical neutral colored sets along with more tropical options.

Bedding Design

There are several different types of seashell bedding sets in terms of print and design. You can find seashell print bedding sets with different seashells including scotch bonnet, baby’s ear, starfish, sand dollar, clam, oyster, auger, cone, conch, olive, and scallop shells.

In Summary

When you are decorating your beach themed bedroom, you will love all of these bedding options above. Seashells are synonymous with the beach and the sand so you definitely want bedding sets that feature them. You can find all sorts of colors like blue seashell bedding and more above to match your color scheme.

I always recommend splurging on a new bedding set because you spend so much time sleeping. You definitely want something comfortable for sleeping and beautiful for appearance. If you have any questions or are looking for anything, please feel free to contact us for help. Thanks for visiting us today and hopefully you can find your new seashell bedspread, comforter, quilt, or duvet cover!

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Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding

When you are decorating a nursery, you need to remember and consider a lot of details. What theme are you going to choose? What color scheme do you prefer to use? What crib bedding set will be not only functional but also beautiful? One option is to select nautical crib bedding sets. There are tons of options for boy and girl nautical crib bedding.

We put together a list of our favorite nautical and beach crib bedding sets below. Your baby boy or baby girl can be comfortable in their nautical nursery bedroom. Whether you are looking for pink for a girl or blue for a boy, the options below are absolutely perfect. You can also sort by gender below to make things a little easier.

Sort By Style

  • Girls Nautical Crib Bedding
  • Boys Nautical Crib Bedding


Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding

You will absolutely love the options we have listed below. Find crib bedding sets that feature pirates, anchors, lighthouses, compasses, sailboats, and more. In addition, you will see beach theme crib bedding that include seashells, starfish, mermaids, surfboards, pirates, and more.

Girls Nautical Crib Bedding


Nautical Nursery and Cribs

We have listed 10 different beach and nautical nursery designs for your inspiration. When you are looking for beach and nautical crib bedding set ideas, you will be sure to find what you need below. In addition, you can complement the bedding with wall decor, furniture, toys, changing tables, and more.

tudor-with-southern-flair-nautical-nursery Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Alexander Home Elements LLC


laurel-mews-in-los-gatos-nautical-crib-bedding Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Crown Crafts Infant Products, Inc.


new-park-terrace-nautical-nursery Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Crown Crafts Infant Products, Inc.


girls-beach-nursery Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Caden Lane


nautical-nursery Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Oakwrights


seaside-location-with-harbour-view-nautical-crib-bedding Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: AMW Design LLC


lukes-navy-nautical-nursery Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Sarah Greenman


nautical-nursery-anchors-whales-life-preserver Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Tracy Lynn Studio


sailboats-and-porthole-mirror-nautical-nursery Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Robson Homes


nautical-theme-nursery-baby-room Beach and Nautical Crib Bedding
Design By: Steffanie Danby Interiors


Choosing Crib Bedding Sets

When it comes to choosing nautical crib bedding sets, there are a ton of options and things to consider. You want to keep all of these things in mind for your baby’s nursery.


Depending on the gender of your baby, that might help you guide your purchase decision. You generally find blue crib bedding sets for baby boys and pink for baby girls. There are all sorts of colors for boys and girls and even plenty of gender neutral crib sets.

Crib Bedding Theme

The themes above include nautical, coastal, ocean, tropical, and beach crib bedding sets. Some of the most popular crib bedding themes include nature, floral, animals, alphabet, sports, and transportation. We love seashell, anchor, beach, starfish, and more on crib bedding.

Pieces Included

Some of the most popular pieces for a crib bedding set include sheets, pillows, bumpers, dust ruffles, crib skirts, blankets, quilts, comforters, duvet covers, diaper stackers, toy bags, and more. There are 9 piece crib bedding sets that include everything you would ever need for your nursery. You don’t have to worry about getting things that don’t match, we have nautical themes that all flow together.

Bedding Color

We have bedding colors that include red, blue, white, light blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, and more. Depending on the style of the bedding set, you will find matching colors. The one thing you will find is that colors tend to be a little more neutral for nursery sets.


We love all sorts of brands for crib bedding sets and some of the most popular include Sweet JoJo Designs, The Peanut Shell, Lambs & Ivy, Cotton Tale, Patch Magic, Glenna Jean, Bedtime Originals, and more. If you can’t find the brand you are looking for please contact us.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find the exact nautical or beach crib bedding set you can find. We have so many options so you are sure to find something. Whether you want tropical themes like palm trees, nautical themes like anchors, or beach themes like seashells, we have you covered above.

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Elise and James Bedding Sets

elise and james bedding

When you are searching for new bedding sets for your beach home, it can be difficult to make a decision. There is a huge variety when it comes to color, size, style, material, and price. But where do you go when you have to dig through thousands of options to find a bedding set? One great option includes Elise and James Bedding sets, which come in a variety of beach themes.

You will find a ton of Elise and James quilt sets below that are perfect for a beach home. We have different sizes listed below including twin, full, queen, and king.

Elise and James Bedding

You will find all of our favorite Elise and James Bedding sets below. They are absolutely perfect for a beach home and you will love your purchase. You can quickly upgrade any coastal home with one of the quilt sets below.

Price: The prices for the bedding sets below are generally around $70, with a range of about $50-$130 depending on the quilt set you choose and the size.


Beach Bedding Sets and Ideas

You will find some inspiration below with 101 beach bedroom ideas. Whether you have a coastal home in Massachusetts or California, you will find inspiration in these designs. In addition, you will see our ultimate guide to beach themed bedding sets and duvet covers. In case you can’t find an Elise and James bedding set you love, there are even more options to choose from.


In Summary

When you are looking for beach quilts, consider Elise and James bedding. All of the sets above will fit great whether you have a bright, tropical-inspired home or a more neutral cottage beach home.

If you are looking more for a nautical comforter, quilt, or duvet cover set, you can browse our nautical bedding sets article. Please contact us if you need something specific or personalized. Thank you for visiting Beachfront Decor!

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How to Choose Wicker Furniture

outdoor beach wicker furniture

Featured Image: South Beach Penthouse Design By Jalan Jalan Collection

Outdoor wicker furniture is both classic and elegant, and it’s perfect for adding personality to your space. That’s why it can be so difficult to choose wicker furniture. You can have it stained or painted to match your favorite colors or even tailored to suit your unique home decor. Best of all, the material that is used to make wicker is weather resistant – it does not fade in the sun or brittle and crack in the cold. The best part is the overall maintenance of Wicker Furniture is easy. In my opinion, nothing beats wicker when it comes to creating an ample and family-friendly outdoor environment. But it is still important to do your research before finally choosing your design and the right brand.

Consider Your Outdoor Patio Space

One of my tips is to measure your patio space before you ever buy Wicker Furniture. If you have an idea of how much space you have for the actual furniture pieces, it becomes easier to do your research and buy.

Not all styles can work for your garden because different outdoor wicker furniture is designed to suit different needs. For instance, if you have a modern garden that gives you plenty of space to socialize, then a 3 seater set would be a good choice or a large wicker sectional. On the other hand if your garden is more of an area where you enjoy your Sunday lunch or BBQ then think of getting a wicker outdoor dining set which is perfect for eating and spending time outdoors with others. If your garden is compact – perhaps where you spend a few minutes catching some rays – then a few wicker sun loungers would be a good bet.

If you have a smaller outside space, look for a compact wicker furniture set of just several chairs with cushions and a smaller accent table rather than a large sectional or dining set.

Find the Right Color

You want to choose a color scheme that blends perfectly with the surroundings. For instance if your garden is modern with pastel colors then light colored outdoor wicker furniture can be a great addition. Remember, the accent colors can always be achieved with some decorative pillows which you can use to add a bit of color to the place (especially when you have guests). Alternatively, if you are fairly traditional and your garden is full of greenery then a solid dark green set of furniture can be a great addition.

outdoor-patio-wicker-furniture How to Choose Wicker Furniture
1512 Dolphin Terrace Design By Spinnaker Development

Some Color Tips

*White colored wicker furniture will give your outdoor area an iconic look with some old-fashioned touch
*Darker colored furniture is a good choice if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain, and it tends to be more modern
*Reddish-brown furniture gives the backyard a laid-back feel
*Green color adds a traditional or contemporary feel to your outdoor

Remember Durability

If your outdoor furniture is going to have to stand up to tough outdoor conditions then you have to go for a variety that is well built. Normally, natural rattan furniture tends to be quite attractive to the eye but it’s less durable. So if you live in an area where rain and snow are common occurrences, you will want to look at vinyl- or resin-made furniture. Resin furniture is known for being resistant to fading and besides that it does not crack even when exposed to extreme cold or heat. It is also a wise idea to go for furniture sets that have aluminum frames – these are a safer bet than the natural wicker pieces which tend to get damaged or grow brittle over time.

Pick a Theme

Furniture is more than just furniture – it is a tool of communication. It communicates our beliefs, passion and way of life. Outdoor wicker furniture is no exception to this rule and you can use it to transform your outdoor into a reflection of your own feelings. For example, if you are one of those people who value simplicity then you can group up a few armchairs and loveseats. On the other hand, if you are always yearning for a touch of sophistication, then you can mix the colors a little bit and bring a few more creative designs and shapes. If you are looking to achieve a modern look, then you can think of going for outdoor furniture sets with angular, boxy shapes. Alternatively, if you are a bit old school and you want to bring that antique feeling right to your door steps then you can choose chairs, side tables and even rocking chairs with smooth rounded edges.

In Conclusion

Generally, outdoor wicker furniture is loved by many because of its weight, durability and classic design. In order to find a combination or selection that suits your unique needs, it is imperative to pay attention to the tiny little details that matter. Use the tips shared above to make an informed choice.

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Best Coastal and Beach Bed In A Bag Options

beach bed in a bag

There are plenty of reasons for you to want a beach bed in a bag. You might have a Summer Vacation home and you use the bedding in your vacation home during the Summer, but store it in your permanent home during the winter. You might live in a beach home with a limited amount of storage and be looking to upgrade your current bedding sets. I know how much space bedding and comforters can take up, so I decided to put together this guide to nautical, coastal, and beach beds in a bag. I included different themes as well like Starfish, Palm Trees, Tropical, Anchors, Nautical, Seashells, Sand Dollars, Coral, and more. In addition, there are a variety of colors like white, blue, green, light blue, pink, and yellow. Whether you’re trying to save space in your closet or bring bedding easier as you travel, these bags will be able to hold your comforter and sheets and save you space.

I hope this article is helpful for you. All of these bedding sets below come in a bag and you should easily be able to store them, ship them, or move them. Whether you’re looking for a twin, double, queen, or a king sized bedding and comforter set, you will find it below!


17 Beach Themed Bedding Sets in a Bag

1. Starfish Themed Bed in a Bag

Blue is the perfect color for the beach and this bedding set should go well in a lot of different beach homes. It also has starfish on the comforter, which is one of the most popular beach decorations.


2. White and Blue Stripes with Shells

This is a white themed comforter with blue stripes on the inside. It’s very beachy with the different seashells and starfish.


3. White and Coral

This comforter is white but it includes coral and sand dollars on it. It’s made up of sandy colors along with orange and light blue.


4. Paradise Blue Coastal Bed in a Bag

More of a nautical theme, this comforter contains blue and white stripes. It also comes with an anchor pillow cover, which along with the dark blues, makes it perfect for a nautical home.



5. Tropical Palm Tree Comforter Set

The first tropical bedding set in a bag is sand, green and brown colored. It has palm trees all over the comforter and the pillows and the secondary color looks like light brown sand, so it would go great in a tropical beach home.


6. Light Blue and Brown with Seashells

The next bedding set is white, light blue and brown and covered in a variety of seashells. This comforter has a theme that makes it feel like you are on the beach when you use it.


7. Luxurious Blue Nautical Bed in a Bag

The next comforter is a basic dark blue and white striped beach bed in a bag. You can fit this into a lot of beach themed or nautical themed homes and use it as your comforter.


8. Sailboats and Lighthouses

The 8th beach bedding set in a bag would go perfect in a kids room. It is completely white with some blue and red. It has sailboats, compasses, and lighthouses all over it.


9. Twin Size Shark Print Comforter

I love the colors on this comforter set! This is a white, turquoise and teal colored bedding set. It contains plenty of white in the background as well as a colorful shark theme you won’t find anywhere else.


10. Blue Watercolor Beach Bed in a Bag

One of my favorite bedding sets on this list is beach themed and has soft blue tones along with plenty of white. This comforter definitely has more of an ocean theme based on the pattern all over it, it resembles the beach and ocean.


11. Light Blue with Seashells

This comforter set all white with light blue seashells scattered throughout it. It would fit perfectly in any bedroom, including the master bedroom, guestroom, and the kids room.


12. Seashells with Pink Coral

If you’re looking for more of a pink themed beach comforter, this one is perfect. It has pink coral along with sandy and green toned shells. It would go perfect in almost any bedroom in the house.


13. Colorful Starfish and Seashells

This comforter contains a lot of different colors so it would go well in a room where it would fit one of the themes. There are different colored and styled seashells throughout, which makes the comforter set pop.


14. Soft Blue Seashell Bed in a Bag

Sometimes you might just be looking for a comforter with a solid color, and this one is extremely comfortable. There are a variety of colors if you look through the link.


15. Red, White, and Blue Nautical Bedding Set in a Bag

Our second tropical beach themed comforter on this list has plenty of blue and brown. There are a lot of different palm trees on the comforter and the pillows, so it would go perfect in a tropical climate.


16. Green Palms Tropical Bed in a Bag

This comforter set almost reminds me of a cobblestone road that leads up to the beach. I love the blue and brown colors for a beach home, and I can’t help but think it is covered with stones.


17. Blissful White Beach Bedding

Last but certainly not least, check out this beautiful white comforter set. White is a very popular color in beach and cottage homes because it helps make the room bright and shine the natural light in the room.



NEW – All Bedding Sets in a Bag

You might see some repeats below but this is the comprehensive list that includes all of our beach themed comforter sets that come in a bag. We wanted to give you an easy area to browse every option so you can see that below. Clicking on them will bring you to the product page on our website.


Choosing a Beach Bed in a Bag

To make your bedroom complete and offer you all the comfort you desire, choosing the right bedding set goes a long way. It makes all the difference between a comfortable night sleep and a restless night waking with dark circles around your eyes. Here is a look at the things you need to consider when choosing a bedding set.

Bedding and Quilt Designs

When choosing the right coastal bed in a bag, the design is one of the most important aspects to consider. We follow the rule of choosing a style you love and selecting colors that work with your decor. If you aren’t 100% positive of the design you are choosing you might come to regret your purchase. Therefore, make sure you choose one that matches the overall theme of your beach home.

Quilt designs can vary compared to comforters and duvet covers. They usually feature more unique designs and you can find patchwork quilts that go great. One of the huge benefits for choosing a quilt is they aren’t as heavy compared to large comforters.

Bedding Color

Colors will not only showcase your personality but also will influence your mood in the bedroom. The right color for your bedding set is one that represents personality while having a soothing effect on you. Before choosing, consider the colors in your bedroom. You can then settle on a complimentary color or a contrasting one for best results. If you have a particular theme in your bedroom ensure that your new beddings adhere to it. Generally though, warm colors are the most suitable for bedding sets. These tend to cause a stimulating effect. These include red, orange, pink and yellow.

Bed size

The bed size will determine the size of the bedding set as well as the suitable design. The size and design of the bed will deter mine the suitable bedding set. For example, conventional sets will not be suitable for use on antique French beds whereas country style beds are best suited by bedding that has landscape or flower patterns.

Thread count

This will determine the price at which you can get the beddings as well as how soft they are. Those that have equal horizontal and vertical threads are cheap whereas satin beddings that have more vertical than horizontal weaves are soft to the touch and more expensive.


Different fibers have different traits that make them desirable. For instance, cotton is comfortable with a smooth feel and is easy to wash. However, these beddings are usually expensive. On the other hand, beddings made from polyester are wrinkle-resistant and relatively cheap. They however may not last as long as cotton ones will.

Accent and Throw Pillows

Complete bedding sets should not just be made up of the bed sheets; they should include pillowcases for pillows and throws and even a slipover. Alternatively you can opt for beddings sold alone and buy matching details later on.


Different finishes can be applied on beddings. You should be particularly careful with super fine finishes which are made with the use of chemicals. These chemicals can be irritating to the skin and are potential allergens. Instead of these, settle for chemical-free ones that are safe for use.

In Summary

You now have a variety of choices for your next beach bed in a bag purchase. There are different themes and sizes at all sorts of price points so hopefully you make a great decision and feel satisfied. Make sure you find a color you like because there are neutral sets and others with brighter colors. In addition, find the beach, coastal, tropical, or nautical style that best suits your beautiful home. Just remember Beachfront Decor the next time you’re unpacking your closet or packing your car – Thank you for reading!

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Best Nautical Anchor Decor

anchor decor

If you are looking for anchor decor, you have come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you want anchor wall decor or bathroom decoration, we have everything you need for your nautical home below. Nautical anchor decor is extremely popular so there are a lot of different products to go through.

We start by going through our anchor decorations starting with wall decor and then you will find bedroom, bathroom, and living room decor with anchor themes as well. If you want anchor art, lamps, wooden signs, and more, you will love this buying guide.

Anchor Decor

We start with tips and products to help you keep your walls covered with anchors. In addition, there is plenty of nautical anchor home decor products for your living room, bedroom, bathrooms, and outdoors below.


Anchor Wall Decor

You can find options like anchor metal wall art and anchor wood wall art to cover your walls. In addition, we have plenty of anchor art, wooden signs, and plaques to be used as wall decorations. Wood anchor decorations for your wall are so wonderful and there is a huge variety. You can find everything from wooden signs to wooden accents and more. There are plenty of wood anchors created solely for decorating a beach home.


More Anchor Wood and Wall Decor



Anchor Bathroom Decor

You might want an anchor shower curtain, soap dish, soap dispenser, hand towels, bath towels, wastebaskets, and full anchor bathroom accessory sets. If you want bathroom anchor decorations, all of the products for sale below can improve your interior design before you know it.


More Bathroom Anchor Decor



Anchor Bedroom Decor

We have listed a variety of anchor bedding, lamps, wall decorations, jewelry boxes, mirrors, and more that will upgrade your nautical bedroom. If you want to dress your bedroom decor with anchor themes, you won’t find better products than we have listed.


Outdoor Anchor Decor

We have everything for outdoor anchor decor including stakes, plaques, real anchors, wooden signs, wall hooks, and doormats.


Anchor Lighting

We have all sorts of anchor themed lighting, lamps, and chandeliers for your home. Whether you need an anchor chandelier, pendant light, wall sconce, or just a lamp shade, the products below will suit your needs.