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Beach Wall Sconces & Nautical Wall Sconces

beach wall sconces

When it comes to a beach home, you generally want tons of natural light indoors, open space, and beautiful coastal decor to make it feel like you never leave the sand. When you come home at night through the front door, you want nautical wall sconces at the entrance. And when you go outdoors at night to relax on your back patio, you need even more lighting. One of the best options is to choose beach or nautical wall sconces.

We have a variety of our nautical sconces listed below that will mount to the wall on your front porch, the side of your house, on your deck, or on your outdoor patio. They will hang anywhere on your home and you could even use them if you put large wood rods into the ground for decoration on your patio. Hopefully you find a beach themed wall mounted light or lantern that you love!

Nautical Wall Sconces

When it comes to nautical themed wall sconces, you will find plenty of rustic, industrial, and stainless steel sconces.


Beach Wall Sconces

Beach themed wall sconces usually feature seashells, capiz, and coastal themes. Many of them are lighter in color to give off brightness in a beach home.


What is a Wall Sconce?

A sconce is defined as a wall hanging bracket that holds a candle or another light source. The word sconce actually derives from a lantern that could hold a candle and protect it from wind. That’s one reason why they work so well near a coastal home, where there is usually a nice breeze. Beach wall sconces are usually connected to electrical power but you can use candles as well.

How to Choose Beach Wall Sconces

Below are all of the things you should keep in mind as you make your coastal wall sconce purchase. There are plenty of things to consider as far as size, height, weight, light source, style, theme, price, fixture type, shade style, lightbulbs, and more. There are so many lighting options for your beach home, and wall sconces are one of them.

Sconce Style

There are different types of wall sconces to choose from including beach, tropical, nautical, rustic, modern, contemporary, and more. Depending on the rest of your home and the overall style, your decision should be pretty easy. In an open airy tropical home, our palm tree themed wall sconces would be perfect. For an open-sea nautical house, our antique lanterns would be beautiful.

Sconce Size

What height and width would work perfectly for the space? Sometimes outdoors if you have a large space you might want to go with something larger that 15 inches wide and 20 inches tall. On your front porch, you might want something smaller that blends well with the front of your home and doesn’t stand out too much, closer to 10 inches wide and 15 inches tall.


How many lightbulbs do you need for your wall sconce? What kind of light source are you looking for? Incandescent, CFL, and LED are the most popular sources of light and wall sconces usually come in sets of one, however you can find wall mounts with 4 lights or even more.

Beach Wall Sconce Finish

You can find nautical wall sconce finishes featuring nickel, silver, brass, bronze, gold, chrome, white, black, and more. There are different colors and styles of finish whether you need something for a rustic beach home or something more modern and clean.

Sconce Shade

The shade ranges from glass to frosted glass to crystal to fabric. There are many different shade types that go over the wall sconce and protect the light. I prefer clear glass types because they are not only the most popular but I believe they look the nicest.

Lighting Type

There are different types when it comes to lighting in that some are battery powered, others have candles, and the most popular option is electricity. Obviously if you have no power available then you would use battery operated versions or candlelit options. If you have no clue how to install a wall sconce with electrical power, you should be able to find a company that can hook up the electrical for you and even hang it up.

Where To Put Your Sconce?

Sconces usually go in pairs regardless of the lighting type you are using. For electric wall sconces, you would place them on either side of the front door, a fireplace, or across from each other in a hallway. For candle sconces, you usually want to hang them similarly to a picture. You can put two next to each other about a foot apart or you can put one slightly higher than the other and about one foot to the side.

You usually want to put it at least 6 feet in the air but preferably higher depending on the space. A lower sconce will be at eye level for many people and usually you want them to be above you.

If you place a beach wall sconce in a hallway, make sure they don’t go out from the wall too far to avoid people walking into them or any other accidents.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly the nautical wall sconces you are looking for. These are beautiful beach wall sconces and we have a huge variety above for you to choose from for your beach home. They have that old weathered beach feel but they add a beautiful touch of decor.

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Lighthouse Lamps

lighthouse lamps

You have a lot of great options for lighthouse lamps for your nautical home. How cool is it that we can incorporate an old element of light at sea right within our home in a variety of options, a variety of styles, and a variety of colors? It’s absolutely incredible that we can add old nautical themes like lighthouses, ship wheels, anchors, and more to make us feel like we are on an old sailboat at sea.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together a complete list of our absolute favorite lighthouse lamps. Luckily for you there are so many options that you’re sure to find the lighthouse lamp that you were looking for. It will not be difficult at all to find one that will fit perfectly within your home wherever you want to put it. If you live in a home by the coast you know how important it is to bring elements of the outdoors right indoors. Whether it’s bright colors or coastal themes, we want the relaxing feeling that you feel on the open water or at the beach all year round.

Lighthouse Lamps




If you live in the Cape Cod area or northern east coast beaches you know that lighthouses are extremely popular, especially in places like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and more. So since light houses are all over the coast, it’s very easy to put a nautical theme like a lighthouse right within your home and match it perfectly so that everything is seamless and the decor works absolutely perfect.

Lighthouse Lamp Options

Below are some important options and considerations you should keep in mind as you are doing your research and making your next purchase.


One of the first things you want to look for when you’re buying a new lighthouse lamp is the overall quality of the lamp. If it is made with plastic bowl, a break can happen more easily. If it is made with durable materials, it might be a little more expensive but it will usually last longer.

When looking for a nautical lamp there are many brands and websites that you will find that sell them the key is to Book a customer reviews and look at the overall quality and craftsmanship of the products you’re purchasing to decide whether or not they will last long term and whether or not they will be beautiful enough to last with in your home.


We found the lighthouse lamps came and basically every color from white to black to red to brown to silver so it’s very easy to match with the rest of your color scheme. If you use bright colors in your home, there are certainly options for you as well as for people who use more neutral colors like white beige or soft tones of blue and green. If you use nautical colors in your home like navy, red, and white then you might be able to match a lighthouse lamp a little bit easier than you would for other colors.

Lamp Style

One of the most important things about the lighthouse lamp is the overall style because some of them include awesome features that you would only see up close at a lighthouse if you went there in person. Others are smooth and don’t contain the finer details that you might be looking for. For people who love lighthouses you will absolutely want every little detail to be shown on your lamp otherwise it might bother you when you look at it and realize that something is missing. I have climbed to the top of a lighthouse before and you might have done that too, and you know that there are a lot of little details as you go up all the steps inside of the lighthouse.

In Summary

In conclusion, I hope that you’re able to find the new lighthouse lamp that you’ve always been looking for. We hope that our options I have given you everything you need to upgrade your home with the lamp right away. We live on the coast to so we know how important it is to get that outside feeling indoors and to make it feel like we are always on the ship at sea and always hanging out in a boat a relaxing outdoors and soaking up the sun.

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Coastal And Beach Floor Lamps

beach floor lamps

Beach floor lamps are perfect in a beach home because you want to accentuate the coastal theme in your home. Natural light makes everything in the room look more beautiful, but when the sun goes down you need lamps and lighting for the nighttime. That’s why we decided to put together our complete list of beach floor lamps.

We curated beach themed floor lamps for sale that would go perfectly in any home near the ocean. We have a variety in terms of style, price, height, brightness, and more. Coastal floor lamps can basically be placed anywhere unlike table lamps where you need an actual surface for, so they are more versatile around your home. You can frame a desk with two floor lamps or put one in the corner. You can also find a lot different options where the top of the lamp will bend over your couch or room.


Our Beach Floor Lamps

Hopefully you are able to find something above that will light up your space and add a touch of coastal beauty as well. We all want a beach-inspired home and getting the right decor is the best first step you can take. If nothing above suits your needs, luckily we have our complete list below of tropical, nautical, beach, and coastal floor lamps that we have in stock.


How to Choose Beach Floor Lamps

In order to buy the best beach floor lamp for your coastal home, you need to know the best buying tips. We all of the things you should keep in mind as you look for beach floor lamps for sale.

Beach Style Lamps

You can find floor lamps that feature a rope theme and others that have a seashell shade. We have styles like driftwood, crabs, seashells, rope, mosaic tiles, lighthouses, and more. You want to find something that fits perfectly and helps make the room look better while also shining light.

Lamp Brightness

Some floor lamps offer dimming options while others can be extremely bright. Are you looking for a soft light for the nighttime so you can wind down? Or are you looking for a bright light because you like to read in your living room? Make sure you look at the type of light bulbs you purchase and how many light bulbs go into the lamp. I also prefer lamps where you can set that 1, 2, 3, or 4 lights are on at any time.

Lamp Height

Lamps mostly come in the same height but you need to make sure it fits in your living room and doesn’t stand out as being too tall. A shorter lamp might not work all that well either if the light shines too bright.

Lamp Price

Price ties back to overall design quality and the quality of material used to make a lamp. More expensive lamps are generally heavier and feature more craftsmanship and fine details while cheaper lamps may be lighter, only feature one light bulb and one setting.


The lamp you put in your living room might be different than the bedroom and home office. You might want something brighter in your home office and something softer in the living room where you go to relax. Keep in mind the room you are putting the lamp in and exactly what you are looking for.


Benefits of Beach Floor Lamps

Reduce Eye Strain

A floor lamp with the right shade can provide the right ambiance in your home and lighting so your eyes don’t hurt from the light bulb and so your eyes don’t strain from brightness. A beach floor lamp can be absolutely perfect for your eyes so you don’t have any long term effects.

Save Space

Floor lamps can be very compact and you don’t need a large end table to hold it. Putting a floor lamp in the corner of your living room for example can take up minimal space but also be bright enough to have light at night.

Beach Themed Lighting

Anytime you can incorporate more beach decor and coastal styles into your home I’d consider it a major benefit. We all want to feel like we never leave the beach and a complementary lamp can be a huge difference in the appearance and appeal of a room in your home.

In Summary

In conclusion, finding a new beach themed floor lamp can be a daunting challenge because there are so many options. In addition, price ranges from extremely affordable to luxurious and expensive. You might find the style you want and realize the color doesn’t match, so make sure you do as much research as possible as you make your decision. Lastly, user reviews can be very helpful because you can see real people who have already bought the lamp and experienced it.

Hopefully you are able to find the coastal, nautical, or beach themed floor lamp you are looking for, there are a lot of options so if you can’t find what you are looking for feel free to contact us!

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Beach Wedding Lanterns & Nautical Wedding Lanterns

beach wedding lanterns

Wedding Lanterns are extremely popular for beach wedding decor because they are a stylish and functional way to light up the room. They also come in a variety of colors, styles, and themes so you aren’t limited to just a white antique lantern or a brown modern lantern, you can get whatever you are looking for. From a rustic mini lantern to an aqua blue lantern, we have everything below.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together the best nautical wedding lanterns you can buy for your dream day. We have so many that you can choose from directly from our online store, including paper lanterns and light blue rustic lanterns.

Beach Wedding Lanterns


More Wedding Lanterns

There is a complete list of all of the lanterns we offer and our absolute favorites that can work as centerpieces or just decorations for your wedding day.



How to Choose Beach Wedding Lanterns

Lantern Function

Are you using the lanterns for centerpieces? Do you need small options that will be used as favors? Are they just going to be used as decorations around your wedding venue? Once you know what you are using the lanterns for, it becomes much easier to pick out the ones you want and match them with your overall decor and color scheme.

Lantern Color

To continue on color, you have options for lanterns like white, brown, black, grey, blue, and more. You can also custom paint them if you enjoy doing your own crafts. The other thing to remember with color is you might have a solid brown lantern or a rustic brown lantern, which will look differently.

Lantern Style

To continue on style, you will find round paper lanterns that are very light and easy to hang above people from a tent or a ceiling. There are also plastic, metal, and glass lanterns that come in rustic or modern styles, so you should be able to find something.

Price and Number of Lanterns

You will see that many lanterns are sold in sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, and more, so make sure you price out how much it will cost for you. If you need 20 lanterns for your centerpieces, the pricing can add up depending on how much each one costs.

In Summary

Hopefully this article helps guide your decision so you can find the best beach wedding lanterns for your dream day. You want your guests to have a great time and you definitely want to enjoy your own decor, so get exactly what you are looking for.

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Nautical Lanterns and Beach Lanterns

nautical lantern

A nautical decor theme has become one of the top styles people choose when decorating their homes. It’s not just for the vacation home anymore. In my opinion, one of the most overlooked decoration for this theme is the nautical lantern. Nautical lanterns tend to bring warmth to the room with an added touch of history, and a feeling of antique. We added our collection of beach lanterns and nautical themed lanterns that you can add to your beach home.

Most people go overboard with the beach look. Seashells, sand, coral and fish. I think if you are going to go for a welcoming, warm feeling in your home you should add a few nautical gems. This can include, a ship’s bell, knots, wooden ship’s wheels, or anchors. Again though, I’m going to go back to the nautical lanterns.


More Nautical Lanterns



How to Choose Nautical Lanterns

Most nautical lanterns are made of brass and years ago, they were oil based lamps. Today, you can get a replica that will use electricity to light up your room. Many people do not know that there are several types of lanterns to choose from. You can go with a port theme or starboard side lantern. Or you can choose to get an anchor lantern or cargo lantern. Each one has its own unique history are reasoning for their use. They become great conversation pieces due to the style and history of the lantern.

Where to Find Nautical Lanterns

The perfect nautical lantern for your home is not hard to find, even if you are living in a land locked area. Some of the best places to find these great antiques are online. You are sure to find old, original nautical lanterns there. If you are looking for replica’s or ones that have been converted to use electricity, than online is a great place too. There are several replica stores that handle these lanterns and you can order form them online. Last but not least, if you find yourself vacationing near the ocean, take a walk through the local antique shops. You are sure to find what you are looking for there.

How to Decorate With Lanterns

Rooms that are dark or dim can use these pieces to light the room at strategic points while retaining and enhancing a room’s natural beauty. Today, an antique lantern is used as an excellent decorative item that brings an old world feel to any room. One unique ability of this piece is that it can fit in with almost every type of setting. These pieces do very well in both more professional office spaces as well as informal home areas. The dual purpose of this item – as a decoration and as having a use in emergencies – make it a very well-rounded installment.

When People Use Lanterns

Most lanterns are either used when camping in the wilderness or when one wishes to have a more aesthetically unique home. Though the fuel for many lamps has been changed throughout history, the lanterns of today mostly use oil. The bright light of these lanterns throughout history helped sailors to see through a rough storm.

Other Uses for Nautical Lanterns

The light given off by an antique lantern is a very ambient light. This is due in part to the effect an oil-fed flame has versus regular electric bulbs. In emergencies, these items can serve as a first aid light source and asset to any home. Many gatherings of emergency support equipment and first aid kits come well equipped with small lamps that are powered either by batteries or oil. An antique lantern retains a wonderful sense of old world, well aged charm with their slightly older frames, age, and long history of use.

Gas Lanterns

Gas powered lanterns are the most common antique lantern that many enthusiasts posses and many of these are still in decent shape – some may even be able to be utilized using their appropriate fuels. An antique lantern does best when powered by gas in order to burn, as opposed to an oil lantern. Because of their slender shape, an antique lantern can fit with ease on any display surface or podium. Overall, these items are beautifully crafted works of art that have rich histories lighting the way for those in the dark. The shine of these lamps is like no other, but patches of wear give these items a very unique, vintage character as well.

In Summary

People tend to look at nautical lanterns as a symbol of living near the ocean and being at sea. The pieces are often seen in paintings pictures regarding sea life and the life of sailing on a ship. If you want to add to your nautical decor, adding a new beach lantern or a rustic nautical themed lantern can make a huge difference.

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Nautical Pendant Lights

nautical pendant lights

When you are fixing up your nautical beach home, there’s so much for you to consider, From the doormat to the area rugs to the bedding sets, you might forget about lighting fixtures. That’s why we put together this list of the best nautical pendant lights to add character and style to your kitchen or dining room.

Many people are using nautical pendant lights as an option for lighting because they are so versatile and come in a variety of beach, nautical, and tropical styles. This is because they are known to be a unique and stylish look to improve the homes interior design. They go a long way in providing a unique atmosphere as far as room lighting is concerned. Nautical pendant lights can give pools of light over the counter-top. That is perhaps the reason why they are suitable above a desk, or some other places including where you wash dishes or sit at a bar area.

Nautical Pendant Lights

We listed our favorite nautical pendant lights below so you can find the best options for your home. Some of the options include brass and silver nautical themed hanging light fixtures. In addition, there are others that feature hanging rope pendants with a light at the end.



More Nautical Pendant Lights

We listed even more of the nautical pendant lighting that we have in our store. They might be similar to the options above but you have more options including pricing and availability.



How to Choose Nautical Pendant Lights

While there is no doubt that there are benefits galore as far as these nautical pendent lights are concerned, you should know how to make the best out of it. For example the lighting arrangements would be different for different rooms. For example if you are looking to light up the bedroom, you must look for something that is dim in brightness and reflection. Further you also must look into a lighting system which is operated by a remote controlling device. You also could opt for a wall switch should you so desire. The colors of these must be complement the room in which they are being used.

If there is a specific activity going on, choosing suitable nautical pendant lights could be a great choice. It could help in highlighting the activity. They are known to give off a very soft light which is soothing to the eye and many people prefer it.

Nautical Pendant Lights For Kitchens

Kitchens are natural for pendant lights and hanging lighting fixtures. You can put them above a bar area where you have stools that overlook the kitchen. You can put one that goes over the sink and hangs down for additional light. You can put a set of 3 hanging pendant lights that goes over your kitchen table. There are different areas for hanging pendant lighting around your kitchen so you should be able to find something.

What are Pendant Lights?

Pendant lights are smart lighting accessories that are space-saving and visually appealing. You can hang them individually on a chain or a cord from the ceiling or place some together on a track that is suspended from the ceiling. You can use pendant lamps fitted on a track as task lighting above a table or a desk, or hang them together in differing sizes and colors for stylish accent lighting.

The most common type of pendant lamps is the industrial pendant, which has a bell-shaped shade and is available in glass, and metal. These pendant lights give focused light and provide a better option for task lighting. Pendant lights encased in blown glass shades can add a sense of spaciousness and brightness to a room. You can also choose pendant lighting that complements themed decor. Pendant lights encased in metallic cage coverings suit a vintage theme, whereas for a sea-side or beach theme, opt for pendant lamps that have tiers of seashells or capiz shells.

Personal Spaces

If you wish to make a statement using intelligent lighting systems, there is no doubt that choosing pendent lighting could be a great choice. They can certainly help to light up personal spaces. Therefore you could use them extensively in your work desks or even in fixtures and furniture. However, when you are using them for personal spaces it would be better to go in for fixed variants instead of hanging ones. You must also make use of the right color combination and ensure that the lights are placed in a vantage space. They should be conspicuous by their outward appearance. Concealing the light and ensuring that light emanates from it is perhaps the best thing about it.

Natural Nautical Home Lighting

You will some fantastic skylights flooding the entire room with beautiful light. Skylights certainly help to create a wonderful environment and feeling. Not every home can handle a skylight but if you have a large area connected to the roof, it’s worth it for the natural light flooding into your home.

You can also try to put in large windows that will get plenty of sun during the day. Instead of putting lighting and nautical pendant lights all over your home, try adding windows or skylights.

Use Nautical Pendant Lights Instead of Chandeliers

Finally, if you are looking to replace nautical chandeliers with something else, then you could choose suitable nautical pendent lights. For example, you could go in for linear hanging chandeliers and create a modern and contemporary feel. Hanging nautical lights are beautiful and there are so many options when it comes to ceiling light fixtures.

In Summary

The above are just a few of the many ways and means by which you can make use of pendent lighting systems. Choosing the right color, the right location and the right angle are important attributes to keep in mind when choosing these lighting systems.

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Nautical Chandeliers

ink architecture and interiors - sullivans island beach home - nautical chandelier

Nautical chandeliers are absolutely perfect for a beach home. There are so many nautical lighting ideas and styles you can choose for your home. Whether you are re-doing your house completely or changing the fixtures in the home, you can easily find a wide range of ideas and lighting accessories to make a choice from. If you think about changing the theme of your home, then consider a nautical home design. It is one one of the most popular options you can choose. There are so many different things you can do from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and more. We listed our favorite nautical chandeliers you can find sorted by price.

Nautical Chandeliers

Nautical chandeliers are an amazing way of adding touch, style and brightness. Many people enjoy having their beach houses or their seaside homes decorated in a marine theme. Nautical themed lighting fixtures like pendant lights and nautical chandeliers will add a special luxurious feeling to your design. It will make you feel like you are sailing on the open water in no time.


Our Nautical Chandeliers

We listed our nautical light fixtures for sale. You can find a lot of different nautical dining room chandeliers that will work perfect in your nautical home. It might be a silver nautical shop light theme or a nautical rope chandelier, but either way they are perfect.




Nautical Inspired Chandeliers


We listed some of our favorite nautical chandeliers including designs and ideas below. If you aren’t sure where to start while creating the interior design of your own home, these inspirations below can really help you. You will usually see nautical chandeliers in a dining room but they also work in living rooms and bedrooms as well.

jma-interior-design-bonefish-bay Nautical Chandeliers
JMA Interior Design – Bonefish Bay


the-rural-building-the-ferguson-retreat Nautical Chandeliers
The Rural Building Company – The Ferguson Retreat


atmosphere-kitchen-and-bath-columbus-avenue-dining-room Nautical Chandeliers
Atmosphere Kitchen and Bath – Columbus Avenue Dining Room


ink-architecture-and-interiors-sullivans-island-beach-home Nautical Chandeliers
Ink Architecture and Interiors – Sullivans Island Beach Home


willey-design-los-angeles-ca-residence Nautical Chandeliers
Willey Design – Los Angeles, CA Residence


Related Nautical Lighting Articles

If you went through all of the nautical chandeliers above and still can’t find something for your beach home, we have a couple more articles to look at below. All of the nautical lighting ideas and products below will be perfect for you. If you want to look at some of our absolute favorite nautical light fixtures you can find, you will find them in those articles.


Choosing Nautical Chandeliers

We give you ideas below for choosing nautical lighting chandeliers for your dining room or eating area. You could also put some of the nautical themed chandeliers in a bedroom if they are slightly smaller or if you have a large master bedroom. We can imagine how beautiful a rope chandelier would look with a view of the sea. In addition, Hampton Bay nautical chandeliers are extremely popular because of their beauty.

Nautical Lighting

You may even find small light options that are similar to the aquatic life in ocean in shape, such as the starfish shaped fixtures; this complements your nautical theme beautifully. You can add decor to compliment the nautical theme. For example, you can find a wall clock that easily gets along with the other accents and decor in the room.

Nautical home accessories and lighting ideas are an easy and great way of adding color to your home. Once you have done the painting of the home in one of the colors like navy, red, or white that are related to your nautical theme, you may then start planning on the lighting equipment and lighting fixtures needed for the home. Different types of nautical home lighting are available for sale so you have a lot of choice.

Nautical Lighting Chandeliers

For the outside of a home, a bulkhead light makes a very vintage-looking porch light, especially if you put one on each side of the entryway. These lights should be brass in finish and very chunky. Typically, the brass mounts to the wall and then curves down or sticks straight out so that the bulb hangs from the fixture. And in keeping with truly nautical chandeliers, the bulb should have a brass cage around it. That was to prevent the lights from being easily broken. While it’s not necessary for your porch, that cage definitely lets people know it’s a nautical light as the style is a recognizable one.

Nautical Entryway Lighting

In an entryway, a great type of fixture to have is a chandelier done in a distinctive style. One very quirky design is an anchor serving as the post and two arms of the chandelier with lights mounted on each point or hanging from them to continue the chandelier feel. The metal should be either shiny brass or weathered, greenish brass, to give it an authentic look.

Cleaning Light Fixtures

While you are considering new nautical lighting fixtures, it is important to check how easy it is to clean them, since you’ll need to clean them regularly to keep their look. Depending on the extent you wish to light the home, you can then pick the nautical chandeliers of your choice. If you go with chrome fixtures, you may need to wipe them frequently with a spray or polish to keep them always shining. While buying the nautical chandeliers, it is important to know whether they are resistant to a steamy atmosphere in the home, otherwise, they can get damaged if they are exposed to too much moisture. Many hanging nautical lighting fixtures may not be steam resistant, which may wear outdoors or close to your kitchen.

Nautical Decorations

Once you have finished installing your nautical chandelier, you can then add nautical accessories to complete that coastal theme. Some of the most popular nautical themes include anchors, ship wheels, lighthouses, compasses, seashells, and more. In addition, you want to make sure your colors flow and the decorations do not clash with each other. You can quickly add to your nautical decor with anchor wall plaques, wooden ship wheels, nautical lamps, and accents.

In Summary

In conclusion, when you use nautical chandeliers, it is the best way to improve your nautical home decor. Nautical homes are a great way to create a relaxing vibe and calm atmosphere. It’s not difficult to love your dining room with a huge beautiful nautical themed chandelier. You can quickly lighten and brighten your coastal home. Upgrading the interior of your house is a quick way to add positive chance and fixtures can really go a long way.

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101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas

indoor nautical lighting

Indoor nautical lighting is one of the quickest ways to improve your interior decor. If you move to a home near the sea or the coast, nautical design themes are extremely popular. There’s nothing like rustic nautical decor in a home that overlooks a beautiful body of water. Everything from your accents to your bathroom decor to bedroom decor, there are a ton of options related to lighthouses, anchors, compasses, ship wheels, ships, and more.

We decided to put together indoor nautical lighting designs for inspiration. Each of the designs are pulled from Houzz with the designers, photographers, or architects noted under the photo. You can click on the photos to see photos from the designs or more from that Houzz profile. We included rope lamps, nautical lighting, pendant lights, built-in lights, and more. If you are stuck and trying to decorate your home, this will definitely help give you new ideas. We absolutely love nautical homes so we couldn’t be happier that you are using those themes.

Related Nautical Lighting Product Guides

You can open some of our product guides below, otherwise you can keep scrolling for our 101 indoor nautical lighting designs!

All of the pictures and URLs below will open in a new window. They feature some of the best nautical lamps, hanging light fixtures, and more for your coastal home. You can open them and see some of our favorite products for sale.


Indoor Nautical Lighting

Check out some great ideas below for your nautical house. There aren’t a ton of lamps and indoor nautical lighting that are strictly nautical themed elements but different styles of lights can go great in a home by the sea.

1. New Construction

New-Construction-by-Gable-Building-Corp 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Oscar Ono Miami Beach Villa by Oscar Ono Paris


2. Lake Front Home

Lake-Front-Home-Lake-Sunapee-NH-by-Bonin-Architects-and-Associates 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Oscar Ono Miami Beach Villa by Oscar Ono Paris


3. Underwood Residence

Underwood-Residence-by-CM-Natural-Designs 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Oscar Ono Miami Beach Villa by Oscar Ono Paris


4. Concord Poolhouse

Concord-Poolhouse-by-Sean-Litchfield-Photography 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Oscar Ono Miami Beach Villa by Oscar Ono Paris


5. Miami Beach Villa

Oscar-Ono-Miami-Beach-Villa-by-Oscar-Ono-Paris 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Oscar Ono Miami Beach Villa by Oscar Ono Paris


6. Cliff Road Nantucket

Cliff-Road-Area-Nantucket-by-Jonathan-Raith-Inc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Cliff Road Area Nantucket by Jonathan Raith Inc


7. Beachfront Condo

Beachfront-Contemporary-Coastal-Condo-by-Joey-LaSalle-Interior-Designer 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Beachfront Contemporary Coastal Condo by Joey LaSalle Interior Designer


8. Tribeca Penthouse

Tribeca-Penthouse-by-Front-Studio-Architects 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Tribeca Penthouse by Front Studio Architects


9. Cape Cod

Cape-Cod-by-Norman-Design-Group-Inc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Cape Cod by Norman Design Group Inc


10. Parkslope Nautical Lights

Parkslope-Townhouse-by-Grant-Davis-Thompson-In 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Parkslope Townhouse by Grant Davis Thompson In


11. Stanford House

Stanford-House-and-Guesthouse-by-Michael-Hospelt-Photography 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Stanford House and Guesthouse by Michael Hospelt Photography


12. Cape Cod Summer Home

Cape-Cod-Summer-Home-by-Violandi-Warner-Interiors 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Cape Cod Summer Home by Violandi + Warner Interiors


13. Ocean Avenue

Ocean-Avenue-by-Graham-Architects 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Ocean Avenue by Graham Architects


14. Hickman Street

Hickman-Street-Residence-by-Echelon-Custom-Homes 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Hickman Street Residence by Echelon Custom Homes


15. Rustic Lighting

Rustic-Dining-Room 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Rustic Dining Room


16. Nautical Boys Room

Nautical-Boys-Room-by-The-Yellow-Cape-Cod 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Nautical Boys Room by The Yellow Cape Cod


17. Foreside Cottage

Foreside-Cottage-by-Wright-Ryan-Homes 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Foreside Cottage by Wright-Ryan Homes


18. South Surf Road

South-Surf-Road-by-Richard-Bubnowski-Design-LLC 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
South Surf Road by Richard Bubnowski Design LLC


19. Mesa Avenue Residence

Mesa-Avenue-Residence-by-Tamley-Architectural-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Mesa Avenue Residence by Tamley Architectural Design


20. Gettel Residence

Gettel-Residence-by-CM-Natural-Designs 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Gettel Residence by CM Natural Designs


21. Ladies Street

Ladies-Street-by-Starr-Sanford-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Ladies Street by Starr Sanford Design


22. Maple Lane

Maple-Lane-by-Colby-Construction 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Maple Lane by Colby Construction


23. Nautical Lighting

Lighting-by-American-Lighting-Association 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Lighting by American Lighting Association


24. Jupiter Beachfront

Jupiter-Beachfront-Entire-Home-by-Pineapples-Palms-Etc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Jupiter Beachfront-Entire Home by Pineapples Palms Etc


25. Bath 1

Bath-1-by-Rethink-Design-Studio 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Bath 1 by Rethink Design Studio


26. Seaside Escape

Seaside-Escape-by-DiMauro-Architects-Inc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Seaside Escape by DiMauro Architects Inc


27. Steps to the Beach

Kennebunk-Steps-To-The-Beach-by-Hurlbutt-Designs 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Kennebunk Steps To The Beach by Hurlbutt Designs


28. Lighting for Living Spaces

Lighting-for-Living-Spaces-by-Lighting-Living-Ottawa 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Lighting for Living Spaces by Lighting Living Ottawa


29. Beautiful By The Sea

Beautiful-By-The-Sea-by-Town-and-Country-Kitchen-and-Bath 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Beautiful By The Sea by Town and Country Kitchen and Bath


30. Lurline Bay

Lurline-Bay-by-Denai-Kulcsar-Interiors 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Lurline Bay by Denai Kulcsar Interiors


31. Beach Style Kids Desk

Beach-Style-Kids-Desk 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Beach Style Kids Desk


32. The Cottages

The-Cottages-at-Romar-C1-by-Erin-E-Kaiser-Kaiser-Real-Estate-Sales-Inc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
The Cottages at Romar-C1 by Erin E Kaiser – Kaiser Real Estate Sales Inc


33. Leawood, KS Colorful Kitchen

Leawood-KS-Colorful-Kitchen-by-Kitchen-Studio-Kansas-City 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Leawood KS Colorful Kitchen by Kitchen Studio Kansas City


34. Bedroom & Loft Remodel

Bedroom-Loft-Remodel-by-Reliance-Design-Build-Remodel 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Bedroom & Loft Remodel by Reliance Design Build Remodel


35. Coastal Living Magazine Showhouse

Coastal-Living-Magazine-Showhouse-by-Flagg-Coastal-Homes 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Coastal Living Magazine Showhouse by Flagg Coastal Homes


36. William T. Baker Houses 2

William-T-Baker-Houses-2-by-William-T-Baker 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
William T Baker Houses 2 by William T Baker


37. The Summer House

The-Summer-House-by-JS-Interiors-LLC 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
The Summer House by JS Interiors LLC


38. Truro Cape Cod

Truro-Cape-Cod-by-Siberian-Floors 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Truro Cape Cod by Siberian Floors


39. Nautical Cloakroom

Nautical-Cloakroom-by-BQ 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Nautical Cloakroom by B&Q


40. Jetties House

Jetties-House-by-Chip-Webster-Architecture 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Jetties House by Chip Webster Architecture


41. Transitional Glam Kitchen

Transitional-Glam-Kitchen-by-Normandy-Remodeling 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Transitional Glam Kitchen by Normandy Remodeling


42. Ocean House

Ocean-House-by-Interiors-by-Steven-G 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Ocean House by Interiors by Steven G


43. Family Residence

Family-Residence-by-Oliver-Burns 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Family Residence by Oliver Burns


44. Stuart

Stuart-by-Simonsen-Hickock-Interiors 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Stuart by Simonsen-Hickock Interiors>


45. William T. Baker Houses

William-T-Baker-Houses-by-William-T-Baker 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
William T Baker Houses by William T Baker


46. Designer Home in SF

Designer-Home-in-SF-by-Artistic-Designs-for-Living-Tineke-Triggs 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Designer Home in SF by Artistic Designs for Living Tineke Triggs


47. Okanagan Danchuk Residence

Okanagan-Danchuk-Residence-by-Sunterra-Custom-Homes 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Okanagan Danchuk Residence by Sunterra Custom Homes


48. Swan Fish Camp

Swan-Fish-Camp-by-Andrea-Swan-Swan-Architecture 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Swan Fish Camp by Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture


49. Serene Travel Themed Nursery

Serene-Travel-Themed-Nursery-by-Vanessa-Antonelli 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Serene Travel Themed Nursery by Vanessa Antonelli


50. Melbourne Beach Kitchen

Melbourne-Beach-Kitchen-by-Rob-Downey-Photography 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Melbourne Beach Kitchen by Rob Downey Photography


51. Traditional Kitchen

Traditional-Kitchen-by-Felhandler-Steeneken-Architects 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Traditional Kitchen by Felhandler – Steeneken Architects


52. Green on Great Island

Green-on-Great-Island-by-Caldwell-Johnson-Custom-Builders-Remodelers 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Green on Great Island by Caldwell & Johnson Custom Builders & Remodelers


53. Baltimore City

Baltimore-City-Townhouse-Refresh-by-Folding-Chair-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Baltimore City Townhouse Refresh by Folding Chair Design


54. Brunswick Sarasota, FL

Brunswick-Sarasota-FL-by-Greenfield-Cabinetry 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Brunswick Sarasota FL by Greenfield Cabinetry


55. Bunk Room

Bunk-Room-by-Wayne-Windham-Architect-PA 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Bunk Room by Wayne Windham Architect PA


56. Nautical Kitchen

Kitchen-by-Gallin-Beeler-Design-Studio 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Kitchen by Gallin Beeler Design Studio


57. Dublin 18 Ireland

Dublin-18-Ireland-by-Hausmann-Kitchens 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Dublin 18 Ireland by Hausmann Kitchens


58. Stella Tower NYC

Stella-Tower-NYC-by-Michael-Dawkins-Home 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Stella Tower NYC by Michael Dawkins Home


59. Magnolia Family Bathrooms Reimagined

Magnolia-Family-Bathrooms-Reimagined-by-Model-Remodel 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Magnolia Family Bathrooms Reimagined by Model Remodel


60. This Old House – Cambridge

This-Old-House-Cambridge-by-Elms-Interior-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
This Old House – Cambridge by Elms Interior Design


61. Southern, CT Beach Home

Southern-CT-Beach-Home-by-Allee-Architecture-Design-LLC 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Southern CT Beach Home by Allee Architecture + Design LLC


62. Gettel Residence 2

Gettel-Residence-2-by-CM-Natural-Designs 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Gettel Residence 2 by CM Natural Designs


63. Rhode Island Beach House

Rhode-Island-Beach-House-by-Patrick-Ahearn-Architect 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Rhode Island Beach House by Patrick Ahearn Architect


64. Watch Hill, RI

Watch-Hill-RI-by-Kate-Jackson-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Watch Hill RI by Kate Jackson Design


65. White Beach Kitchen

White-Beach-Kitchen-by-In-Detail-Interiors 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
White Beach Kitchen by In Detail Interiors


66. JacksonBuilt

JacksonBuilt-Custom-Homes 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
JacksonBuilt Custom Homes


67. Traditional Kids Bunk Room

Traditional-Kids-Bunk-Bed-Room 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Traditional Kids Bunk Bed Room


68. Teak Powder Room

Teak-Powder-Room-by-Martin-Bros-Contracting-Inc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Teak Powder Room by Martin Bros Contracting Inc


69. Santa Barbara Design House

Santa-Barbara-Design-House-and-Gardens-by-Showcase-Kitchens-and-Baths 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Santa Barbara Design House and Gardens by Showcase Kitchens and Baths


70. Nautical Childrens’ Bath

Childrens-Bath-by-Alisberg-Parker 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Childrens Bath by Alisberg Parker


71. Catalyst Architects, LLC

Design-by-Catalyst-Architects-LLC 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Design by Catalyst Architects LLC


72. Deja View

Deja-View-by-KingPost-Design-and-Construction 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Deja View by KingPost Design and Construction


73. Lets Eat Kitchen

Lets-Eat-Kitchens-by-iMatch-Designers 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Lets Eat Kitchens by iMatch Designers


74. Residential

Residential-by-CR-Contracting-Corp 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Residential by CR Contracting Corp


75. Nautical Kitchen Interior

Nautical-Kitchen-Interior-by-Armistead-Design-Drafting 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Nautical Kitchen Interior by Armistead Design & Drafting


76. Family Rooms

Family-Rooms-by-Viscusi-Elson-Interior-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Family Rooms by Viscusi Elson Interior Design


77. Dover Shores

Dover-Shores-by-Blackband-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Dover Shores by Blackband Design


78. The Rodney

The-Rodney-by-Echelon-Custom-Homes 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
The Rodney by Echelon Custom Homes


79. Oceanfront Estate

Ocean-Front-Estate-by-Kirby-Perkins 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Ocean Front Estate by Kirby Perkins


80. Scraggy Neck

Scraggy-Neck-by-Amy-Maguire 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Scraggy Neck by Amy Maguire


81. Adella Historic Residence

Adella-Historic-Residence-by-Christian-Rice-Architects-Inc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Adella Historic Residence by Christian Rice Architects Inc


82. Coastal Chic

Coastal-Chic-by-Kate-Jackson-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas


83. Nautical Charleston Kitchen

Our-Work-by-Eclectic 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Our Work by Eclectic


84. Lake Union Floating Home

Lake-Union-Floating-Home-2-by-G-Little-Construction 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Lake Union Floating Home 2 by G Little Construction


85. New Seabury Beach House Kitchen

New-Seabury-Beach-House-Kitchen-and-Baths-by-Main-Street-Kitchens-at-Botellos 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
New Seabury Beach House Kitchen and Baths by Main Street Kitchens at Botellos


86. Penn Valley

Penn-Valley-by-Shophouse 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Penn Valley by Shophouse


87. Nautical Bathroom

Nautical-Bathroom-by-Olga-Adler 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Nautical Bathroom by Olga Adler


88. Nautical Hallway Lighting

Nautical-Hallway-Lighting-by-DrakeFrye-Home 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Nautical Hallway Lighting by Drake+Frye Home


89. Soho Condo Toronto

Soho-Condo-Toronto-by-LUX-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Soho Condo Toronto by LUX Design


90. Katama Bay

Katama-Bay-by-Marthas-Vineyard-Interior-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Katama Bay by Marthas Vineyard Interior Design


91. 46 Forest Street

46-Forest-Street-by-Artisan-of-Seagrove 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
46 Forest Street by Artisan of Seagrove


92. Muskoka Boathouse

Muskoka-Boathouse-by-Collage-Designs 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Muskoka Boathouse by Collage Designs


93. Nautical Chic

Nautical-Chic-Bath-Hampton-Designer-Showcase-by-Melanie-Roy-Design 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Nautical Chic Bath Hampton Designer Showcase by Melanie Roy Design


94. Eclectic Bathroom

Eclectic-Bathroom-by-Godrich-Interiors 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Eclectic Bathroom by Godrich Interiors


95. Refined Beachfront

Refined-Beachfront-by-Mike-Schaap-Builders 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Refined Beachfront by Mike Schaap Builders


96. Nautical Kitchen

Kitchen-by-Brian-Watford-Interiors 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Kitchen by Brian Watford Interiors


97. Nautical Kids Bedroom Lighting

Nautical-Kids-Bedroom-by-Workman-Photography 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Nautical Kids Bedroom by Workman Photography


98. Newport Coast Staging

Newport-Coast-Staging-by-Interiors-by-Jordynn 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Newport Coast Staging by Interiors by Jordynn


99. Park Front Lake Home

Park-Front-Lake-Home-by-Cottage-Home-Inc 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Park Front Lake Home by Cottage Home Inc


100. Custom Home

Custom-Home-by-Stone-Creek-Builders 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Custom Home by Stone Creek Builders


101. Red Ledges

Red-Ledges-by-Timberidge-Custom-Homes 101 Indoor Nautical Style Lighting Ideas
Red Ledges by Timberidge Custom Homes


How to Choose Indoor Nautical Lighting

We give you some tips on choosing nautical lighting for the indoor spaces of your home. There is a lot to consider from lighting type to style to color to price. We try to break everything down so you can make the best decision for your nautical home decor.

Lighting Theme

Do you want to use an anchor in your design? A thick brown rope? A lighthouse? Well with nautical design themes, you have so many options like anchors, compasses, lighthouses, ship wheels, rope, ships, portholes, and more.


Nautical designs are usually navy blue, dark red, white, and dark rustic colors. However, you can find a variety of colors with lamps. The most popular colors are darker and rustic.


Do you need a new lamp or hanging pendant lights? Are you looking for something that is built-in to your ceiling or walls? You want to make sure you know what type of nautical lighting you want for your home. There are different ways to light up your home so look at all of your options.


Do you need lighting for your bathroom, bedroom, hallway, or living room? Understanding what is popular in each room is very helpful because you find that bathrooms have a lot of built-in nautical wall lights.

In Summary

Hopefully this article gives you the indoor nautical lighting ideas and inspiration you need. We all want to create a nautical escape after a long day at sea. The interior designs above should give you everything you need to create the escape. In addition, you can check out some of our other nautical themed lighting articles for your bathroom, living room, and more. Beachfront Decor wants to help you find the indoor nautical lighting of your dreams! Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Beach Themed Chandeliers

atmosphere kitchen and bath - columbus avenue dining room - nautical chandelier

When you are trying to find the best beach chandeliers for your home, it can be a difficult task. Luckily, we have put together our list that includes not only our favorite chandeliers but every single one we sell.

You need lighting in your home and especially your kitchen. One of the quickest ways to add character and brightness to your home is with the use of a coastal, beach, tropical, or nautical themed chandelier. You can use them over your dining room table, in your bedroom, or even as a huge centerpiece in a large window that everyone can see.

Below, you will find all of our favorite beach chandeliers and then if you keep scrolling we have some buying tips and interior design ideas that should help.

Beach Chandeliers


Choosing Beach Chandeliers

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate a beach theme into your home, one unique option is to purchase a beach chandelier! A beach chandelier is a statement piece that can be placed in foyers, dining areas, office spaces, or even in the kitchen. You can also fall asleep at night in your bedroom by looking up at a breathtaking light fixture that reminds you of the warm ocean breezes and your feet in the sand.

But what exactly should you be looking for when buying beach chandeliers? Our easy guide will take you the process of what types of chandeliers are available; placement ideas, how much they cost, and what you should be looking for depending on your style and your other home decor. Let’s jump in right away to your buying guide to beach chandeliers.

More Beach Themed Chandeliers



Types and Styles of Beach Chandeliers

Beach chandeliers are simply fascinating. They come in so many different styles and can be made out of an array of materials that will just stun everyone who walks into your home. If you’re looking for a simple design, you may want to buy a chandelier made out of seashells. The reason for this is that there are many types of shells, which means that you can choose between neutral colors or bold colors depending on your style. You can also pick from different shells like starfish, sand dollars, clam shells, scallop shells, and more.

Popular Beach Themed Chandeliers

Chandeliers made out of shells also come in an assortment of sizes, so if you want to start off with a small fixture it’s a great option. But what other types of beach styles are available?

  • Seahorse Chandeliers: Chandeliers made out of seahorse designs where the seahorses are holding up the lampshades.
  • Sea Glass Chandeliers: Fixtures made out of sea glass which are both breathtaking and come in an assortment of colors. Sea glass are typically pastel in colors and when combined with light, create a stunning piece.
  • Nautical Chandeliers: Rustic old nautical looks including rope, lanterns, and metal.
  • Driftwood Chandeliers: You can find beach light fixtures out of beach wood or driftwood. This option provides that worn and distressed look that is so popular.
  • Coral Chandeliers: Fixtures that are made out of coral – these chandeliers come in a wide variety of styles since coral varies in color, shape and size.
  • Fish Chandeliers: Light fixtures made of metal that include designs composed of fish, starfish, seashells, or other beach life.
  • Octopus Chandeliers: Octopus styled chandeliers where the arms look like octopus tentacles.

Placement Ideas for Chandeliers

Once you decide on the style that you like, deciding where to put it is also something to think about. Smaller beach chandeliers make great fixtures for bathrooms or over kitchen sinks. Medium sized chandeliers work well in bedrooms, hallways and over kitchen islands. If you’re really going for a statement piece, put your new large beach themed chandelier in the foyer, a large living room or over your dining table.

Price Range

Prices vary greatly depending on the size and material that your beach chandelier is made out of, but here’s a general guide to help give you a few price points:

  • Small chandeliers made of sea glass or seashells start around $100 and go up from there.
  • Small chandeliers made from coral start at a few hundred dollars and go up. Large coral chandeliers are oftentimes priced above $1,000.
  • Medium chandeliers run from around $300 all the way up to $1,000 or more.
  • Large chandeliers are going to be the most expensive regardless of the material that they are made from and typically start around $500 and can go up to several thousand dollars.

While beach chandeliers may seem expensive, many of them are sourced from natural materials that are unique and hard to find and source. If budget is a concern, you can buy some that are created from man made materials such as glass and metal. For example, a chandelier made from metal fish would be a cute way to dress up any room in your home.

Chandelier Design Tips

Integrating a beach chandelier into your home’s style and decor is very simple since there are so many style options to choose from. Pastels from sea glass will go with just about any other decor theme, while bright corals will give you a one of a kind look that your guests will talk about for months or years to come. Plus, with the distressed look being so popular in home decor, a fixture made from beach wood or driftwood will blend perfectly with the rest of your home’s distressed beach decor.


Beach Chandelier Design Inspirations

You might not be sure where to get started so having an inspiration is great. Not only can you understand the types of colors that work best with different styles, and you can see what will work best over your dining room table, in a bedroom, or as a huge centerpiece light. You will notice a lot of coastal and beach chandelier options are usually lighter in color because they can be easier to match with your interior decor.

coastal-themed-chandelier-5 Beach Themed Chandeliers
Palo Alto New Home Design by Creative Shot, Inc.

beach-coastal-chandelier-kitchen-4 Beach Themed Chandeliers
Newport Coast by Blackband Design

beach-dining-room-chandelier-3 Beach Themed Chandeliers
Peninsula Point by Blackband Design

beach-dining-room-chandelier-example-2 Beach Themed Chandeliers
Beach Design II by Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

beach-bedroom-chandelier-1 Beach Themed Chandeliers
Cozy Beach Retreat in Corona Del Mar by McKee & Company

In Summary

A beach chandelier can go in any home, even you don’t live close to the beach! Whether you want to make a bold statement or are looking for a neutral chandelier, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Use our buying guide above so you know what to look for in your search.

Bonus tip: Unless you live close to the beach or around beach themed speciality stores, your search for the perfect chandelier should start online so that you have the opportunity to choose from all of the different styles available.

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Anchor Lamps

anchor lamp

Anchors have been used forever to keep ships in the same position in the water. This useful marine device can be used in your home as decor. One of the best ways to use this wonderful nautical element in your home is to look at anchor lamps.

We love anchors here at Beachfront Decor because they are rustic, they can be used in a variety of ways, and they are a nautical decor element that is very popular. It’s easy to find different nautical accents so we decided to put together a complete list of our favorite anchor lamps so that you can improve your nautical home today.