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Beach Wedding Lanterns & Nautical Wedding Lanterns

beach wedding lanterns

Wedding Lanterns are extremely popular for beach wedding decor because they are a stylish and functional way to light up the room. They also come in a variety of colors, styles, and themes so you aren’t limited to just a white antique lantern or a brown modern lantern, you can get whatever you are looking for. From a rustic mini lantern to an aqua blue lantern, we have everything below.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together the best nautical wedding lanterns you can buy for your dream day. We have so many that you can choose from directly from our online store, including paper lanterns and light blue rustic lanterns.

Beach Wedding Lanterns


More Wedding Lanterns

There is a complete list of all of the lanterns we offer and our absolute favorites that can work as centerpieces or just decorations for your wedding day.



How to Choose Beach Wedding Lanterns

Lantern Function

Are you using the lanterns for centerpieces? Do you need small options that will be used as favors? Are they just going to be used as decorations around your wedding venue? Once you know what you are using the lanterns for, it becomes much easier to pick out the ones you want and match them with your overall decor and color scheme.

Lantern Color

To continue on color, you have options for lanterns like white, brown, black, grey, blue, and more. You can also custom paint them if you enjoy doing your own crafts. The other thing to remember with color is you might have a solid brown lantern or a rustic brown lantern, which will look differently.

Lantern Style

To continue on style, you will find round paper lanterns that are very light and easy to hang above people from a tent or a ceiling. There are also plastic, metal, and glass lanterns that come in rustic or modern styles, so you should be able to find something.

Price and Number of Lanterns

You will see that many lanterns are sold in sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, and more, so make sure you price out how much it will cost for you. If you need 20 lanterns for your centerpieces, the pricing can add up depending on how much each one costs.

In Summary

Hopefully this article helps guide your decision so you can find the best beach wedding lanterns for your dream day. You want your guests to have a great time and you definitely want to enjoy your own decor, so get exactly what you are looking for.

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Beachy Starfish and Seashell Garlands

starfish seashell garlands

Whether you are planning a huge party like a wedding or you are putting together your beach Christmas decorations, there is a ton for you to consider. From ornaments to accents to string lights, you need tons of holiday inspired coastal decor. However, finding the exact nautical garland or beach garlands you are looking for can be difficult. That’s why we put together the huge list below of starfish and seashell garlands.

We understand that your beach Christmas tree needs to be decorated. We have seen large Christmas trees filled with all sorts of beachy and nautical themes including different ornaments, lights, ribbons, angels, and of course, garlands. The seashell and starfish garlands listed below are some of the absolute best options you will find. Discover paper, shabby chic, seashell, starfish, sand dollar, pearl bead and drift wood beach garlands.

Seashell and Starfish Garlands


Nautical and Beach Garlands

You might see some repeats below where we list all of the beach and nautical garlands in the Beachfront Decor store. We have all of the different garlands we could find and the ones that are for sale on our website for purchase.



Beach Garland Ideas

We go through some of the best beach themed garland ideas below. Whether you are looking for coastal, tropical, or nautical garland ideas, we will give you tips for buying or DIY projects.

Wedding Beach Garlands

One of our favorite options at beach weddings are incorporating nautical garlands that feature things like seashells, anchors, starfish, and more. You can find all sorts of things for your dream wedding day so you have the right garland decor.

Christmas Beach Garland

If you are trying to create your own garland for the holiday season or if you are looking to purchase one, there are plenty of things to consider. Many Christmas beach garlands feature shells with classic Christmas colors like green and red. In addition, they will have other Christmas themes included like snowflakes, Christmas trees, and more.

Seashell and Starfish Garlands

For the most part, we listed seashell and starfish themed garlands above. We featured seashells like clams, sand dollars, conch shells, and more that you find on the sand or in the ocean. Seashells are perfect for garlands because you can easily purchase the shells you want to use, make small holes, and put rope or twine through the holes for hanging. Not only can you hang a garland during your wedding day, but you can also use them during the holiday season.

Garland Size

You will see seashell and starfish garlands above that range in size drastically. There are garlands that are 1 feet all the way up to 9 feet. For the most part, you will find options between 4-7 feet. My recommendation is to take rope, twine, string, or fishing line and wrap it around your Christmas tree or measure the area you need the garland. You should be able to come up with a rough estimate so you don’t purchase a 6 foot string seashell garland that only fills out half of your tree or isn’t large enough for your event.

Garland DIY

All you need to create garlands is rope or twine, the beach, coastal, or nautical themed pieces you want to use, and a small drill to make holes in something like seashells, anchors, or mermaids. You don’t need a ton of material to make starfish or DIY seashell garlands, which can really come in handy during Christmas, during a Wedding, during a baby shower, or during a kids birthday party.

In Summary

Whether you are decorating for a large event, party, wedding, or you need Christmas decorations, beach and nautical garlands are great options. The starfish and seashell garlands above are mostly on rope and they are wonderful regardless of the setting.

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Nautical Wedding Favors

nautical wedding favors

Nautical wedding favors are becoming more and more popular, especially since having a themed wedding is growing in popularity for brides and grooms. Many people who love the seaside will want those same elements surrounding them when they get married. You want everything to flow perfectly from the centerpieces to the flowers and even the wedding favors.

Nautical wedding favors are usually offered at your guests seats as a sign of appreciation from the couple. You do it at the reception so people have something to go home with to remember your wedding. Finding nautical wedding favors is pretty easy actually because it is a popular theme. However, whether you decide to go with anchor wedding favors or something like mason jar wedding favors depends on your tastes. One thing to keep in mind is some favors work better for males while others work better for females.

Anchor Wedding Favors

You can find fun anchor wedding favors in a huge variety including wine bottle stoppers and bottle openers. They can be little anchors made from sugar or other sweets. They could be anchor shaped biscuits and candy. It could also be little paper weights or even buttons. There is a lovely selection of mason jars you can then decorate with anchors if everything else fails to impress.



Compass Wedding Favors

A compass is one’s best friend when at sea so it continues the nautical theme quite well. Perhaps you can find some old compasses or perhaps they could be photos of old compasses in picture frames. You can get creative with this since there is no wrong way. No, the terrible, cheap, plastic compasses would definitely be the wrong thing. Go real and get something beautiful, since you only get married once.



Seashell Wedding Favors

Seashells are the best reminders of the beach. You can buy real seashells online or go gather your own if you live close enough to a beach. Put them in little jars and make decorations out of them. If you want favors of the edible kind, bake biscuits or make chocolate in the form of seashells. It’s as easy as that, and people will appreciate them.

Perhaps you can find little seashell notepads and pencils as wedding favors to give your special day that little more character. People like little practical things that also remind them about the amazing event that they have helped to create.



Lighthouse Wedding Favors

Lighthouses are among the most iconic nautical objects and there is always an air of mystery around lighthouses. They are also a symbol of homecoming as well as hope and light.

You can find different ideas for lighthouse themed little things that work well as wedding favors. Little picture frames with little lighthouses on them or in them and that would probably be the most practical of ways.



Boat Wedding Favors

Boats will bring you on a journey and they will bring you home again. Boats are the symbol of safety and a tranquil journey. Even though the waters are sometimes rough, a boat will be your guide home to a lighthouse. So wedding favors that are boat shaped invite your guests to go on a journey with you.


In Summary

It doesn’t matter whether your wedding favors are edible or practical, or maybe they are more a symbol than anything else, your guests will appreciate you going that extra mile to create something that is special and unique.

It is the best way to create memories of journeys you will now be able to go on together. People tend to keep the wedding favors if they can because they hold so much meaning. I know I still have a candle and a shot glass from two separate weddings I’ve been to. So when you are looking for nautical wedding favors, hopefully you can find what you need above!

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