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Coastal Themed Lamps

When you are trying to find the right coastal lamps for your beach home, it can be extremely difficult. There are a variety of designs, colors, themes, sizes, and styles to choose from. Should you get a lamp that features coral, starfish, seashells, or an anchor? Should you get a lamp that looks like a large rope? Or should you opt for something with a blue glass bubble shape? There are so many things you can pick, which is why we put together this guide of the absolute best coastal lamps that you can buy.

Coastal Lamps

If your living room or your bedroom need new lamps and lighting, this is the perfect article for you. You should be able to find a beach lamp that matches the rest of your coastal decor. We also have some nautical and tropical options below so if you live by the coast you are certain to find something. We love the large glass ball shaped lamps covered in rope because they are beautiful and fit perfect in any waterfront home.

Coastal Table Lamps

Below we have our absolute best coastal table lamps that you can purchase with a variety of ocean, coastal, nautical, and beach themes. There’s no quicker way to brighten up your home than adding a new beautiful lamp that will work perfectly to light up the room and upgrade your beach decor.


Coastal Floor Lamps

We listed some coastal floor lamps below for your home in case you want a tall lamp that sits on the ground. Coastal themed floor lamps are perfect for the corner of your living room or bedroom for additional lighting.


Even More Coastal Lamps

We listed even more coastal themed floor lamps and table lamps below. If you haven’t found something that appeals to you yet, you are sure to love one of the options below. Our goal was to give you plenty of lamps and coastal lighting options to improve your beach home.



How to Choose Coastal Lamps

Ultimately, you want to find the beach themed lamp that is right for your home decor. If you can get a lamp that is a style and color that matches the rest of your house, it is perfect for you. Finding a new lamp can be a daunting task so hopefully the options above suit your needs.

If you are not sure where to get started, we listed plenty of buying tips below so you can get the new lamp of your dreams. When you upgrade to a new coastal lamp, you will immediately notice the difference.

Coastal Lamp Themes

There are a lot of different coastal themed lamps with different things you find near the ocean. For example, you can find palm tree lamps, blue bubble glass lamps, rope lamps, seashell lamps, and more. Regardless of whether you want nautical themed lamps that include things like anchors, ship wheels, lighthouses, compasses, boats, and more.

Coastal Lamp Colors

For the most part, coastal colors are blue, green, white, yellow, brown, beige, and light brown. There are other colors included depending on where you live and the actual theme of your home. However, most coastal colors are soft and pleasant so you can feel a relaxing vibe in your beach home.

In Summary

You can upgrade your living room, bedroom, and more areas of your home by simply adding a coastal themed lamp. Do not overthink it and look to match the rest of the coastal decor in your home.

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