Best Flip Flop Decor


Flip Flop décor is an obvious choice for homes by the beach or on the coast. Most people sport open-toed shoes of some kind and there’s no better feeling than taking your sandals off and putting your toes in the sand. Thus, we usually equate flip flops with feelings of being free and relaxed in paradise.

We here at Beachfront Décor decided to put together our favorite Flip Flop decor that you can use in your beach home. We have 8 that can go on a wall anywhere in your home, 8 that can be used in your bathroom, and 8 that can be used outdoors.

Flip Flop Decor


Flip Flop Wall Décor

Your wall flip flop décor options include artwork, wood signs, towel or key hooks, and hanging flip flops. Some of them can also be used outdoors or in your bathroom but they all hang on the wall!

Beach Accents

Flip Flops Wall Clock


Flip Flop Bathroom Décor

Your bathroom flip flop decor options includes soap dispensers, towel hooks, shower curtains, paper towel holders, hand towels, and trash bins.


Flip Flop Outdoor Décor

Your outdoor flip flop décor options include flowerpots, string lights, stepping stones, outdoor hooks, outdoor wood signs, and doormats.


How to Choose Flip Flop Decorations

When it comes to flip flops being used as a theme in beach homes, there are plenty of options to consider. You can find doormats and shower curtains with flip flop prints. In addition, there is a ton of different flip flop wall decor including wooden signs, plaques, art, and more. If you aren’t sure where to start when finding flip flop decor, we recommend focusing on color and style so you can get accents that match your home.

In Summary

It’s hard not to love flip flop décor because you can use different colors, shapes, and sizes with your accents. I can’t imagine many people dislike flip flops and usually when you’re wearing them it means you are relaxing, it’s beautiful outside, and/or you are close to the pool or beach.

I wanted to give you some different options with flip flop accents that you can use on your walls indoor and outdoor, in your bathroom or kitchen, or really any room inside your home. I hope you found a few things that you can incorporate into the design of your own home.

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