Kitchen Beach Decor Ideas You Can Try Yourself

tropical coastal beach kitchen

Are you looking for kitchen decor ideas that will bring the beach indoors? Here at Beachfront Decor, we will give you some tips and strategies on adding beach-inspired designs and subtle coastal accents to your kitchen. If you love the sea, the beach, the sun and the sand, why not enjoy it all year long?

Finding Decorations

You can find different shells for decorating both online and in many DIY craft stores. One of the other suggestions I always give people is to collect as many shells as possible during your next beach vacation (It’s a fun activity for kids too!).

Below I will go through some quick and easy DIY projects you can complete using some of the shells, sand, and sea glass from the link above.

Five Simple Shell & Sand DIY Projects

  1. Buy a basic wooden frame and glue shells and sand to it to make a beach-inspired frame.
  2. Buy a glass jar, fill it with sand and then put the shells on top of the sand.
  3. Fill a glass jar with all of the shells you collected on your trip.
  4. Fill a small glass jar with the sand and label what beach you collected it from.
  5. Get a decorative tray, fill it with sand, and then assort the shells on top of the sand.

Once you have your beach-inspired DIY project complete, find the right spot in your kitchen for it. All it takes is a few beach elements to bring the Coastal feel indoors and you can enjoy being in your kitchen again.

Next, I wanted to give you some design inspirations of different coastal kitchens. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get motivated!

Three Tropical Kitchen Design Inspirations




Are you feeling inspired yet? If not, I have some more ideas below that you can incorporate into your design.

Designing Your Beach Themed Kitchen

There are so many things you can do to decorate your beach house kitchen and make it feel like home. Below, I have listed some ideas you can use in your kitchen.

The Color Scheme

First, start by choosing the right color scheme. If you want the feeling of summer in your kitchen, chose whitewashed, distressed wood for your cabinets and watery blue hues or light green on the wall. You can choose from a variety of light-colored counter-tops, and stainless steel appliances generally work well with the white cabinets.

I always recommend white cabinets because they give a calming feeling just like the salty, summer breeze. If you use this color as a base it makes it easier to find other accents that bring the design together. White is also a neutral color that allows you more freedom in other areas such as the counter-tops and the back-splash.

If white is not your color you can use it in a different way. You can have white towels or white dinnerware and you can include a colored accent wall or extra colors throughout the kitchen. If you want the sand or sun element, look for a light sandy brown or a soft yellow. If you want the ocean on your walls, look for a soft blue or green that will represent the colors of the coast.

Decorative Beach Themes

You should always look for colors that will accent your main color scheme. For the flooring, you should consider brown hardwood or beach-themed tiles. Nowadays, many people use tropical woods such as distressed wood or bamboo.

Instead of using large drapes, try to use white or wood-colored shutters. I always recommend leaving the windows wide open with no coverings, especially if there is a great waterfront view. Why have the beautiful view if you aren’t going to have access to it at all times? Plus, you will be able to get plenty of natural light.

When it comes to decorative items, another great idea is to choose one or two beach-related themes like crabs, anchors, sand dollars, starfish, or coral and use them throughout your kitchen. Many are so beautiful that you won`t need to do any extra painting or DIY work. In order to decorate a place with specific theme, you will need to find some different display areas in the room. If you choose starfish for example, you can get a starfish painting, display starfish on your windowsill, and fill a glass jar with sand and starfish displayed along the side. You can place also just them in a bowl or planters or wherever you’d like. Sometimes just a simple touch can really go a long way in bringing the coastal feel indoors.

In Conclusion:

The two most important things to remember when redecorating your kitchen are finding a color and finding a theme. Once you pick your color scheme, it becomes much easier to create a cohesive design in the kitchen.

Even if you are not a home design genius and you feel that you cannot recreate everything exactly like you want it, you can always choose the right colors and try your best to simulate the ambiance of the summer and the beach. In addition, making small changes over time can really go a long way, so don’t worry about a complete redesign right away.


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