Nautical and Beach Christmas Decorations

beach christmas decorations

You can discover the absolute best beach Christmas decorations below. The holidays are a great time to spruce up your home and add a few touches that reflect the season. Some homeowners already have a beach or nautical theme for their house while others might want to introduce Christmas beach decor design ideas. There are so many ideas to deck the halls that can be inspired by both the beach and the holiday season.

We go through so many different options below including Christmas beach ornaments, photo cards, wreaths, garlands, shower curtains, and more. Whether you are searching for small accents, beach Christmas tree decorations, or nautical holiday decor, we have you covered below. There are so many different products for you to have the tropical Christmas of your dream.

Beach Christmas Decorations


Decorating a Beach Christmas Tree

Beach Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, there are actually coastal inspired ornaments that blend well with traditional ornaments. I will go over some different ideas below that you can incorporate for your Christmas tree.


Starfish Ornaments

One of the top examples includes dried starfish, which can be small or large depending on your tree and the ornaments you are using. These actually look better if they are bleached or white in color but there are also some stores that sell them in Christmas colors (red, gold and green). The key when decorating a tree with starfish is to make sure that they are about the same size as all the other ornaments, or they complement the other sizes. In addition, make sure you are using a variety of colors unless you are going for a specific color-theme.

Sea Urchin Ornaments

Aside from starfish, dried sea urchins can also be hung on the tree. These can also be bleached white (very lovely, especially urchins with small perforations) or colored traditional Christmas colors. Some of the perforations can also be highlighted by coloring just the perforations instead of the entire dried urchin. This will result in stripes and may also highlight the sea urchins. Some innovative home owners will also string up these empty sea urchins shells and place small bulbs in them. Although they are not as bright as the traditional Christmas lights, they will look very pretty because they glow.

Sand Dollar Ornaments

Sand dollars also make great Christmas ornaments, just like the dried starfish and sea urchins. These also come in bleached white but you can color the center, which is usually shaped like a star. It also has natural holes near the edges which can be used for hanging. Sand dollars usually come in one size so these are highly recommended as ornaments.

Coral Decor

Coral stems can also be made into an actual Christmas tree, small enough for counters or table tops. The longer stems are placed at the bottom while gradually adding diminishing lengths going to the top. Aside from coral stems, distressed or driftwood collected from the beach can also serve as the branches for a small tabletop Christmas tree. Smaller half shells, starfishes and other sea items can be used as ornaments. Instead of a fine thread, you can use a rough twine reminiscent of rope used in piers to tie up boats. The top of the coral tree can be decorated with a starfish in the appropriate size to represent the Christmas Star.


Decorating a Nautical Christmas Tree

Some home owners are inspired by a nautical theme for Christmas and they hang small boats, lifesavers, fake crabs and anchors in their tree instead of the traditional ornaments. Most of the time these ornaments are made from wood or resin and then hand painted. Half shells, especially those of scallops have a perfect shape to be hung in the tree. If these are grouped together, they make a tinkling sound comparable to wind chimes or bells.

Anchor Ornaments

One of the most popular nautical ornament options are anchor ornaments. There are different materials available including metal, wood, plastic, and glass. We love anchors here at Beachfront Decor and if you do too, luckily there are plenty of ornaments available for you to purchase.


Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas

Other Christmas beach decor ideas do not have to focus on the tree. There are several items from the beach or ocean that will make a nice wreath. Coral stems can be arranged to make a large wreath to hang on the wall or placed on the table as a smaller candle holder wreath. Dried red crabs can also be used as a splash of color for pale coral wreaths. Puka shells also make a great wreath especially if they come in varying sizes while a mix of different dried shells make a very attractive wreath. They can be polished for a shiny Christmas look. Dried empty clams (with both shells) can also be arranged on a wreath frame in such a way that they look like flowers. The wreath can also be made from rattan, twisted around to make a circle and tied in strategic places with dried twine or rope. You can then place sand dollars or small starfishes in one or two areas.


You can also use a beach theme in your dining room during Christmas. Driftwood in a rectangle shape can be used as the centerpiece while you can add starfish, sand dollars and crabs on it. For a holiday touch, you can add candles tied with ribbons in Christmas colors. Some dinner hosts use fan corals or corals that look like trees as the centerpiece while others place large, clear bowls in the center and fill these with a combination of shells, sand dollars, mercury balls, starfishes and glass ornaments.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the many different Christmas beach decorating ideas that you can utilize during the holidays. You can scour the beach for whatever dead shell, starfish, sand dollar or driftwood you can find for the entire year and then dry them out in the sun while you wait for the holidays. If you do not have access to a beach, these items are actually available in most DIY stores.

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