Nautical and Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

beach wedding cake toppers

Let’s say you are planning your beautiful dream wedding day and you picked a beach theme. You absolutely need one of the beach wedding cake toppers below.

Coastal, tropical, and beach themed weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only can people get married but they can also have amazing weather and a wonderful atmosphere. That’s why we are putting together a huge beach wedding section with things you might need, including this article about the best beach themed wedding cake toppers.

We have a bunch of different beach wedding cake toppers that will fit weddings with an ocean theme. If you are getting married on the sand of the beach, having one of the cake toppers below will help your reception bring that coastal feel indoors.

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

We go over some more ideas and tips below after the products but hopefully you can find the perfect nautical wedding cake topper for your big day. Here at Beachfront Decor, we want to do whatever it is we can to help you.


Choosing Beach Cake Toppers

Beach Theme

Are you looking for a bride and a groom (or bride/bride or groom/groom) beach wedding cake topper that depicts a new married couple? Or are you looking for two empty adirondack chairs with your names on them? The key is to know what theme would go best with your particular cake. Some cakes look great with adirondack chairs while others are perfect for a new married couple standing on the beach.

Cake Topper Size

Make sure you review the dimensions of each of the beach themed wedding cake toppers. You want to make sure that the width isn’t too wide for your cake and that the height isn’t too tall. Every option will have their height and width dimensions so make sure you pay attention to that and work with your baker on the best solution.


You will see some varieties that are black silhouettes while others include brighter colors. Do you have a predominantly white cake and you want a pop of color? Or do you want to stick to a white neutral theme? Otherwise, you might have a colorful cake and you want everything to flow all the way to your cake topper.

Words and Quotes

Some beach wedding cake toppers include words like ‘The best is yet to come’ or ‘Our greatest adventure’ along with cake toppers that include your names and wedding date. You don’t need words with your wedding cake topper but sometimes they look really nice and getting something personalized can be something you can cherish forever.

Good Luck On Your Wedding Day

We are putting together as many resources as possible for beach themed weddings, so make sure you stay tuned and check out all of our content. From the invitations all the way to the wedding cake, we want to give you tremendous options for your dream wedding day. Hopefully one of these beach wedding cake toppers works for you.

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