The Best Nautical Chandeliers You Can Buy

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Ideas for home lighting come in many different styles. Whether you are re-doing your house completely or changing the fixtures in the home, you can easily find a wide range of ideas and lighting accessories to make a choice from. If you think about changing the theme of your home, then consider nautical home design. It is one one of the most popular options you can choose. There are so many different things you can do from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and more.

Nautical chandeliers are an amazing way of adding touch, style and brightness. Many people enjoy having their beach houses or their seaside homes decorated in a marine theme. Nautical chandeliers can add a special luxurious feeling to that design or make you feel like you are sailing on the open water.

Nautical Chandeliers




Nautical Decorations

Nautical home accessories and lighting ideas are an easy and great way of adding color to your home. Once you have done the painting of the home in one of the colors like navy, red, or white that are related to your nautical theme, you may then start planning on the lighting equipment and lighting fixtures needed for the home. Different types of nautical home lighting are available in the market today and some of them feature large ship wheels at the bottom as the fixture while others might feature things like anchors and lighthouses.

While you considering these lighting fixtures, it is important to check how easy it is to clean them since you’ll need to clean them regularly to keep their look. Depending on the extent you wish to light the home, you can then pick the lighting options of your choice. If you go with chrome fixtures, you may just be needed to wipe them frequently with a spray or polish to keep them always shining. While buying the nautical chandeliers, it is important to know whether they are resistant to a steamy atmosphere in the home, otherwise, they can get damaged if they are exposed to too much moisture. Many lighting fixtures may not be steam resistant; hence it is always vital to confirm that before installing them.

Nautical Themes

Once you have finished the nautical home lighting installation, you may then work on other accessories that will complement your nautical theme. For example, you can also buy large sea shells that may be used to complement the nautical touch; you can choose curtains that are related to your theme of the beach or ocean. Another way of decorating your house with beach theme is by filling a decorating jar with seashell-shaped shells from sea, which in most cases are available in different of colors.

Nautical Light Fixtures

For the outside of a home, a bulkhead light makes a very vintage-looking porch light, especially if you put one on each side of the entryway. These lights should be brass in finish and very chunky. Typically, the brass mounts to the wall and then curves down or sticks straight out so that the bulb hangs from the fixture. And in keeping with truly nautical chandeliers, the bulb should have a brass cage around it. That was to prevent the lights from being easily broken. While it’s not necessary for your porch, that cage definitely lets people know it’s a nautical light as the style is a recognizable one.

In an entryway, a great type of fixture to have is a chandelier done in a distinctive style. One very quirky design is an anchor serving as the post and two arms of the chandelier with lights mounted on each point or hanging from them to continue the chandelier feel. The metal should be either shiny brass or weathered, greenish brass, to give it an authentic look.

You may even find small light options that are similar to the aquatic life in ocean in shape, such as the starfish shaped fixtures; this complements your nautical theme beautifully. You can add decor to compliment the nautical theme. For example, you can find a wall clock that easily gets along with the other accents and decor in the room.

In Summary

Using nautical home lighting is the best choice to complete your overall nautical theme. Nautical homes are a good way of creating a calm atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, especially people who enjoy spending their time near the sea or at the beach. Try the nautical chandeliers to lighten and brighten up your home to see the difference yourself. Upgrading the interior of your house is a quick way to add positive chance and fixtures can really go a long way.

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