Our 32 Favorite Hawaii Themed Bedding Sets

hawaii themed bedding and quilt sets

Here at Beachfront Décor, we like to write articles periodically of our favorite pieces of décor. Today we decided to scour the internet for our 32 favorite Hawaiian style bedding sets to bring them to you. Whether it’s bedding, beach accents, coastal lamps, or tropical doormats, we love to put together long lists of our top products!

Hawaiian Themes

Before we get started, let’s look at what makes a theme Hawaiian. When we think of Hawaii, we usually picture paradise, tropical beaches and beautiful geography. Some of the elements that make up these wonderful islands include palm trees, palm leaves, clean oceans, pineapples, and hibiscus flowers. As far as color, it really varies from bright tropical colors to softer and calmer beach hues.

Bedding Sizes

Keep in mind the size of the bedding you want whether it be twin, full, double, queen, or king. We tried to find options that had a lot of sizes but some of it is Hawaiian themed children’s bedding, which generally come in smaller sizes.

Bedding Considerations

Along with the actual Hawaiian bedding, quilt, and comforter set, you’ll also want to look into bedroom throw pillows, duvets, and more to make sure your bed is a thin slice of heaven. A nice headboard to complement your new tropical comforter will also help you feel as relaxed as possible.

Hawaiian Themed Bedding Sets


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Bedding & Comforter Sets

Honu Sea Turtle Hawaiian Quilt Bedding

$375.00 $279.65
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Bedding & Comforter Sets

Tommy Bahama Topical Orchid Quilt Set

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Bedding & Comforter Sets

Tropical Garden Luxury Duvet Cover Set

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Hawaiian Nursery Bedding


Hawaiian Bedding For Girls


In Conclusion

We want to bring you the best tropical décor possible so hopefully this article helped you narrow down your options a little bit. Whether you want a comforter set covered in green palm leaves or you are looking for a colorful quilt covered in hibiscus flowers, we are sure to give you an option here.

Please feel free to share this article with friends and ask for their help before buying bedding for your Master bedroom. You want to have something relaxing, comfortable, and stylish to make your Hawaiian home décor as welcoming as possible.

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