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Our Favorite Amy Sia Pillows and Accent Pillows

amy sia accent pillows

Amy Sia pillows are among my favorite for any home but the colors make me feel relaxed like I’m on a tropical beach. The pillows aren’t your typical beach house throw pillows that include elements like seashells, starfish, or anchors, but they have bold colors and wonderful designs that would work perfect in a beach home.

If you don’t know Amy Sia or the Amy Sia brand, it was started by an Australian born, London based designer who is famous for making beautiful, unique prints. Amy Sia has a passion for fashion and painting so those two world collided to create wonderful prints. Her bold colored product designs can be found in stores like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and more.

We decided to put together 16 of our favorite Amy Sia accent pillows for you to browse and learn more about. We believe beach décor comes in all different colors and styles so you should be able to find something that matches your home. On a white couch and in a home with more neutral colors, these accent throw pillows can give you a pop of color with your design.


Amy Sia Pillows


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Choosing Amy Sia Throw Pillows

We give you some tips below for how to choose Amy Sia accent pillows. There are plenty of things to consider and keep in mind as you make your purchase.

Pillow Color

Amy Sia uses a lot of pink and purple shades along with blue and green. Blue and green color shades are extremely popular around the beach but bright colors in general bring that tropical tone to your home. Depending on the color you choose, make sure you select artwork or accents that also include similar shades.


Amy Sia pillows have unique styles and looks with colors that won’t fit with every type of decor. If your living room needs a pop of color, Amy Sia throw pillows can be a wonderful option. These accent pillows will not fit as well if you are looking for something more neutral or white. In addition, the pillows are all square so if you wanted a different shape you might have to look elsewhere.


These are unique pillow covers with beautiful designs so the prices tend to be a bit more expensive than your general pillow from WalMart or Target. You will find that they are high-quality designs and materials so they will last for years.

Pillow Themes

We are a beach themed blog but if your home is not beach themed these pillows really fit anywhere. If you have a home off the coast and you just want a pop of color and design, you can’t go wrong with Amy Sia pillows.

In Summary

We hope we helped with your design today or even just brought you some inspiration. We understand how hard it is to find toss, throw, and accent pillows for your couches and your beds so we want to give you as many options as possible. Amy Sia pillows are beautiful and unique and you can also find a lot more Amy Sia decor and styles online.

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