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seahorse lamps

One of the most popular options in terms of decorating is fish. Since there are so many fish in the sea from dolphins to sharks to tuna and even to seahorses, decorating using these themes gives you basically endless options and a bunch of great options at the same time. One awesome option includes beach themed seahorse lamps. We here at beachfront decor of course love everything that has to do with the beach and the ocean, from the sand when you walk onto it to the salt in the water and all the fish in the water.

We decided to put together a complete list of all the seahorse lamps that we sell in a variety of styles colors heights and even prices. We know how much some people love cute little seahorses because they can work perfectly to add beautiful the cord to your home or even nice playful decor to your child’s bedroom. We were surprised when compiling all of the products how much option and variety there is when it comes to seahorse lamps, so you’re sure to find something that works absolutely perfect for your Beach home.

Seahorse Lamps




Hopefully with that whole list you’re able to find something that will match your house. Some of the seahorse lamps above come in sets of two so make sure you keep that in mind as you look at the price listed, because some lamps might look like they are $300 but you’re actually getting two of the same lamp.

Choosing Seahorse Lamps

Lamp Color

Like we mentioned above, the range and color is pretty significant when it comes to seahorse lamps as there are some in black, gold, white, blue, brown, teal, green, and or silver. No matter what color your home uses as the main pop of color, you should be able to use one of these lamps seamlessly without having any major issues and without it standing out negatively.

Lamp Style

In terms of style, my favorite are carved seahorse lamps that feature every little detail you find on the seahorses body because they look incredible and they feel so real. Some of them feature seahorses at the base while others look like they are hanging out together in a coral reef swimming around.

Lamp Height

One of my favorite things about seahorse lamps is some are extremely tall and well over 30 inches while others come in a little bit shorter and range from anywhere from 18 to 25 inches. Lamp height is not something that people always think about but it is actually really important because if the lamp is too tall it will absolutely take over the room and a lamp that is too short might not even be noticed. I always tell people to get out measuring tape and measure their night stands or end tables to make sure that the height of the lamp you get isn’t too tall.

In Summary

In conclusion, we hope you find the coastal lamp of your dreams since there are so many options in terms of beach themes it’s not always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Luckily when it comes to seahorse lamps if that’s what you like, you can certainly find a style and the color and hopefully a price that works perfectly for you in as your new dream lamp to your home.

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