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When it comes time to upgrade your nautical themed bedroom and find a new nautical bedding set, you want to get exactly what you are looking for. Since we spend about a third of every day sleeping, we want something comfortable and themed towards the rest of your home. However, if you live near the sea it can be difficult to find the exact nautical bedding set of your dreams. In order to give you a ton of great options, we did our best to show you the best nautical bedspreads for your bedroom.

If you found yourself on the Beachfront Decor guide to nautical bedding and comforter sets, you are likely looking to upgrade a bedroom in your coastal home. One of the quickest ways to give a master, kids, or guest bedroom an upgrade is to add a completely new bedding set. After all, you spend a ton of time every single day sleeping in bed so get rid of your uncomfortable sheets today.

Nautical Bedding Sets

We listed our absolute favorite pieces of nautical themed bedding below for your beach home. If you want a new beach comforter, quilt, or duvet cover set, the options below will be perfect. We have plenty of nautical bedding sets for adults, children, and babies.


Nautical Quilts

We started by listing some of our favorite nautical themed quilts for sale. We have a huge variety of nautical quilts with themes that include anchors, lighthouses, ship wheels, sailboats, navy stripes, and more.

Beach Bedding & Comforter Sets

90″ x 92″ F/Q Quilt, Southwinds

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Beach Bedding & Comforter Sets

C&F Home Noah Quilt, Full/Queen, Blue

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Nautical Duvet Covers

Nautical duvet covers are incredible for your beach home because you just need comforter inserts. Nautical coverlets are usually affordable and they can be used easily in a bedroom once you get a fitting insert. You can also adjust the insert for the time of year so whether it’s hot or cold, your nautical duvet cover set will be the right temperature.


Nautical Comforter Sets

Nautical comforters come in all sizes and you can find individual nautical comforters or sets that include over 10 pieces. The best thing to find is a nautical themed comforter with matching sheets, shams, bed skirts, and throw pillows.


Nautical Twin Bedding Sets

You might just be looking for twin nautical bedding sets for your kids bedroom or for a nautical themed dorm room. We listed all sorts of twin sized bedding you can find below.


Nautical Toddler Bedding Sets

If you are shopping for your little pirate or mermaid, you might want a playful toddler bedding set. We listed some of our favorite kids nautical comforters and quilts so you can decorate their room to fit your beach home.


Nautical Crib Bedding Sets

If you are planning a nautical themed nursery, you will love our nautical crib quilts, nautical crib bedding sets, and nautical crib blankets we have listed below. Your baby will love the options we have for sale.

Nautical Sheets

You might just need a separate sheet set for your home or your new comforter, quilt, or duvet cover might not come as a set. Nautical themed sheets are great because they feature anchor prints, sailboat prints, and more.

Nautical Throw Pillows

While throw pillows may not be a part of your actual bedding set, they can be used to add nautical vibes to your bedroom. Nautical themed pillows are a great way to improve the overall look of your bedroom.

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We listed some of our related nautical bedding and comforter set articles below. Some of your options include our ultimate guide to beach bedding, anchor bedding sets, nautical crib bedding, nautical themed quilts, and more. If you need one new bedding set for your beach home or five new comforters for every room in the house, we have plenty of bedding you will love below.


Nautical Bedding Inspiration

We listed several nautical bedroom inspirations below in case you are not sure where to get started. It can be difficult to find nautical bedding ideas for your master bedroom. We will continue to add more interior design inspiration so you can have the perfect bed and interior decor.

Decorating Your Bedrooms

Bedrooms are always an important decision with your décor and layout because we want it to be comforting. Seaside-inspired designs bring with them a freshness that is both charming and calming. These days, more and more people are going for nautical-inspired interiors as they look to be both modern and chic. To fill your room with a nautical feel, use bold colors like red and blue against the soothing backdrop of white. One of the best ways to bring the calmness of sea and water into your house is to use nautical themed bedding sets.

Nautical bedding sets usually use recurring themes that revolve around bold prints and nautical elements like anchors, sailboats, ship wheels, lighthouses and compasses.

Nautical Bedding Themes

When you are building that nautical ambiance and seaside escape feeling in your bedroom, you need to know all of the themes. As a matter of fact, if you have a better understanding of nautical bedroom designs, you can create the perfect bedroom.

Striped Bedding

If your room is painted white, you might want to choose a striped nautical bedding set as it will accentuate and add to the beauty of your white walls. Dual-toned striped bedding sets that use white as one of the key colors add considerably to the nautical vibe. The most perfect combinations are: navy blue and white and red and white. To make it more interesting, pick a bedding set that uses one of the elements of marine life to give you a beach-side feeling. Anchor-print pillows and wheel-print duvets make the perfect ideas for a bedding set in a nautical bedroom.

Sailboat Printed Bedding

If your bedroom contains splashes of brown and red, you can beautify your bedroom by using sailboat-inspired nautical bedding sets. Most sailboat designs also feature other elements of marine life such as windmills and lighthouses. Not only do these nautical elements look beautiful, they also bring life and color to your room. Beige sailboat designs look even better when complimented with brown wooden furniture.

Nautical Colors

If you are someone who likes bold designs, you can pick up a multi-colored striped design. Usually, red, blue and white is the most famous combination in nautical bedding sets. However, since these bed sheets look quite busy, you must remember to keep everything else subtle in your room. In addition, you might want to do away with the extra furniture as well, as the little show pieces that can make your room feel cluttered.

Ocean Inspiration

If you are someone who likes all things bright and beautiful, you can go with an ocean-print nautical bedding set. From seashell and starfish designs to coast-line inspired prints, these bedding sets offer a great number of choices. While ocean-themed bedding sets are also available in darker colors, they look best in lighter shades like aqua blue, beige and ivory.

Map Themed Bedding

If you want to create a room that’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen, go for map prints in nautical bedding sheets. Map prints can be slightly tricky to pull. To keep this bedding set from becoming overwhelming, keep everything else subtle. You can, however, use small items like sea shells and sand timers to add to the nautical vibe.

Throw Pillows

Yet another way to perk things up is to choose a bedding set that is relatively simple and compliment it with nautical-inspired throw pillows. Throw pillows with anchor and sailboat prints are quite popular. Similarly, you will also easily be able to find ocean-themed toss pillows that feature marine elements like star-fish, sea shells, etc. Adding these cushions to a bold nautical themed bedding set will make everything look cluttered. For this reason, they should be paired with lighter colors and simpler prints.

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Using This Bedding Guide

In case you are wondering how we went about building this guide to nautical bedding, we included some more details below.

How We Chose Bedding Sets

We wanted to select nautical comforters, shams, pillow cases, and throw pillows that feature all sorts of nautical themes like lighthouses, compasses, sailboats, anchors, ship wheels, and more that will remind you of the sea and open water. In addition, colors like navy, red, white, and blue are usually used as color schemes in nautical homes.

About this Guide

We created this ultimate guide to nautical themed bedding sets because we love a beautiful nautical bedroom with a matching set of sheets. In order to find the right set for a beach home, you need to go through all of your options.

In Summary

We hope you liked these ideas for nautical comforter sets, nautical duvet covers, and more bedding. You can use them to bring the liveliness of marine life into your room. Your bedding, comforter, or quilt can be a huge factor for how your overall decor looks and the appearance of your nautical home, so you absolutely want to take it seriously and improve it immediately.

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