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The Ultimate Guide to Nautical Themed Area Rugs

Here at Beachfront Decor, we decided to put together a list of our favorite Nautical Area Rugs. You will find a variety of options below in common nautical colors like white, navy, and red along with elements like anchors, compasses, shipwheels, sailboats, lighthouses, and more.

We hope you can find an area rug that fits in your home near the sea by choosing from the options below.

Our Favorite Nautical Area Rugs

Nautical Elements Area Rug

For the ultimate nautical rug, look at this one with a variety of themes like shipwheels, lighthouses, and anchors. It would go great in any sitting room in your home close to sea.
nautical elements area rug
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White and Navy Anchor Rug

This simple but effective rug is white with a navy blue border and a bold anchor right in the center that draws your eyes in.
white and navy anchor rug
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Anchor Chain Nautical Rug

For the anchor lovers, get this navy blue and white rug with a chain wrapped around so it really has that nautical theme.
anchor chain nautical rug
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Nautical Scene Area Rug

With a nautical scene that includes sailboats, anchors, shipwheels, seashells, and the open waters with a neutral colored area rug you can’t go wrong.
nautical area rug
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Nautical Trellis Area Rug

The Trellis design is really popular so get this option that includes Trellis with navy blue and white along with rope.
nautical trellis area rug
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Anchor Shipwheel Rug

Get this small and variety colored nautical anchor, shipwheel, compass, and striped rug with reds, blues, and whites.
anchor shipwheel area rug
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Anchor Pattern Area Rug

Anchors are patterned all over this area rug with some upside down and others right side up with just navy blue and white colors.
anchor pattern area rug
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Ikea Compass Area Rug

One of our most popular options is this Ikea Area Rug that looks exactly like a detailed compass you would bring on the boat with you for direction.
compass area rug 2
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Shipwheel Area Rug

Another rug with a pattern, this one includes all sorts of nautical elements like a life preserver buoy ring, lantern, anchors, lighthouse islands, open waters, and a prominent shipwheel in the center.
shipwheel area rug
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Dark Compass Area Rug

For a dark area rug, get this option that is black in color and has lighthouses on the top and bottom along with a large compass in the center.
compass area rug
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Lighthouse Area Rug

Get this Jellybean Lighthouse Area Rug that features a red and white striped lighthouse in the open waters along with other sea elements.
lighthouse compass area rug
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Long Nautical Area Rug

With a true nautical sea scene, this long runner area rug would go great in a hallway or any part of your home.
nautical area rug shipwheel
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Center Compass Area Rug

Featuring starfish, sand dollars, lighthouses, sailboats, and anchors, this center compass nautical area rug is a great option.
variety of nautical elements area rug
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Variety of Nautical Themes Area Rug

For a kid’s themed nautical rug, look at this option that is more playful and would go great in a beach themed children’s room.
variety of nautical themes area rug
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Octopus Anchor Area Rug

Featuring a large blue octopus and red anchor, this jellybean area rug would go great indoors or outdoors on your deck, patio, porch, or in your bathroom.
octopus anchor area rug
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Anchor Patterned Mat

A beige mat with a pattern of blue anchors all over would go great if you have a ton of nautical accents and anchor themes around your home.
anchor patterned area mat
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Oval Lighthouse Area Rug

A very simple rug that would fit great in the bathroom, it features braiding on the outside and 3 lighthouses on the open sea.
oval lighthouse area rug
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Large Red Anchor Area Rug

Last but not least, this is a large blue and white striped area rug with a red circle in the middle that features a large anchor.
anchor area rug
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Complete List of Nautical Rugs

Below is a complete list of all the options you have here at Beachfront Decor. The rugs below come in a variety of sizes and feature all sorts of elements from shipwheels to anchors to lighthouses. They would all work in a nautical inspired home.

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$149.99 $111.99
$32.86 $23.60
$119.99 $69.99
$59.82 $28.11

Anchor Area Rugs

Nautical Scene Area Rug


Anchor Area Rugs

Navy Anchors Area Rug 5 X 7


Ideas for Nautical Themed Area Rugs

Below are some popular nautical elements and themes that you can incorporate on your area rugs. You will find them all in the area rugs above.


The anchor area rugs are ideal for welcoming visitors into your house. The rugs can liven any space; either indoor or outdoor space. They are lightweight, stabilized to prevent fading, and come in several sizes to choose from. You can add this bright nautical rug to your bedroom, bathroom or even your front door to bring an inviting look to your home.

Ship Wheels

For a natural nautical touch in your outdoor or indoor space, the ship wheels themed area rug joins the ranks of those options that does the task perfectly. Featuring the Everywhere (TM) durability, you are assured that your investment will last for long. It comes in runner and rectangular sizes; you can choose the one that meets your tastes and preferences. It can be used anywhere in your home or office décor.


Lighthouses are ideal for both indoor and outdoor home use. The beautiful lighthouse area rugs can add a charming accent for your bathroom and kitchen floor. They are made of strain-resistant fabrics that guarantee a long lasting use. They are available in different sizes and styles – in fact; you can be spoilt of choice. Also, the nautical design promises lasting comfort and design.



Ship area rug is another excellent product that can offer a beautiful nautical look in your beach home. The compact design and the Every time(TM ) durability ensures that this rug offers lasting comfort. It is recommended to keep this product away from freezing temperatures and seek professional rug cleaning in case of stains. It is ideal for indoor use in bathrooms, kitchen and living room or seasonal outdoor use. You can choose between the rectangular and the runner sizes; your taste and lifestyle are well catered for. The prices of these rugs are also relatively fare compared to other products in the same range.


Compasses come in different styles and sizes. For a long time, they have been offering fantastic nautical looks for both home and office decors, and they show no signs of losing the grip. What makes the compass area rugs so spectacular is the way they point the direction with gorgeous style. You can add them to your living room or bedroom to get a unique design that will make your family comfortable while in the house. The rugs are available in a variety of colors; the choice is yours to pick the best for your décor.


Some of the most popular materials for nautical area rugs include wool, synthetics, cotton, jute and sisal, silk, natural fibers, bamboo, and more. You find coir doormats are very popular but depending on the quality they are made with either natural fibers or synthetic fibers to come together. Certain rugs are better at the very beginning of your doorstep in your foyer, while others work better underneath your couch in the living room.


Some of the most popular area rug sizes are 8’x10′, 5’x8′, 9’x12′, 6’x9′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′, and runners. Usually you find larger rectangle rugs to complete a living room and you see runners in hallways or kitchens. Square rugs work all over the place as well and circle nautical area rugs.


Area rugs range anywhere from flat sizes that are around 1/4 inches and thick sizes that are great than 1 inch. Thicker area rugs will generally hold up longer and be slightly more comfortable under your feet depending on the material.

I prefer thinner rugs in areas that don’t receive that much foot traffic and thicker rugs in areas that people regularly walk through. Choosing a thinner and lower quality rug can lead to you replacing it much sooner than you’d like.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it can be fun to decorate your home beach with a nautical or beach theme rug. There are many indoor and outdoor rugs manufactured by top luxurious designers that can take the beauty of your home to the next level. With the rugs highlighted in this article, you cannot miss the ideal pick that will meet your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Why can’t you add these rugs to your home? They are worth your money and time!

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