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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Teak Furniture

The word Teak is derived from Tectona grandis, which is a species of a hardwood tree that is part of the Lamiaceae family. Tectona grandis trees grow in forests in South Asia, with Myanmar’s forests being the main contributor to teak wood that you find.

Material – After Tectona grandis trees are broken down and cultivated into teak wood, the material is hard, durable, and water-resistant. That’s why teak wood is used in building many beautiful outdoor projects from furniture to boats. You wouldn’t build a normal house with Teak wood because it is much too expensive. Teak furniture usually costs thousands of dollars so if you are buying something labeled a ‘Teak dining set’ for a cheap price, it’s probably not genuine teak wood.

Color – Teak wood actually slightly changes color as it ages. Young teak wood is usually a lighter brown color and it turns into a medium brown as it continues to age. It can also have a golden hue depending on where the teak was grown. You don’t find dark brown or black teak wood naturally as there is definitely a straight grain light wood color to it.

Types of Teak Furniture

Below are some of the most popular types of Teak furniture. We list the products on our website so you can browse some of the top teak options. We also have links to some of our popular blog articles and product listings on our website.

Teak Chairs

Teak chairs are the perfect way to accompany any dining table and they work perfectly whether you have an indoor or outdoor dining table. In addition, there are also teak lounge chairs and a variety of different ways that teak chairs can be used. I’d highly recommend looking at these options because of their overall quality and beauty you can upgrade any indoor or outdoor space with the use of teak chairs. Iff you get cushions for them, which we highly recommend, they will be extremely comfortable.


Teak Dining Sets

Teak dining sets have become more and more popular outdoors because once you purchase it, you can have it on your patio for well over 10 years if you take proper care of it. If you’re entertaining guests, a teak dining set is the perfect way to sit everyone at the table and enjoy a home-cooked family meal. We use one on our outdoor patio and it has come in handy so many times and we have received so many compliments over the years from friends and family sitting at the table. We have experienced beautiful memories with people so get yourself a teak dining set today.


Teak Lounge Chairs

You need a lounge chair to spend your sunny days outside so you can get your sun-kissed skin near the beach. A teak lounge chair is not only comfortable but it’s also going to last forever. Teak chaise lounge chairs are the perfect way to relax, soak up the sun, and get some color outdoors. They are extremely comfortable and durable once you cover them with cushions. You can also get furniture covers for the colder months to keep them protected.


Teak Outdoor Benches

Benches can be used both functionally for seating and also as a decor piece. A teak outdoor bench can not only complete your dining set but it can also be used in a variety of ways around your backyard, porch, or deck.


Teak Rocking Chairs

You can relax and read your newest book in a beautiful teak rocking chair. Rocking chairs are extremely popular for your front porch because they look nice and they are great for sitting.


Teak Shower Benches

Teak shower benches are listed in our outdoor article because you can use them if you are gardening or even outdoors full time. Teak works well everywhere because it is water-resistant so a teak shower bench can be used all over your home or in your shower.


Teak Sofa Sets

Teak sofa sets are beautiful and can seat your entire family. Invite all of your friends over and entertain them comfortably in a beautiful furniture set of teak couches, coffee tables, end tables, chairs, love seats, and more. Teak sofa sets are great for the spring, summer, and fall when you just want to go outdoors have a cold drink, read a book, and experience the beautiful weather. If you live in the southern portion of the United States like Florida, particularly in a beach area, teak sofa sets will be great for when you want to relax outdoors and unwind after a long day on the beach. You can also have guests over to sit, nap, and relax on your teak sofa sets with you. I prefer sets that come with the coffee table because if you want to bring a meal outside, a drink outside, or if you just want to lounge your feet up it’s a great way to be comfortable and have a beautiful backyard all year long. Sofa sets in teak will come with three pieces, four pieces, five pieces, and all the way up to 11 piece sets where you can entertain well over 10 guests in your outdoor space.


Choosing Teak Furniture

Choosing any furniture set can be very difficult, and teak is no different. You first want to start with the overall space you have and your budget. From there, you can choose from dining sets, conversation sets, sofa sets, chaise lounge chairs, and more. Hopefully you can find your dream patio furniture set today.

1. Brand – There are plenty of brands including WholesaleTeak and Amazonia Teak, but you want to go with a brand that offers Grade-A Teak Wood Furniture. Grade-A furniture will be more beautiful, durable, and luxurious for your outdoor space.

2. Space – Teak furniture can be compact if you get a five piece dining set but it can also be expansive with a large 11 person teak dining set. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you are not limited to large expansive patios and huge decks, you can fit it on an outdoor balcony.

3. Comfort – Teak furniture is fairly comfortable overall but your chairs and sofa sets can be upgraded with cushions. You will definitely want cushions on your teak lounge chairs otherwise they would be the equivalent of laying on wood. All in all, you absolutely want cushions for your outdoor teak furniture.

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