10 Ideas for Beach Themed Furniture

Moving to a new home is always a great feeling, especially when you are looking for furniture. There’s no denying the excitement that comes with decorating your home. In this article, I will go over some different ideas for beach themed furniture.

Getting your own place means having to furnish it to a theme that’s bespoke to your style and taste. Themes could range from gaudy to a minimalist feel. Many people prefer to hire a professional, which is the safer option especially if beach decor is not one of your strengths. However, you can also DIY if you’re on a budget, thanks to décor magazines, blogs, and Pinterest.

One of the preferred trends is the beach theme. This can be tricky to pull off because there’s a lot to consider, from accessories to colors to space. However, if done right, it sets a mood that evokes the carefree and relaxing feel associated with the beach and the good news is you can achieve this even if your home is miles away from the shore line.

If you’re going for a beach theme, here are a few décor ideas that can help turn your home into a Malibu inspired beach house.

beach-furniture-ideas 10 Ideas for Beach Themed Furniture
Malibu on the Beach Design by Susan Cohen Associates, Inc

Beach Themed Decor and Furniture Ideas

1. Wood Furniture

A mix of different woods for a well weathered look is what you need to go for to give the impression of a timeless look which compliments a beach theme.

2. Lighting

Perhaps one of the key elements to getting the theme right; ensure that there’s a lot of lighting in the house and you could do this by having white as the main wall color as it amplifies the light.

3. Pillows

Go for beach themed pillows. You can have them tailor made to your taste. You could for instance go for a sailor theme and have pillows with the anchor sign on them or simply have blue and white stripped pillows.

4. Window Coverings

Go for simple linen curtains or roman blinds. Shutters are also a great idea to create a nice timeless look. You can also get creative and add marine inspired details such as using rope as curtain holders.

5. Natural Floor Coverings

Natural floor covering gives the room a traditional, nautical feel. Try coir or sea grass on your own floors.

6. Accessorizing

Accessorize with beach themed accessories such as shells. Instead of going for an abstract painting for your living room, go for a nautical or marine painting to compliment the theme. However, when accessorizing, be careful not to go overboard. Remember that less is more.

7. Colors

When going for a beach theme, you might want to stick to specific colors such as white and hues of blue. This is where you let your creativity wander. For instance, you could have your walls plain white and accessorize with décor items that come in hues of blue such as a blue rug for the living area. You can also opt to have beach themed wall papers in certain areas of the house such as the bathroom.

8. Patio

If your home has a patio or a balcony, go for beach inspired outdoor furniture such as rocking chairs, day beds or even hammocks. Complete the look by hanging a floater on the wall or a sign post that’s beach inspired. You can even re-purpose a surfboard as a coffee table.

9. DIY Projects

If you’re an artsy individual, you can easily come up with DIY projects that add oomph to your beach themed décor. Look for un-used items in the house that could be re-purposed using beach inspired items such as shells or sand to create accessories that compliment the theme and save a buck or two! For instance, you could add shells to an old mirror or photo frame turning it from boring to beach-y and at no extra costs.

10. Woven Detail

Woven details go a long way to compliment the beach theme. Instead of having the classic leather sofa, you can opt to go for woven seats and complete the look with nice pillows and nautical accessories. You may also opt for a woven floor rug for a timeless look.


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