4 Ways to Create Comfort in Your Coastal Home

comfortable coastal decor

You can do a lot with your home on the coast. There are hundreds of beach themes to choose from, paint colors, accents, artwork styles, furniture, and more. That’s why it’s much easier to focus on creating comfort. The relaxing atmosphere around coastal regions is exactly what you want to bring indoors.

Consider Your Colors

When you are decorating your beach home, focus on comfortable colors and plenty of natural light. When I think of beautiful coastal interior, I think of the exact opposite of loud, showy, and gaudy. The color palette in your home should not be too bright and it should not be all over the place. Sometimes, focusing on a light blue, green, yellow, or teal along with white can really go a long way.

The kitchen below has a white theme accented by brown and a teal back-splash. There is a modern-rustic feel, which works in this kitchen.

comfortable-coastal-decor 4 Ways to Create Comfort in Your Coastal Home

Beach Style Kitchen by
Montgomery Architects & Building Designers
Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design


4 Ways to Create Coastal Comfort


  1. Furniture
  2. First, you should start with comfortable furniture and rugs that accentuate the main colors in your home. Many beach homes have white-themed couches with little to no pattern. The main reason for using white couches is that it’s easier to have various color accents while still maintaining a bright interior.

    When it comes to cabinets, distressed wood is very popular and it is easy to find or create yourself. You can see an example of distressed wood in the featured picture of the kitchen.

    Leather is generally not as popular in beach homes, but having a leather recliner or chair to go along with your couches can be a nice contrast of color. The most important thing is buying furniture that is comfortable and that fits the color theme in your home.

  3. Windows
  4. Second, your home should have large, inviting windows that provide plenty of natural light. If you live near the coast, you are sure to get plenty sunshine as well as some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. As far as drapes, do not use dark blinds and try using drapes that are practically see-through and allow the light in.

  5. Kitchen
  6. Third, your kitchen should flow with the rest of the house. If you have a home with a lot of natural light and a white color scheme, then white cabinets with glass fronts will help make your kitchen pop. In addition, look for a back-splash that highlights the other colors in your home.

    The kitchen above has a nice back-splash to go with the white colors. It also has a great rustic feel throughout with white distressed wood. I would love following the arrow on the wall right in this kitchen, or sitting at the bar with a drink.

  7. Accents and Artwork
  8. Fourth and finally, you should use accents and artwork throughout the house. Nautical-themed accents like shells, rugs, nets, lamps, candles, or blankets can really bring the coastal feel right indoors. As you can see in the image above, they used a large wood surfboard as a beautiful accent.


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