5 Incredible Tropical Home Décor Tips


Is there a better feeling than arriving at the beach? Whether you’re taking a trip to the Jersey shore or the Caribbean, there is something about a tropical beach paradise and its surroundings that is relaxing and calming. That’s why so many people turn to Tropical Décor.

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, look into adding tropical elements in your home. Decorating in this style can be a little difficult depending on where you live, but I have some important tips below that can help you design the home of your dreams!

Palm Trees

The most important tropical décor theme is palm trees. There are so many varieties of palm trees and leaves that you aren’t limited to one design or one type of palm. First and foremost decide on a color, you will find bright colors like orange or classic green colors and you need to know what will work best in your home. Look for accent pillows, throw blankets, hand towels, and bedding that feature palm leaves.

You can also look into getting a few indoor palm trees that will not only clean the air but also add that tropical feeling indoors. I get into more detail about plants below.

Indoor Plants

There are so many indoor plants that can create a tropical theme in your home. You can look at different types of palm trees or get yourself a few bamboo trees. You can also use large wood planters and top the soil with sand or fake dune grass.

Some of the most popular tropical plant varieties include Sago Palms, Sentia Palms, Bamboo, Sago Palms, Cordyline, Dumb Cane, Ficus, Peace Lillies, Sunset Palms, Bird of Paradise, Lipstick Palms, Amazon Elephant’s Ear, and more. One thing to remember is that some plants are toxic to animals, so if you have a dog or cat I’d look for pet-friendly tropical plants.

Bright Accents

In order to achieve a tropical theme you want to incorporate bright accent colors to go along with green, white, and beige. Many times, tropical themes feature bright oranges or greens but they need to be accents and not the entire color scheme. Using too many bright colors can be difficult to stare at, so look for bright accents that add to your design.
tropical-themed-bedroom-decor 5 Incredible Tropical Home Décor Tips
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Tropical Fruit Décor

Look into buying or using fake fruit decor like Pineapple, Mango, and Guava to bring a freshness and natural brightness to your countertops or dinner table. You can put tropical fruits on your grocery list every week and feature them in the center of your dinner table, or just pick-up some fake tropical fruits to achieve this look.

Natural Light

I’m a firm believer that it’s hard to achieve the peace and calmness that comes with a tropical beach home without plenty of natural light. Picture your dream beach home that overlooks the ocean, doesn’t it have big beautiful picture windows that allow light and a view during the day?

I understand that natural light isn’t the easiest thing to achieve in your home, but you might want to look into adding windows, adding screen doors, selecting drapes that don’t trap in light, and using blinds that enhance the light.

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