5 Inspiring Beach Home Furniture Ideas

inspiring beach house furniture ideas

Are you interested in new beach house furniture as well as some décor ideas for your home? Well breathe easy, because we here at the Beachfront Décor Blog will give you all the information you need. Finding the most attractive and appealing furnishings for your home is as easy as breathing in that warm ocean breeze. Plus, we’ll try to find you the most affordable ideas possible.

Bring the Beach Indoors

When I think of the beach, I think relaxation. You should focus on that word as you decorate your home. It’s not always about the lavish details in a beach home, and that’s a good thing for a homeowner. It doesn’t mean your home should be boring on the inside but it should have an open-door feel, so if you go inside or outside you can remember that you are by the beach.

Furniture to Choose

The options are really endless here but I can give you some guidelines on picking the right couches, tables, and chairs that will fit perfectly in your home on the water.


One of the most popular options is wicker furniture because it has a coastal look to it. You can find wicker in a variety of colors but the beige, sandy color is the most popular in a beach home.

One of the best things about wicker furniture is you get to buy the cushions that match your home. If you have a shore house with a light blue theme, you can get cushions that accent the colors in your home. Plus, you can always just change cushions if you decide to move the furniture or change your color scheme.

Distressed or Reclaimed Wood

You will see a lot of brown and white wood pieces of furniture in a beach home. However, wood furniture tends to be popular in many types of design so it’s really not just limited to a house on the coast.

To really capture that beach feel, reclaimed wood looks and feels like something you would find washed ashore. If you really want to bring the beach indoors, reclaimed wood is a great way to do it. Many people will use distressed wood for their coffee table, accent tables, and even artwork.

White or Light Couches

Rarely do you see dark brown or black couches in a beach home. On the other hand, many beach homes have couches that are either colored white, light blue, light green, light yellow, or they will have a white slipcover.

Accent Pillows

You should use accent pillows to really bring the room together. Depending on your color scheme, you can use accent pillows on a white couch or a lightly colored bedspread to round out any room. In addition, use accent pillows with seashells, fish, anchors, surfboards, waves, boats, starfish, or other ocean-related items on them to get that nautical feel.

Furniture to Avoid

Avoid leather in your beach home as it really doesn’t go with the coastal feel. In addition, modern couches with darker colors should also be avoided. Modern furniture typically has more of a refined look and feel, rather than the comfortable, relaxing look you see so often in a beach house.

In Conclusion

I just wanted to give you some ideas for the furniture in your beach home. Just remember, it’s your space to be sure to personalize it into something you love. I like the indoor/outdoor beach feel so that’s my preference and that’s also common among many homes on the coast.


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