6 Best Types of Wall Hanging Tapestries


Wall hanging tapestries have become increasingly popular for bedrooms, spiritual rooms, hippie designs, teenagers bedrooms, and college dorm rooms. They go great in a bedroom for people of all ages because tapestries come in so many designs and colors that you are sure to find something that helps your interior design. In addition, tapestries are really inexpensive so they are an affordable décor option that you won’t regret in the future.

Tapestry Definition

A tapestry is a piece of thick or thin fabric in which colored threads are woven together to produce a design that can be used as a wall hanging piece of décor or a furniture cover. Many times, wall tapestries are also referred to as wall blankets.

Our Favorite Wall Hanging Tapestries


Beach Tapestries and Coastal Wall Hanging Tapestries

Jaipur handloom Blue Hippie Mandala Bohemian Tapestry

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Types of Wall Hanging Tapestries

Below are some of the more popular themes in tapestries. For the most part the designs are either geared towards hippie designs, beautiful landscapes, or animals, but there are so many options nowadays. They are wonderful for your dorm room, bedroom, or even your living room depending on how you want to use them.

Below, I will go over 6 of my favorite styles of tapestries that you can buy and add to your home today.

  1. Boho Hippie Tapestries

  2. The most popular type is the hippie or boho tapestry. They usually come in brighter colors with elegant designs that resemble tie dye. Having a hippie wall tapestry can help make your room pop with some color and design on the wall without an expensive cost. Boho tapestries and hippie tapestries are interchangeable because they generally fall under the same category.

    People who have spiritual rooms where they like to meditate, do yoga, and relax are generally drawn to hippie tapestries because they have a relaxing feel to the design.

  3. Beach, Ocean, and Nautical Tapestries

  4. This is a beach blog, so of course number 2 will be beach tapestries! We love the variety of beach, ocean, coastal, and nautical related tapestries on the market. Some of them include scenes of the beach and the ocean while others include a yellow-orange sunset overlooking the coast. Other beach themed tapestries include shells, the sand, waves washing up the shore, or different types of fish. They generally come in bright colors that resemble the ocean. Nautical tapestries tend to include compasses, maps, anchors, sailboats, and lighthouses.

  5. Floral Tapestries

  6. Floral tapestries are exactly what they sound like, wall hanging tapestries covered in flowers! Instead of a design with tie die colors, floral options are covered in a variety of flowers like roses, daisy’s, sunflowers, tulips, and more. These are also referred to as botanical tapestries because they include a variety of plants and flowers on them.

  7. Animal Tapestries

  8. Animal tapestries are also very popular, especially elephant tapestry varieties. You will find animal tapestries that include birds like owls, jungle animals like tigers, bears, giraffes, domestic cats, and more. These are great options for people who want a colorful tapestry that includes their favorite animal on it.

  9. Black and White Tapestries

  10. Black and white tapestries can fall into all of the different categories in this article but they are in a category of their own because they are so popular. You can find black and white hippie tapestries, black and white animal tapestries, black and white map tapestries, and more.

    If you have a home with more black and white colors, a black tapestry with some white is a tremendous option. There are plenty in the hippie variety with circular patterns and designs. There are black-white wall tapestries in so many different options that you are guaranteed to find something you love.

  11. Map Tapestries

  12. For the geography lovers or lovers of the globe, a map tapestry is certainly the best option for you. Map tapestries are really popular and they come in so many colors. Usually, you get a flat map tapestry with a map of the entire world and every continent. Some map tapestries come in brown or black-white while others come in bright colors like light blue.

In Summary

Hopefully you can find a tapestry for your home today. I believe they go great in a beach house because of their relaxing nature, but you can use them in your home all over the country. Hippie tapestries aka boho tapestries tend to be the most popular option but you can find brightly colored or black-white tapestries in so many varieties that one will definitely suit your needs!

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