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Anchor Area Rugs

Anchor themed rugs usually feature either anchor prints or one large boat anchor. We listed some of our favorite anchor area rugs below, and then wrote more about some popular styles when you are choosing a new rug for your home. Anchor décor is very popular, and rugs can go well in a living room, bedroom, dining room, nursery, and outdoors.

Anchor Rugs







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How to Choose Anchor Area Rugs

Anchor area rugs come in different styles and you can find a theme that perfectly reflects your flair and inspires your home. If you love the sea, the coast, boats, and beaches, then you may want to consider nautical themed area rugs. These not only give you the feeling of the beach between your toes, but also renders your home quite distinct. You can even match them with nautical wall art and nautical accent decor. They are great for completing a beach themed home and are commonly found in lake homes and coastal homes.

Why Purchase an Anchor Rug

From enhancing an existing nautical design theme to providing warmth to any space, anchor area rugs are perfect. Anchor rugs are not only functional, they are also beautiful in a beach home. When properly selected and installed, nautical area rugs can provide a strong foundation for the style, texture, and color of your room.

Anchor Area Rug Shapes

Apart from the different styles, anchor area rugs also come in multiple variations. Some are round, while others feature anchor runners, anchor mats, anchor doormats, anchor dining room rugs, and anchor living room rugs. Some of the most common sizes are 8 feet by 10 feet, 3 feet by 5 feet, and 5 feet by 7 feet. Luckily, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit almost any space indoors or outdoors.

How to Use Anchor Rugs

The possibilities on how to use them are endless. You can use them outdoors to bring a coherent look or install them along back sides of long sofas or as a foundation for dining table sets, patio furniture, bed sets, and small tables as well.. In case of a large room, you can place them near the entrance or at the center as focal anchors. For an even more practical appeal, you can use anchor rugs to edge a set of matching furniture.

Anchor Rug Colors

One thing to do is select the right color for your home. Anchor area rugs come in vibrant nautical colors such as dark blue, gray, red, white, and navy. The most common colors are navy, blue and white, which can match well with a beach home and a nursery as well.

In Summary

It is fun and exciting to decorate with anchor decor because they are perfect for people who love boats, fishing, and the beach. Regardless of the beach decor style you choose, make it perfect by choosing nautical themed anchor area rugs.

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