The Ultimate Guide to Beach Backpacks

Heading to the beach or pool this summer? A beach backpack is essential for carrying all your gear easily and comfortably. Discover why waterproof beach backpacks have become a must-have for beachgoers and learn how to pick the best one to meet your needs.

What Are Beach Backpacks?

Beach backpacks are specially designed backpacks made for beach and pool use. They are basically beach totes that you can wear on your back. They have features like:

  • Waterproof materials to keep belongings dry
  • Sealable compartments to prevent sand from getting inside
  • Durable straps and zippers that withstand wear and tear
  • Mesh pockets and compartments to drain out water
  • Lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down


36 Awesome Beach Backpacks


Key Benefits of Beach Backpacks

Unlike regular bags, beach backpacks make life easier when enjoying the sand and surf:

Keep Gear Organized

Dedicated compartments and pockets keep all your items neatly organized yet easily accessible. Quickly find what you need.

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Hands-Free Carrying

Backpack straps allow you to comfortably carry all your beach gear while keeping your hands free for activities.

Protect Belongings from Water

Water-resistant materials prevent water damage to phones, keys, wallets, electronics, and other essentials.

Guard Against Sand

Sealable compartments prevent sand from getting inside your bag and on your belongings.

Lightweight to Carry

Beach backpacks are made of lightweight mesh, nylon, and polyester instead of heavier cotton. You’ll stay comfortable when you wear the backpack.

Durable for Long Life

Strong materials like PVC lining withstand years of use. You’ll get your money’s worth from a beach backpack.

What to Look for When Buying a Beach Backpack

To choose the best beach backpack for your needs, consider these factors:

  • Size – Choose a size based on what you need to carry, from compact daypacks to large family-sized packs.
  • Waterproofing – Look for bags made from waterproof fabrics with sealed seams and waterproof lining.
  • Number of compartments – More compartments make organizing gear easier. Exterior pockets are handy too.
  • Straps – Padded straps prevent digging into your shoulders. Chest and waist straps distribute weight.
  • Zipper type – Waterproof zippers seal out moisture. Look for rust-proof metal zippers.
  • Style – Choose fun colors and prints to reflect your personal beach style.
  • Price – Set a budget and choose the best backpack you can afford with the features you need.

Packing Your Beach Backpack

Once you’ve got the perfect beach backpack, it’s time to load it up for beach day! Be sure to pack:

  • Sunscreen, lip balm, hat, and other sun protection
  • Sandals, swimsuit cover up, and other beach outfit items
  • Beach towel, umbrella, mat, and beach chair if needed
  • Water bottles and leakproof snacks
  • Inflatables like rafts or pool toys
  • Entertainment like books, playing cards, or Bluetooth speaker
  • Valuables like phone, keys, sunglasses, and wallet

With everything organized neatly, you’ll be ready to head out the door for beach adventures! Take along your waterproof beach backpack for many seasons of worry-free fun.

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