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Coastal Daybeds & Beach Daybeds

Coastal daybeds are a beautiful piece of furniture that every beach home should have. Beach daybeds are a practical combination of a sofa and a bed, but they are much more comfortable and elegant than a pull-out sofa. They are mostly used for daily rest, but you can turn them to additional sleeping beds if you need to. We listed some of our favorite beachy daybeds for sale below.

Coastal Daybeds For Sale




How to Choose Beach Daybeds

For everyone that loves the sea and wants to equip the space with new furniture, one great idea is a beach themed daybed. Your home does not need to be close to the sea to make it look like a beach house. Thankfully, there is furniture that can change the way your home looks like, any time you want to. In addition, coastal style daybeds can be used in a variety of rooms.

We listed some tips below for choosing a daybed for your coastal home.

Why You Need a Coastal Daybed

Beach themed daybeds are created for people who want to save space in a room while still having additional sleeping space. So, rather than getting a futon or a sleeper sofa, you can choose a daybed instead. Coastal style daybeds with trundles can be wonderful in an extra room, in an office, and in a child’s room who has sleep overs with friends.

Daybed Shape and Style

Versatility is the feature that makes this piece of furniture increasingly popular. A daybed is usually a narrow bed in living or working rooms, with or without partial headrests, and may contain storage drawers at the bottom. Some models have only one backrest and arms on a small part of one of the longer sides, while others are shaped only by a frame and a folding mattress.

Coastal Style Daybeds and Colors

Coastal daybeds are uniquely designed beds for sea and nature lovers. These furniture pieces can be beige, light brown, white, blue, and gray but are usually bright-colored. The way they look even more beachy is to use the blue bedding sets. The walls around the beach day beds are also mostly colored in some shade of blue.

Different Beach Themed Daybeds

The elegant and high-quality made coastal daybeds are a useful and decorative addition to every home. The most popular option is made out of white wood or light brown wood. Indoor wicker daybeds are also a popular option, which are different than outdoor wicker daybeds. Nautical daybeds feature darker wood with colors such as dark brown, grey, and dark blue or navy.

In Summary

You can’t go wrong with a beach house daybed, but you need to make sure you get coastal daybed bedding as well. There are plenty of benefits of purchasing this style of bed for almost any room in your home. And, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a color and style to match the rest of your home.

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