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A beautiful coastal headboard can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. If you want coastal bedroom furniture, you can add a coastal headboard and feel like you are on the beach when you lay in bed. We listed some of our favorite beach themed headboards that will surely grab your attention and bring color, style, and a new ocean look to your bedroom. The beachy headboards below can dramatically change any bedroom in your home.

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How to Choose Beach Headboards

The most popular beach style headboards feature weathered wood in antique white, beige, or light brown. Reclaimed wood headboards are beautiful, and you can also choose wicker headboards and coastal cottage headboards as well.

We have some helpful tips and considerations below as you look to improve your coastal bedroom. While you may focus on the master bedroom, you can also improve the look of a child’s room as well or a guest bedroom.

Wood Headboards

The wooden headboard, created from oak planks, has a decorative function and complements the interior of the bedroom very successfully. Smooth headboards are perfect for minimalist bedrooms. The wooden headboard design gives the interior elegance and simplicity. Use materials that match with the floors or other bedroom furniture.

Upholstered Headboards

The soft upholstered headboard is very popular for coastal bedroom designs. This design creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere as if you were on a beach. Also, the models have soundproofing properties if they are made of wood.

Wicker Rattan Headboards

If your bedroom has a tropical theme, then wicker headboards can be a beautiful option. Wicker is the perfect material for a beach home because it brings the beautiful outdoors in to your interior design.

Coastal Themed Headboards

Textiles or leather can be used to decorate the headboard and match the material to the blue color or white color of the curtains or carpets. Shabby chic uses antiques and reclaimed items for the coastal inland. Decorate the headboard with white, which accentuates the antique effect.

DIY Coastal Headboards

If you are great with woodworking, you can create your own wooden headboard.

Do you love and know how to draw? You have the opportunity to draw a unique headboard on the wall behind the bed. A painted headboard is a great outlet for artists. Draw waves, the ocean, shells, and let the beach come to your home.

Use summer colors like blue, white, brown, and be creative. Apply pictures or photos with a nautical theme to create a DIY coastal headboard.

In Summary

When shopping for any coastal bedroom furniture, you first want to figure out the color you are looking for. After that, it’s all about style and design. You don’t want to mix and match furniture because it will look better if your furniture flows well or matches perfectly. Hopefully, you are able to find the beach style headboard for your bedrooms.

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