Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor

Are you looking for coastal kitchen decor ideas that will bring the beach indoors? Here at Beachfront Decor, we will give you some tips and strategies on adding beach-inspired designs and subtle coastal accents to your kitchen. If you love the sea, the beach, the sun and the sand, why not enjoy it all year long? Beach kitchen decor can be difficult to find, so you can find a variety of products an design ideas below.

Coastal Kitchen Designs

You will find some of our favorite ideas when it comes to beach, coastal, and nautical kitchen decor. If you live near the coast, you want to incorporate some of the interior design ideas below.

1. Cape Cod Kitchen

Cape-Cod-Kitchen-by-Wayfair-in-Kitchens Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Cape Cod Kitchen by Wayfair in Kitchens

2. Nautical Coastal Kitchen Design

Nautical-Coastal-Kitchen-Design-by-Room-Ideas-in-Trending Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Nautical Coastal Kitchen Design by Room Ideas in Trending

3. Beautiful Coastal Kitchen Design

Beautiful-Coastal-Kitchen-Design-by-Masterpiece-Design-Group-in-Best-Of-Masterpiece Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Beautiful Coastal Kitchen Design by Masterpiece Design Group in Best Of Masterpiece

4. Teal Color Beach Kitchen

Teal-Color-Beach-Kitchen-by-Flourish-Delray-Design-in-South-Florida-Colorways Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Teal Color Beach Kitchen by Flourish Delray Design in South Florida Colorways

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5. White Coastal Kitchen Design

White-Coastal-Kitchen-Design-by-skout-in-Lee1 Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
White Coastal Kitchen Design by skout in Lee1

6. Elegant Coastal Themed Kitchen

Elegant-Coastal-Themed-Kitchen-by-Susan-Lachance-Interior-Design-in-Portfolio Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Elegant Coastal Themed Kitchen by Susan Lachance Interior Design in Portfolio

7. Beautiful Neutral Coastal Kitchen

Beautful-Neutral-Coastal-Kitchen-by-by-Wayfair-in-Our-Customers-Homes Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Beautiful Neutral Coastal Kitchen by by Wayfair in Our Customers Homes

8. Modern Beach Kitchen

Modern-Beach-Kitchen-by-Monika-Ross-Design-LLC-in-Nautical-Kitchen Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Modern Beach Kitchen by Monika Ross Design LLC in Nautical Kitchen

9. Beach Kitchen

Beach-Kitchen-by-by-Erin-in-All-Modern Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Beach Kitchen by Erin in All Modern

10. Coastal Themed Kitchen

Coastal-Themed-Kitchen-by-Chango-Co.-in-Plandome-Dutch-Colonial Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Coastal Themed Kitchen by Chango & Co. in Plandome Dutch Colonial

11. Coastal Kitchen Design

Coastal-Kitchen-Design-by-KBW-Associates Beach Kitchen Decor and Coastal Kitchen Decor
Coastal Kitchen Design by KBW & Associates


Beach Kitchen Decor

If you are interested in added some beach themed salt and pepper shakers, spoon rests, placements, coastal cutting boards, and other accents in your kitchen, you will love the products below.

Beach Salt & Pepper Shakers

We love to incorporate coastal salt and pepper shakers in our kitchens. There’s no reason to use a boring salt shaker and pepper shaker set when you can find options that include fish, mermaids, pelicans, seashells, mason jars, and more.



We link to a variety of our kitchen beach decor articles below. You will find ideas for kitchen beach accents, decorating tips, product lists, reviews, and more. Whether you want to create a cottage, contemporary, or modern coastal feel, something will leave you inspired.


11 Beach Kitchen Accent Ideas

Sometimes, having some simple accent decor in your kitchen can make a nice touch. There are some ideas below as you try to find the best coastal kitchen decor for your beach home.

1. Ship in a Bottle/Sailboat Model

While a ship in a bottle won’t necessarily be enough to create a beach feel in your kitchen, it can be a nice touch when paired with other nautical and beach themed elements. They’re inexpensive and add a decorative flair to your counter. Be sure you have enough spare counter space to place it comfortably– under the cabinets where you can’t fit appliances is a great spot. For extra brownie points, buy a kit and assemble it yourself! A sailboat model will also do nicely.

2. Nautical Pendant Lights

Bring that beach feel into your kitchen by installing lamps that are hung with nautical rope. When it comes to nautical pendant lights, there’s a lot to consider. Incorporating the beach theme into your lighting will provide that marine feeling and recreate classic beach fencing of posts with weathered ropes connecting them. It’s a small accent that will add ambiance to the room and inspire countless compliments.



3. Nautical Drawer Pulls

They may not seem like it, but drawer pulls are one of the most fun and unexpected ways to decorate your kitchen. These nautical-themed pulls can be used for drawers or cabinets and inject fresh marine life into the room. Plus, they’re so much more enjoyable to have as accents than traditional drawer pulls. They can come in buttons or shaped like objects such as a starfish, fish, nautilus shells, or seahorses. Pulls can also be round nautical rope or buttons that feature crabs, sea shells, anchors, sand dollars, whales, and more. You’ll love picking these accents out, and they really can pull a beach-themed kitchen together.

4. Starfish Accents

Whether large or small, a simple starfish that is leaned up against the wall can be a fabulous accent for your kitchen. It’s so easy and takes no effort at all. Simply unpack starfish and lean against wall in most favored position. Placing it against the windows over your sink or space above your cabinets with other accents imparts an instant beach feel to your kitchen.

5. Beach Wall Decor

Photos and paintings of beach scenes or beach-related items are great decorative accents to add to your kitchen. Coastal kitchen wall decor is a quick way to enhance your kitchen and you can find more ideas here. Get creative by placing three photos or paintings on the wall at a time, or just hang one that you really like. The images instantly transport you to the beach and bring the theme home.

6. Coastal Canisters

Coastal canisters are such a fantastic way to accent your kitchen because they are functional in addition to being decorative. You can hold your flour, sugar and more in these canisters while also setting the beach tone. Choose marine colors like teal or blue or select canisters that have shells, seahorses, and other beach imagery on them and set them right on the counter, where they’ll serve a purpose and tie in the room as well.

7. Wooden Beach Sign

Remember going to the beach and there would be a sign inevitably that pointed you to the beach? Sometimes, just a simple blue sign that says “beach” on it with an arrow can be a cute accent for your kitchen. Hang anywhere on the wall and you’ll have that “this way to the beach” feel. Wooden beach signs are perfect for a kitchen.

8. Driftwood

Clear containers or cylinder-style vases filled with one large piece of driftwood provides the perfect beach-inspired accent for any kitchen. Just place on your kitchen table or a place you like on the counter and you’ve got instant beach decor.

9. Crab/Seafood Signs

Vintage and beach-weathered signs can be a great way to add beach flair to your kitchen. Doesn’t it just remind you of going to those beach front shacks and ordering some French fries or clam strips? Now you can recreate that same feeling in your kitchen. Maybe you’ll be inspired to cook up your own beach food.

10. Sea Glass in a Tray

Sea glass is so pretty. Many avid beach goers love to collect the smooth pieces of colored glass, and they make the perfect beach accent for any kitchen. Simply scatter a few in a tray (or even in a vase with flowers or driftwood), and you’re in simple beach decor heaven.

11. Blue and White Striped Cloth High Chairs

If you have an island in your kitchen, adding cheerful white-and-blue striped cloth high chairs will not only update your kitchen’s look but make it more beach-like too.


Coastal Kitchen Decor Inspiration

Next, I wanted to give you some design inspirations of different coastal kitchens. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get motivated. If you can’t find coastal kitchen decor the ideas we listed should help.




Are you feeling inspired yet? If not, I have some more ideas below that you can incorporate into your design.

Kitchen Beach Decor DIY Ideas

You can find different shells for decorating both online and in many DIY craft stores. One of the other suggestions I always give people is to collect as many shells as possible during your next beach vacation (It’s a fun activity for kids too!).

Below I will go through some quick and easy DIY projects you can complete using some of the shells, sand, and sea glass from the link above.

Five Simple Shell & Sand DIY Projects

  1. Buy a basic wooden frame and glue shells and sand to it to make a beach-inspired frame.
  2. Buy a glass jar, fill it with sand and then put the shells on top of the sand.
  3. Fill a glass jar with all of the shells you collected on your trip.
  4. Fill a small glass jar with the sand and label what beach you collected it from.
  5. Get a decorative tray, fill it with sand, and then assort the shells on top of the sand.

Once you have your beach-inspired DIY project complete, find the right spot in your kitchen for it. All it takes is a few beach elements to bring the Coastal feel indoors and you can enjoy being in your kitchen again.


Nautical Kitchen Decor

1. White Cottage and Natural Wood

Sometimes all you need is white wood paneling with natural brown wood to create an elegant cottage kitchen. If you paint the walls white and use white cabinets, you can use different brown accent colors and your kitchen will have a classic beach feel.

2. Use Shades of Blue

Blue doesn’t only come in one standard shade. It has a variety of beautiful options to choose from. And blue will work for coastal kitchen decor as well. You can go for the palest powder blue or opt for a deep navy blue. Depending on your personal preference and how you want your kitchen to look like, you can choose which shade suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to discover the entire spectrum since each one will create a different effect.



Keep in mind that a kitchen focused on a beach theme revolves around simplicity. Choose functional and hard wearing furniture to complete the overall beach vibe. The most classic and elegant choice most people enjoy is a combination of blue and white themes.

3. Vintage Surfboards

Nothing screams beach louder than surfboards. It instantly sets the scene with just one look. It will make the thrill of summer last all year long and you can enjoy it right at the comfort of your own home. Choosing a vintage surfboard gives a more laid back feel while a regular surfboard gives a more modern vibe. You will be able to reminisce about the good times you’ve spent on the beach with your family and friends while enjoying your meals.

Surfboards are more popular on the West Coast in California or in a Hawaii kitchen, where surfing is much more popular than it is on the East Coast. However, nothing says your Palm Beach home can’t include a surfboard!

4. Beach Inspired Accents

Adding a coastal inspiration to your kitchen decor will make it come alive. Just by simply adding certain furniture which are inspired by the ocean you’ll get to experience the beach inside your home. Some great options to look for are seashells, corals, starfish, sand, driftwood, and ropes. They look very natural and give off an authentic beach vibe. It will look effortless and beautiful. You’ll certainly enjoy getting your creative juices flowing while thinking about how to decorate your kitchen.



You can look for an accent plate with a crab, beach themed placemats, sand jars filled with shells, candle jars surrounded by sand and shells, ropes to hang artwork, starfish accents for your windowsill, or large pieces of driftwood.

5. Sailboats or Lighthouses

Sailboats are a great addition to your beach inspired kitchen decor. Whether you’re a collector and you have multiple sizes or you want to purchase a single sailboat, it will effortlessly represent the ocean. It can sit on top of your kitchen shelves or you can place it on top of your cabinet. It goes hand in hand with the simplistic and relaxed look you’re trying to achieve.

6. Wicker Baskets

These multi-functional and handy storage baskets will help you perfect a coastal themed kitchen. It is essential to have multiple wicker baskets to store your kitchen tools in. You can also put your wine selection in them. Most people also use it as storage for cooking or baking related magazines. It’s best incorporated in kitchens which have white open shelving. It’s the perfect contrast to a plain white palette. You can also add some rustic gold accents like mirrors to complete the look.


Designing Your Beach Themed Kitchen

There are so many things you can do to decorate your beach house kitchen and make it feel like home. Below, I have listed some ideas you can use in your kitchen.

Kitchen Color Scheme

First, start by choosing the right color scheme. If you want the feeling of summer in your kitchen, chose whitewashed, distressed wood for your cabinets and watery blue hues or light green on the wall. You can choose from a variety of light-colored counter-tops, and stainless steel appliances generally work well with the white cabinets.

I always recommend white cabinets because they give a calming feeling just like the salty, summer breeze. If you use this color as a base it makes it easier to find other accents that bring the design together. White is also a neutral color that allows you more freedom in other areas such as the counter-tops and the back-splash.

Common Beach Kitchen Colors

If white is not your color you can use it in a different way. You can have white towels or white dinnerware and you can include a colored accent wall or extra colors throughout the kitchen. If you want the sand or sun element, look for a light sandy brown or a soft yellow. If you want the ocean on your walls, look for a soft blue or green that will represent the colors of the coast.

Kitchen Flooring

For the kitchen flooring, you should consider brown hardwood or beach-themed tiles. Nowadays, many people use tropical woods such as distressed wood or bamboo.

Curtains and Drapes

Instead of using large drapes, try to use white or wood-colored shutters. I always recommend leaving the windows wide open with no coverings, especially if there is a great waterfront view. Why have the beautiful view if you aren’t going to have access to it at all times? Plus, you will be able to get plenty of natural light.

Beach Kitchen Accents

When it comes to decorative items, another great idea is to choose one or two beach-related themes like crabs, anchors, sand dollars, starfish, or coral and use them throughout your kitchen. Many are so beautiful that you won`t need to do any extra painting or DIY work.

In order to decorate a place with specific theme, you will need to find some different display areas in the room. If you choose starfish for example, you can get a starfish painting, display starfish on your windowsill, and fill a glass jar with sand and starfish displayed along the side. You can place also just them in a bowl or planters or wherever you’d like. Sometimes just a simple touch can really go a long way in bringing the coastal feel indoors.

In Summary

When it comes to coastal kitchen decor, this article should certainly help for inspiration and ideas. The two most important things to remember when redecorating your kitchen are finding a color and finding a theme. Once you pick your color scheme, it becomes much easier to create a cohesive design in the kitchen.

Even if you are not a home design genius and you feel that you cannot recreate everything exactly like you want it, you can always choose the right colors and try your best to simulate the ambiance of the summer and the beach. In addition, making small changes over time can really go a long way, so don’t worry about a complete redesign right away.

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