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A coastal home exudes relaxation, serenity and happiness. That’s why you want to make your beach home as comfortable as possible. One way to do this is by using beach duvet covers in the bedrooms. You want to find bedding sets that fit your home and color scheme and make everything pop. It’s a quick way to improve your bedroom decor and your sleep as well.

There are many styles of beach duvet covers that you can choose from. That means that with some shopping around, you will be able to find beach duvet covers that match the theme and style of your own coastal home.

Beach Duvet Covers


Beach Duvet Covers & Coastal Duvet Covers

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

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Beach Duvet Cover Styles

Getting a coastal themed duvet cover can add a wonderful touch of decor to your home with a bright and airy feeling. Below, we go over some different styles you should consider and everything you need to think about.

Coastal Themed Duvet Cover Sets

The most obvious style to go for is a coastal theme. You’re already near the beach and water, so why not extend this theme to your beach duvet covers?

Coastal themed beach duvet covers include a blue color scheme and images or prints associated with the beach. Some of the more popular prints include shells, fish, mermaids, sand dollars, palm trees, sand, and starfish.

It is a really great idea to use coastal themed beach duvet covers in your beach house because it means it will match the rest of your home as well as the environment you are surrounded by. However, this type of beach duvet cover will suit rooms that are more on the plain, natural side. It means that main focus will be on the cover and it will not clash with other elements of the room.

Duvet Covers With Stripes

If you want something that makes a statement, then go for striped nautical themed duvet covers. Stripes are the most popular style because it is simple, classy but still stands out.

There are different variations of the stripe print that you can go for including stripes throughout the entire duvet cover, or just in certain sections such as the top or bottom. They can also be large and thick, or thinner stripes, going vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

There are so many ways to customize it, including by color. You can go with one color or multi-colored to really make it your own. If you want to perpetuate the coastal theme, then opt for shades of blue to keep that atmosphere going.

Depending on the stripe style you choose, this can suit any type of room. Just be sure to go for the opposite. For example, if you have multi-colored stripes, then it will complement a more neutral room.

Plain or Solid Coastal Duvet Covers

If you prefer to have a plain-colored beach duvet cover, then that can really add a bit of calm and softness to an otherwise loud or flashy room.

Neutral, soft colors will be best for these situations, such as white or any other watercolor hue. These hues are advantages because they can basically go along with any color scheme that you have in the room, so opt for plain, solid-colored beach duvets if you are unsure of what will complete your coastal home’s aesthetics.

Bold Tropical Duvet Covers

Using bold colors will make your beach duvet cover the statement piece and focal point in the room. This is best for neutral room setups that do not have too much going around because otherwise, they will clash.

Bright green, yellow, blue, and purple can work great because different shades are bold without being too much. They can subtly perpetuates the beach theme in your coastal home without being too obvious. It adds a luminous glow to your room, brightening it. This is the exact sort of ambience you want in your coastal home because the beach represents happiness.

Patchwork Nautical Duvet Covers

Patchwork beach duvet covers are a great choice for kids. It adds a bit of fun and vibrancy to your coastal home without being too bright. You can choose different shades of the same color as the patchwork and even different designs in each square.

As patchwork duvet covers have many elements to it, it is best to put it in a room that is quite neutral or a bit more on the plain side. This means that there won’t be too many things going on, and the cover will stand out.

Duvet Cover Fabrics

Now that you have a list of different styles, themes, colors and designs to use for your beach duvet covers, you have to think about the fabric. It is important because it can impact the lifespan. Also, because this will be used in your coastal home, it will be near water so it has to be something that is easy to clean and care for.

Cotton is a great fabric to use for your beach duvet covers. It not only feels great against your skin but it also will protect your comforter. Some popular options include sateen and Egyptian cotton. Two other fabrics you can look for include polyester and silk.

Beach Bedroom Inspiration

Below are five different bedroom designs from Houzz you can steal from for your own beach home. When you are selecting beach duvet covers, it can be very difficult to know what style you want so this might help.

Master Bedroom

Master-Bedroom-Office-Suite Beach Duvet Covers & Coastal Duvet Covers
Design by: The Good Home


Siesta Key, Florida

Siesta-Key-Florida-Bedroom Beach Duvet Covers & Coastal Duvet Covers
Design by: Westin Hills


Nantucket Bedroom

Nantucket-Bedroom Beach Duvet Covers & Coastal Duvet Covers
Design by: Nantucket Architecture Group Ltd.


Nautical Beach Bedroom

Nautical-Beach-Bedroom Beach Duvet Covers & Coastal Duvet Covers
Design by: Salomone Design


Coastal Luxe Bedroom

Coastal-Luxe Beach Duvet Covers & Coastal Duvet Covers
Design by: Lindye Galloway Design


Why Beach Duvet Covers?

A comforter is a soft flag bag filled with wool or feathers and protected by a cover. That is a duvet cover. It is important to have one to protect the inside. Water especially will ruin the stuffing and so when you have a coastal home where water is imminent, it is a good idea to use a beach duvet cover.

In Summary

There is no better feeling that jumping into bed and under comfortable and warm beach duvet covers. There are so many styles, themes and designs to choose from, so now that you have an idea of what beach duvet covers will best suit your coastal home, you can enhance your beach house decor to a whole other level.

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