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Coastal Floor Lamps & Beach Floor Lamps

Beach floor lamps are perfect in a beach home because you want to accentuate the coastal theme in your home. Natural light makes everything in the room look more beautiful, but when the sun goes down you need lamps and lighting for the nighttime. That’s why we decided to put together our complete list of beach floor lamps. We curated beach themed floor lamps for sale that would go perfectly in any home near the ocean. We have a variety in terms of style, price, height, brightness, and more.

Coastal Floor Lamps






How to Choose Beach Floor Lamps

In order to buy the best beach floor lamp for your coastal home, you need to know the best buying tips. We all of the things you should keep in mind as you look for beach floor lamps for sale.

Beach Style Lamps

You can find floor lamps that feature a rope theme and others that have a seashell shade. We have styles like driftwood, crabs, seashells, rope, mosaic tiles, lighthouses, and more. You want to find something that fits perfectly and helps make the room look better while also shining light.

Where to Put Coastal Floor Lamps

Coastal floor lamps can basically be placed anywhere unlike table lamps where you need an actual surface for, so they are more versatile around your home. You can frame a desk with two floor lamps or put one in the corner. You can also find a lot different options where the top of the lamp will bend over your couch or room.

Lamp Brightness

Some floor lamps offer dimming options while others can be extremely bright. Are you looking for a soft light for the nighttime so you can wind down? Or are you looking for a bright light because you like to read in your living room? Make sure you look at the type of light bulbs you purchase and how many light bulbs go into the lamp. I also prefer lamps where you can set that 1, 2, 3, or 4 lights are on at any time.

Lamp Height

Lamps mostly come in the same height but you need to make sure it fits in your living room and doesn’t stand out as being too tall. A shorter lamp might not work all that well either if the light shines too bright.

Lamp Price

Price ties back to overall design quality and the quality of material used to make a lamp. More expensive lamps are generally heavier and feature more craftsmanship and fine details while cheaper lamps may be lighter, only feature one light bulb and one setting.


The lamp you put in your living room might be different than the bedroom and home office. You might want something brighter in your home office and something softer in the living room where you go to relax. Keep in mind the room you are putting the lamp in and exactly what you are looking for.


Benefits of Beach Floor Lamps

Hopefully you are able to find something above that will light up your space and add a touch of coastal beauty as well. We all want a beach-inspired home and getting the right decor is the best first step you can take. If nothing above suits your needs, luckily we have our complete list above of tropical, nautical, beach, and coastal floor lamps that we have in stock.

Reduce Eye Strain

A floor lamp with the right shade can provide the right ambiance in your home and lighting so your eyes don’t hurt from the light bulb and so your eyes don’t strain from brightness. A beach floor lamp can be absolutely perfect for your eyes so you don’t have any long term effects.

Save Space

Floor lamps can be very compact and you don’t need a large end table to hold it. Putting a floor lamp in the corner of your living room for example can take up minimal space but also be bright enough to have light at night.

Beach Themed Lighting

Anytime you can incorporate more beach decor and coastal styles into your home I’d consider it a major benefit. We all want to feel like we never leave the beach and a complementary lamp can be a huge difference in the appearance and appeal of a room in your home.

In Summary

In conclusion, finding a new beach themed floor lamp can be a daunting challenge because there are so many options. In addition, price ranges from extremely affordable to luxurious and expensive. You might find the style you want and realize the color doesn’t match, so make sure you do as much research as possible as you make your decision. Lastly, user reviews can be very helpful because you can see real people who have already bought the lamp and experienced it.

Hopefully you are able to find the coastal, nautical, or beach themed floor lamp you are looking for, there are a lot of options so if you can’t find what you are looking for feel free to contact us!

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