Coastal & Beach Halloween Decorations

beach halloween decorations

Halloween may be a spooky festival. But, you can create a Halloween theme almost from anything. Coastal Halloween decor can be a great way to surprise your guests. Your beach themed Halloween can create wonderful styles and looks. But, you have to pick the right products and the right themes to decorate your house. That’s why we put together our favorite products for sale below.

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Types of Beach Halloween Decor

There are a variety of products you can choose from when it comes to coastal Halloween decorations. From white pumpkins to beach Halloween garden flags, there is plenty to consider.

White And Blue Pumpkins

White and light blue pumpkins look warm and welcoming. But, at the same time, they look a little weird. So, use some wooden crates and keep white-colored pumpkins inside them. You can also use a garland to add the touch of the Fall to it. Use them on your porch and on the front stairs.

Coastal Halloween Wall Signs

Halloween wall signs can really make your house look spooky. To create a beach Halloween wall sign, you have to find a plywood board. Then, you can write on it “Welcome” or “Happy Halloween”.

You should use red and black color to paint it. You can also paint ‘danger signs’ on it. However, the board should have rough edges. Use it inside or outside your house.

Beach Halloween Lanterns

Distressed metal lantern, glass lantern, or LED fire lantern can help your place to look more coastal. So, you can hang two or three lanterns on your porch. It will give your place an old ship’s look.

Beach Halloween Garden Signs

Garden signs on wooden boards can be a great choice. You can write “Beware”, “This Place Is Cursed”, “Go Back”, “Danger” and more words. The style of the writing should be old. You can hang a lantern beside this sign.

Beach Halloween Clocks

Beach clocks with a touch of spirits or ghosts can make your place look really weird. A beach clock can have a skull or a pirate hat on its background.

Beach Halloween Hand Towels

A lonely beach, deserted ships, pirate heads, black starfish, and skulls can be printed on Halloween hand towels. You should keep them on wooden shelves. Thus, their displays would be more charming.

Halloween Pirate Statues

You can install different sizes of pirate statues outside your house. You can place them close to your front gate and it will be an excellent part of nautical Halloween decor.

Just imagine a dead peeping pirate from your attic’s window. It would be truly horrific.

Coastal Halloween Pillows

Halloween pillows with pumpkins, shells, starfishes, broken ships, waves, and a waning moon look great. Keep them on your sofas or reclining chairs.

Halloween Ships

Small wooden boats or broken pirate ships are also a great part of beach Halloween decorations. You can keep them on your mantle or table. You can also add anchors, pirate flags, or some signs around these ships.

Beach Halloween Ornaments

Metal beach Halloween ornaments and coastal Halloween suncatchers are also becoming a part of beach Halloween themes. You can buy great-looking ornaments and you can hang them (windows, mirrors, or doors).

In Summary

Beach Halloween doormats, candle holders, bloody anchors, pirate mirrors, ropes, and Halloween wooden structures can make your beach Halloween theme incredibly beautiful. Modern lights may not be suitable for this theme. So, use traditional lights and make your beach Halloween decoration a perfect one.

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