Beach Home Furniture Design Themes and Color Ideas


Designing a beach house can be quite tricky, especially when you want to don’t know what design you want. The décor of the beach home will be defined by the furniture and the colors. The furniture is the most important aspect of the beach house. When choosing the indoor beach home furniture, you will need to consider the theme that you prefer for your beach home.

There are plenty of ideas below for your beach home décor.

The Sunny Palette

When you choose the crisp whites details that are mixed with punches of some bright colors, you will be sure of having the beach setting around the home. For instance, you can go for the pillows with aqua accents. You can then choose a rug that takes the design of the dazzling blues of the ocean. Some bright orange pops can mimic the elegant look of the sunset. For the furniture, you can choose the Whitewashed Horizontal Planking, which will give you the perfect view of a Gulf-front beach home.


indoor-beach-home-furniture-ideas Beach Home Furniture Design Themes and Color Ideas

Tropical Bedroom by Brenda Olde

Go For Bold Beach Decor

Most of the beach home dwellers tend to go for some colors that add more elegance to their property. For that, you hesitate to try extra vibrant hues to get the perfect coastal setting in the house. This one goes to the outdoor setting, especially the porch. You can try out the vibrant colors that you prefer. Suppose you want to save time and effort, you could try out some color-filled furniture. For instance, you may go for the Adirondack chairs that come in different colors. Ensure that the color that you choose goes well with your preference and the theme of the beach home.

Maintain Natural Home Light

For the indoor décor, you will want to keep it bright enough, especially the kitchen. When the kitchen is bright enough, it will have the real coastal look. When you have the island counter in the middle of the kitchen, more sunlight will spread in the kitchen. You might want to add some furniture like white cabinetry, along with warm floors. This will help to balance the brightness and make it look elegant.

White Cottage

Suppose you are not much of a color person, you could consider going with the white furniture. You can keep the entire room white, from the floor to the ceiling. For instance, when you have some painted wood floors, along with a beaded-board cabinet, it will give your home a beach styling that is elegant. Some warm wood accents can also make the room look well-balanced. You could also go for the navy tile backsplash, plus some stainless steel accents. The stainless steel accents would look good in the kitchen. This will give the kitchen a unique and super stylish look.

The louvered doors

If you want to enjoy the sunlight into your house and maintain a cool indoor setting, then the Louvered Doors are the best choice. These doors offer the nostalgic look of the classic beach cottages. It can also be opened fully to let the light flow in and view the outdoor setting. Conversely, it can be fully shut when there is a need for some privacy, or when the wind is too much. You can match these doors with some canvas curtains that will add some extra protection and softness to the doors. You might also match them with some chic Wicker furniture to complete the classic look.


contemporary-living-room-beach-furniture Beach Home Furniture Design Themes and Color Ideas

Contemporary Living Room by Brisbane Photographers Highshots Photography

Bring The Outdoors Inside

You can also make your beach home extra unique by bringing the outdoor details inside. For instance, incorporating the Wicker lounge chairs with some lush plants can be a great choice. This look can go well with the living room, and it can make the house have the coastal look. You might also want to include a towel stand for your beach towel. Some beverages will also help to complete the look. With this setting, you will have the beach design in your home without having to go to the beach.

The furniture style that you choose must match your preference. You might want to ask for some professional advice when you need to find the right outdoor beach home furniture. If you go for the rustic furniture, ensure that the entire home has the classic look to complete it. The rustic furniture will also fit well in the cottage home design. The white furniture that you choose will suit the indoors while the Wicker furniture is best-placed outside.


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