Beach Napkin Holders & Coastal Napkin Holders

Adding one or even two new beach napkin holders can be a wonderful coastal touch in your kitchen. One of the quickest ways to give your kitchen a quick upgrade is to add all sorts of coastal accents and beach elements all over the place. Replace your boring plastic or metal napkin holder with a beach napkin holder that is an adirondack chair, starfish, seashell, and more.

Beach Napkin Holders




How to Choose Beach Napkin Holders

The first thing you want to do is know what type of style coastal napkin holder you are looking for. Do you want one that is a square where your napkins sit flat with a weight on top? Usually these look better on your kitchen counter. Or do you want something vertical where the napkins go sideways and stand? Usually these look better on your kitchen table.

We tried to add napkin holders below that included ocean fish, ocean themes, and beach elements that you find near the coast. If you want a napkin holder with a starfish theme, sand dollar, anchor, crab, or lobster theme, you can find something above.

Things To Consider for Coastal Napkin Holders

Below are some different things you should keep in mind as you are upgrading your kitchen decor with a new nautical themed napkin holder. When you live at a beach home, you want to ensure that every little detail can bring the beach indoors.

Beach Napkin Holder Theme

Do you have a seashell theme throughout your home or more of a nautical theme with anchors? Depending on the type of beach themes you have throughout your house, you want to match your nautical napkin holder with that.

Beach Napkin Holder Color

We have options that are white, blue, black, silver, gold, red, and more so no matter what your color scheme is, you will definitely be able to find something.

About this Napkin Holder Guide

We listed all of our napkin holders below in a grid style and you can buy them directly, otherwise we have more below that you can learn more about as well. We also have some beach kitchen decor buying tips and things to consider as you are browsing.

In Summary

We here at Beachfront Decor try to think about absolutely everything when it comes to your home decorations. We think about your beach ceiling fan ornaments in your bedroom and the beach napkin holders in your kitchen. All of these small items add up to make your home truly a beach home.

Whether you are looking for something of a high-quality that is a little more on the expensive side or if you want a smaller and inexpensive beach napkin holder, Beachfront Decor has you covered.

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