Seashell Garlands & Starfish Garlands

We understand that your beach Christmas tree needs to be decorated. We have seen large Christmas trees filled with all sorts of beachy and nautical themes including different ornaments, lights, ribbons, angels, and of course, garlands. That’s why we put together the huge list below of starfish garlands and seashell garlands.

Seashell and Starfish Garlands




Beach Garland Ideas

We go through some of the best beach themed garland ideas below. Whether you are looking for coastal, tropical, or nautical garland ideas, we will give you tips for buying or DIY projects.

How to Find Seashell Garlands

Whether you are planning a huge party like a wedding or you are putting together your beach Christmas decorations, there is a ton for you to consider. From ornaments to accents to string lights, you need tons of holiday inspired coastal decor. However, finding the exact nautical garland or beach garlands you are looking for can be difficult.

The seashell and starfish garlands listed below are some of the absolute best options you will find. Discover paper, shabby chic, seashell, starfish, sand dollar, pearl bead and drift wood beach garlands.

Wedding Beach Garlands

One of our favorite options at beach weddings are incorporating nautical garlands that feature things like seashells, anchors, starfish, and more. You can find all sorts of things for your dream wedding day so you have the right garland decor.

Christmas Beach Garland

If you are trying to create your own garland for the holiday season or if you are looking to purchase one, there are plenty of things to consider. Many Christmas beach garlands feature shells with classic Christmas colors like green and red. In addition, they will have other Christmas themes included like snowflakes, Christmas trees, and more.

Seashell and Starfish Garlands

For the most part, we listed seashell and starfish themed garlands above. We featured seashells like clams, sand dollars, conch shells, and more that you find on the sand or in the ocean. Seashells are perfect for garlands because you can easily purchase the shells you want to use, make small holes, and put rope or twine through the holes for hanging. Not only can you hang a garland during your wedding day, but you can also use them during the holiday season.

Garland Size

You will see seashell and starfish garlands above that range in size drastically. There are garlands that are 1 feet all the way up to 9 feet. For the most part, you will find options between 4-7 feet. My recommendation is to take rope, twine, string, or fishing line and wrap it around your Christmas tree or measure the area you need the garland. You should be able to come up with a rough estimate so you don’t purchase a 6 foot string seashell garland that only fills out half of your tree or isn’t large enough for your event.

Garland DIY

All you need to create garlands is rope or twine, the beach, coastal, or nautical themed pieces you want to use, and a small drill to make holes in something like seashells, anchors, or mermaids. You don’t need a ton of material to make starfish or DIY seashell garlands, which can really come in handy during Christmas, during a Wedding, during a baby shower, or during a kids birthday party.

In Summary

Whether you are decorating for a large event, party, wedding, or you need Christmas decorations, beach and nautical garlands are great options. The starfish and seashell garlands above are mostly on rope and they are wonderful regardless of the setting.

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