Beach Tapestries and Coastal Tapestries

beach tapestries

Beach Tapestries are extremely popular because they can add a pop of design and decoration for a fraction of the cost of other options. Many students use coastal tapestries in their dorm rooms, kids love them in their bedrooms, and people love to use them in their homes. Here at Beachfront Decor, we decided to put together our favorite coastal and beach tapestries that you can hang on the walls in your home. We have options in our store so we wanted to put together a full article that would give you the absolute best options you can buy today.

Below we have the complete list of tapestries and then even further we have described some popular tropical tapestries and themes that you might find. When you buy a new tapestry, make sure it fits well in the space you plan on putting it and understand that they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Beach Tapestries



Coastal Tapestry Themes

As you can see above, there is a huge variety when you are looking for a coastal wall tapestry. Beach tapestry wall hangings come in many different themes to match everything you find around the ocean. Therefore, any ocean tapestry you are looking for, you are sure to find for your beach home.

Palm Tree Tapestries

Palm Trees are popular for tropical tapestry options. You will find beach scenes with large green palm trees that the designs are centered around. In addition, you will also find others with large palm leaves.

Oceanfront Window Tapestries

Another popular option includes oceanfront window wall tapestries. These tapestries depict a window with a beautiful beach scene view so it looks like you have a window on your wall that overlooks a blue ocean.

Tropical Beach Tapestry

Most options include tropical beach scene landscapes because it is very popular among people. If you live near the coast, you want to be reminded that the ocean isn’t too far away because it is so relaxing and a slice of paradise.

Sunsets or Sunrise Tapestries

Instead of a sunny day at the beach in the middle of the afternoon, some beach tapestries include sunsets or sunrises on the beach. There’s nothing better than a beautiful sunset on the beach over the ocean.

Ocean Tapestries

Since the ocean is so beautiful to look at on its own, it makes for a perfect wall hanging tapestry. You can find scenes that feature the waves in the ocean, the sand and the beach, and tapestries that look like an ocean view out of your window.

Seashell Beach Tapestries

Last but not least, some tapestries might include starfish, sand dollars, or other popular seashells on the beach that overlooks the bright blue ocean.

How to Choose a Beach Tapestry

There is plenty for you to consider before you make your purchase so make sure you read some of our tips and decorating ideas below. When you see differences in price, they generally have to do with the overall quality of the product both in durability and in design, so you really get what you pay for.

Tapestry Colors

Just keep in mind that tapestries tend to include a lot of colors so they aren’t all that difficult to match in certain rooms. If you have white themes throughout your beach home you can use tapestries for a pop of color, otherwise you can easily find colors that will match your house and decor.

Tapestry Size

Some tapestries are vertical while others are horizontal. The key is to measure the wall where you are putting it and to look for a tapestry in that size rather than just ordering one blindly.

Tapestry Price

You really get what you pay for in terms of quality and design. Many tapestries are only $15-$20 but some of the more expensive ones around $40 tend to be more durable and have better overall design quality.

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