Best Beach Toys For Kids of All Ages

A day at the beach promises sunshine, waves, and sand-filled fun. Beach toys allow kids to get the most enjoyment out of beach and pool days all summer long. This article covers top-rated beach toys for babies, toddlers, and bigger kids.

Beach Toys for Babies

Keep little ones entertained and protected at the beach with these baby toy picks:

Waterproof Beach Mat

A padded, waterproof beach mat creates a clean place for babies to play in the sand. Look for a design with attached toys like squeakers, mirrors, and crinklers to stimulate senses.

Sun Protection Toys

Protect delicate skin with sun hats, rash guard swimsuits, sunglasses, and umbrellas made just for babies. Opt for UPF clothing and accessories.

Splash Toys

Bath toys work well for enjoying the water safely. Choose floating toys like stacking cups, pouring toys, and water wheels. Sturdy plastic stands up to chewing.

Sand Toys

Stock up on plastic shovels, rakes, buckets, and molds for digging in the sand. Pick bright colors babies can easily spot.

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Soft Toys

Take along baby’s favorite stuffed animals, teethers, and rattles to provide comfort and familiarity.

Best Beach Toys for Toddlers

Keep toddlers happily occupied with engaging toys like:

Sand Toys

Plastic sand toys encourage creative, imaginary play. Look for sets with molds, shovels, rakes, and buckets. Sturdy construction holds up to energetic play.

Water Toys

Fun water toys include pails, watering cans, boats, and squirt toys for splashing fun. Absorbent foam toys won’t get waterlogged.

Beach Balls

Lightweight, soft beach balls are sized right for little hands. Vibrant colors and patterns appeal to toddler senses. Deflate for easy transport.

Water Tables

Portable water/sand tables allow play while contained. Durable designs have locking lids. Add beach toys for interactive fun.


Wagons easily haul toys from car to beach while doubling as fun for toddlers to fill up and pull around. Look for UV and rust protection.

Best Beach Toys for Older Kids

Big kids will enjoy these exciting beach toys and games:

Boogie Boards

Slick boogie boards glide across waves for BEGINNER bodyboarding. Softer foam provides stability; harder boards pick up more speed. Select based on age and skill.

Beach Canopies

Pop up beach tents create shade while protecting kids’ delicate skin. Special coatings block UV. Stakes, anchors, and sandbags keep canopies in place.

Volleyball Sets

Inflatable beach volleyballs and portable nets set up quickly for friendly competition. Pick neon colors for high visibility. Bring a hand pump.


Skimboards allow kids to skate across the shallow water. Small boards suit younger kids with less surface area. Wax the bottom for better water glide.

Snorkel Sets

Kids can explore like a sea turtle with beginner-friendly snorkel sets. Choose junior sizes with adjustable masks and short, soft snorkels.

36 Awesome Beach Toys


What are Beach Toys?

Beach toys are toys designed for use at the beach or pool. They are made to be fun in the sand and water. Popular beach toys include buckets, shovels, rakes, molds, water guns, balls, frisbees, surfboards, and inflatable toys like rafts and pool floats. Beach toys for kids encourage creativity, active outdoor play, and enjoyment of the beach environment. Adults can also have fun with beach toys like recreational water guns, frisbees, balls, and pool floats.

What are the Best Types of Beach Toys?

Some of the best types of beach toys are ones that inspire creative, imaginative play in the sand and water. Buckets and shovels allow you to dig, build sandcastles, and create designs in the sand. Molds let you shape sand creations like seashells, starfish, and turtles. Mesh bags can hold lightweight beach toys for easy transport. Sturdy plastic construction withstands sandbox fun. Water guns, frisbees, balls, and pool noodles add fun physical activity. Inflatable rafts and floats allow you to relax on the water. Surfboards, skimboards, and boogie boards are great for older kids.

How Can I Use Beach Toys?

There are many fun ways to use beach toys. Fill buckets with sand or water and pour into creative designs. Dig channels and moats in the sand with shovels. Use molds to shape intricate sandcastles and sculptures. Play catch with beach balls and frisbees along the shoreline or in shallow water. Have water gun battles and splash fights with pool noodles. Float and relax on inflatable rafts or loungers. Ride waves on boogie boards or practice surfing skills with soft surfboards. The possibilities are endless for enjoyment with beach toys!

Why You Should Get Beach Toys

There are many great reasons to get quality beach toys. They provide hours of imaginative, engaging play for kids that get them outdoors and active. Beach toys enhance family bonding time during beach vacations and trips. They encourage creative thinking, dexterity, and physical movement. Beach toys are multipurpose for use at the beach, pool, lake, sandbox, and more. They can be played with individually or for group activities. Beach toys are portable and versatile for indoor or outdoor summertime fun. High-quality beach toys will last for many beach adventures to come. With so many benefits, beach toys make a great investment for kids of all ages.


With the right beach toys, kids can build memories, creativity, and physical skills this summer. Shop for toys that encourage interactive play appropriate for your child’s age and interests. Then watch imaginations and fun soar!

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