Beach Wall Hooks & Beach Towel Hooks

beach towel hooks

Beach wall hooks and beach towel hooks are a wonderful option for your ocean-inspired home. We have options below that include coastal wall hooks so you can keep a beach theme throughout your bathroom and your entire home. We decided to put together a list of our favorite beach hooks that you can buy for your home.

Beach Wall Hooks

There are a lot of different beach themed wall hooks because there are so many designs, colors, and styles. You might want surfboard hooks for your beach home or seashell hooks for your beach home.

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How to Choose Beach Towel Hooks

You can now hang your bath towels, robes, clothes, coats, and more. Instead of getting a generic set of hooks, why not go for something that resembles the ocean. You can put it right on your bathroom wall, door, or in your bedroom to hang whatever you need. Whether you have a home, cottage, cabin, or condo, it’s a great piece of decor to help you feel like you just walked off the sand.

Most of the towel hooks come with screws and anchors to make them easy to hang from the wall or a door. The hooks will not damage anything you hang from them as they are made to deal with tough or thin material. If you have no use for them, consider buying a gift or a christmas present for your friend who lives near the beach.

Types of Coastal Wall Hooks

Beach wall hooks and towel hooks come in many shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a certain theme, it can be very easy to find what you are looking for. Whether you want a seashell shaped wall hook or something nautical themed like an anchor, there are plenty of options. We included some popular options below that you might see when you are shopping.

Beach Themes for Wall Hooks and Key Hooks

The options include starfish hooks, anchor hooks, mermaid hooks, seahorses, flip flops, sand dollars, turtles, pelicans, octopus hooks, and more. We hope you can find some coastal towel hooks to hang your beach towels after a long day near the ocean. Although we advertise some of them as decorative beach towel hooks, they can also be beach themed key hooks as well as you can hang anything from them.

Seashell and Starfish Hooks

Two popular options are different types of seashells or starfish wall hooks. They are popular because you can easily use them as end pieces of the hook and have a curve as well. It is very easy to hang your towel from seashell wall hooks.

Anchor Hooks

Another popular choice is an anchor towel hook. Anchors are perfect for nautical homes on the coast and they are great if you want to use them as a wall hook. Since they are known for anchoring your ship at the certain spot at sea, you can find different colors and styles to fit your bathroom or outdoor space.

In Summary

Hopefully you can find a beach wall hook that fits your home and suits you. There are a variety of colors and styles above that will help you fit beach themed towel hooks into your coastal home. Whether you want a starfish to hang your towel from or a cast iron anchor, you are sure to find it above!

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