Beach Wall Sconce Lights & Coastal Wall Sconces

When you come home at night through the front door, you want coastal wall sconces at the entrance. And when you go outdoors at night to relax on your back patio, you need even more lighting. One of the best options is to choose coastal wall lights or beach wall sconces. We have a variety of our coastal sconces listed below that will mount to the wall on your front porch, the side of your house, on your deck, or even indoors. They will hang anywhere on your home and you could even use them if you put large wood rods into the ground for decoration on your patio.

Beach Wall Sconces



What is a Wall Sconce?

A sconce is defined as a wall hanging bracket that holds a candle or another light source. The word sconce actually derives from a lantern that could hold a candle and protect it from wind. That’s one reason why they work so well near a coastal home, where there is usually a nice breeze. Beach wall sconces are usually connected to electrical power but you can use candles as well.

How to Choose Beach Wall Sconces

Below are all of the things you should keep in mind as you make your coastal wall sconce purchase. There are plenty of things to consider as far as size, height, weight, light source, style, theme, price, fixture type, shade style, lightbulbs, and more. There are so many lighting options for your beach home, and wall sconces are one of them.

Sconce Style

There are different types of wall sconces to choose from including beach, tropical, coastal, rustic, modern, contemporary, and more. Depending on the rest of your home and the overall style, your decision should be pretty easy. In an open airy tropical home, our palm tree themed wall sconces would be perfect. For an open-sea coastal house, our antique lanterns would be beautiful.

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Sconce Size

What height and width would work perfectly for the space? Sometimes outdoors if you have a large space you might want to go with something larger that 15 inches wide and 20 inches tall. On your front porch, you might want something smaller that blends well with the front of your home and doesn’t stand out too much, closer to 10 inches wide and 15 inches tall.


How many lightbulbs do you need for your wall sconce? What kind of light source are you looking for? Incandescent, CFL, and LED are the most popular sources of light and wall sconces usually come in sets of one, however you can find wall mounts with 4 lights or even more.

Beach Wall Sconce Finish

You can find coastal wall sconce finishes featuring nickel, silver, brass, bronze, gold, chrome, white, black, and more. There are different colors and styles of finish whether you need something for a rustic beach home or something more modern and clean.

Beach Sconce Shades

The shade ranges from glass to frosted glass to crystal to fabric. There are many different shade types that go over the wall sconce and protect the light. I prefer clear glass types because they are not only the most popular but I believe they look the nicest.

Lighting Type

There are different types when it comes to lighting in that some are battery powered, others have candles, and the most popular option is electricity. Obviously if you have no power available then you would use battery operated versions or candlelit options. If you have no clue how to install a wall sconce with electrical power, you should be able to find a company that can hook up the electrical for you and even hang it up.

Where To Put Your Sconce?

Sconces usually go in pairs regardless of the lighting type you are using. For electric wall sconces, you would place them on either side of the front door, a fireplace, or across from each other in a hallway. For candle sconces, you usually want to hang them similarly to a picture. You can put two next to each other about a foot apart or you can put one slightly higher than the other and about one foot to the side.

You usually want to put it at least 6 feet in the air but preferably higher depending on the space. A lower sconce will be at eye level for many people and usually you want them to be above you.

If you place a beach wall sconce in a hallway, make sure they don’t go out from the wall too far to avoid people walking into them or any other accidents.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly the coastal wall sconces you are looking for. These are beautiful beach wall sconces and we have a huge variety above for you to choose from for your beach home. They have that old weathered beach feel but they add a beautiful touch of decor.

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